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book06 Spirits and Metaltherapeuics    
en  :  book06 Spirits and metaltherapeuics

Chapter I. The attraction of true                                                            



On Monday morning Avtandil Bahtadze, my good friend looked into my laboratory.
- Listen "Ramzes". Do you know what can it be? - The tube for storage of the papyrus or parchment.
I jumped up. Ingeniously! How haven't I guessed it at once? Certainly, something was kept in cylinders.
Having thought, however, I objected:
- You know, it is likely to be the truth. But scrolls were big in Egypt and the cylinders were of small size.
- Well, it means that they stored small scrolls in these cylinders, - parried Avtandil without reflecting. Later on I really saw the small papyrus rolls in the Hermitage.
- And what about the two cylinders? One in each hand.
- There's a copy in the second. Just in case.
- Well, these are your imaginations, - I waved away. Isn't it too much to drag two tubes at once. Even polytechnic students working on graduation thesis do not suffer with it.
In the evening I once again touched all versions concerning cylinders. A stretcher, seals, tubes… They are too big to be seals, they are too small to be tubes. My heart feels here's something interesting. There's something.
I decided to distract and began to look through the book about metaltherapeutics, presented to me by my friend Ruslan Dobrovolsky. The surprising person! He can sit without any dream and study or copy any ancient book. He is mainly interested in native and nonconventional methods of treatment.
He has already helped me and my relatives on the occasion of any insignificant "breakages" in the organism. And I'd like to remark that he did it very professionally. Due to him I have collected quite a good number of x-copied books and manuscripts on massage, medical herbs and Indian philosophy. And he has got hands of gold. Everything works at home as that should work. Sport has acquainted us and made us friends. TheTime of training has already passed, but our friendship has remained with us. Ruslan is an expert in metal work and "Theoretical physics" by Landau is not familiar to him. It allows him to have an independent and unbiased sight on a thing. Once he went keen on the description of any non-standard way of a call of spirits. By the way, only concrete actions bribed him in this way: "take this and that, go on top of a round hill on a moonlight night and do that and that".
Ruslan offered me to participate in a call of spirits. But I was opposed:
- A candidate of sciences causes spirits in the bushes… No, it's not for me. My border of tolerance as physics has already removed far enough. We communicate, as a rule, with the help of Shredinger's equation in our environment and tensor Rithci and I would not like to break these traditions.
Unfortunately, the call of spirits, to tell the truth, washed me away to participate, but it wasn't held owing to the absence of a piece of tourmaline of necessary size, included in attributes of actions. But I was interested in metaltherapeutics. Being a great volleyball lover, I know the pain in one’s back after good training and decided to test this way of treatment as required.
Ruslan became interested in cylinders not much less than me, and we repeatedly discussed with him their probable assignment, at times stating completely fantastic hypotheses. The literature on Egypt kept full silence concerning these cylinders.