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Chapter I. The attraction of true                                                            



If to admit of our full or partial nonrandomness existing in this world or the implicit contact to reason of the supreme order, we'd see any sign system at transferring of the existing information. It can be a scrap of paper, the dream "in a hand" or occasionally a person you meet. Pay attention to the fact that strong, bright desires tend to come true in our life. It is certainly possible to tell that it occurs, as a result of thirsting purposeful activity, but it is possible to admit unevident help from outside. And probably, both this and that are realized simultaneously. But I don't see the convicting facts unequivocally treating validity of this or that sight. But I repeatedly noticed how literally from emptiness there is an information to the question in which I got interest.
Anyhow, in one happy day Ruslan came to me, holding a thin hand-written book.
- What's this? - I expressed interest.
- And now we shall understand, - answered my friend, sitting down at the table.
In some minutes I learned the history of occurrence of the ancient manuscript in my Tbilisi apartment. Compassionate Ruslan helped his old-woman neighbor to repair a ??proceeding roof of her house. He refused to take the money offered to him as a gratitude. He refused the wine. The old woman became thoughtful: "You know, my son, that some old books are combined in the cellar. Look, maybe you will select something for yourself." Ruslan became interested and went downstairs together with the mistress. Books appeared not so interesting, but the manuscript, laying between them, rushed to his eyes at once. Having looked through it, my friend was convinced, that it was that necessary thing: magic of a spell, a call of spirits.
- May I take it, if possible? - Ruslan asked and he received the manuscript at once. They parted with the mistress pleased with one another.
We declined over the manuscript. It contained the information about ancient magic ceremonies of the peoples of the Caucasus and, perhaps, Turkey and Persia. How to give birth to the boy, girl, how to become clairvoyant, how to strengthen the mind and body. I vaguely found out something of the described there, as I've been living in Lencoran in my childhood, by the Talyshskin mountains, and saw some impressing ceremonies of local residents.
Having turned the forty sixth pages, I grew cold: "The way of the dialogue with the gods used in Ancient Egypt to consolidate the torrents of energy" - I read and saw the figure of the person with two short sticks in his hands.
- Ruslan! There they are! - I shouted wildly and we both stuck into the text.
- Yes! - There they really were - the Pharaoh's Cylinders.
Two hollows pivots named in the manuscript Lunar and Solar made on precisely specified recipe from copper and zinc with the certain filling, served pharaohs and priests as the means for communication with gods and additional charging of energy of Space. The reverse position was strictly prohibited. So we had the solution of excited us mystery. We looked at one another.
The Lunar cylinder is in the left hand, Solar - the right one.
- Tomorrow I shall engage in them, - Ruslan said, having cast on the chair's back.
I have silently nodded a head.
In the evening I could not sleep for a long time, and looked through the manuscript once again mentally. And so those are mysterious cylinders. What a complex system! Copper, zinc uneasy fillings. Zinc… I have started. And did they know zinc in Ancient Egypt? They knew cooper precisely, but zinc… I got up from the bed and moved to my bookshelves, having switched on the lamp. Having ramaged in my rather extensive library, I read: "Tin, lead, zinc and antimony belong to elements of ancient times". Well this is something. And the name "zinc" occurs, as appears, from the Latin word, meaning a cataract or a white strike.
In one book I found out the reference to the known English scientist George Bernal: "Early chemists, - G. Bernal writes, - at least were acquainted with ten chemical elements - gold, silver, cooper, tin, lead, mercury, and iron, and with sulfur and carbon. Besides, they used and distinguished alloys of other elements, such as zinc, antimony and arsenic." I haven't found anything more. Having turned off the light, I laid and began to rummage my memory methodically. The Chinese "Book about harmony of darkness", Empedocle's notes about the structure of the world, the ten - languid encyclopedia "of fiery chemistry" by Biringutcho, twelve books "About mountain business and metallurgy" by George Agrikol, "Natural chemistry" by Ghovanny Batiste Della Port, "The Treatise about chemistry" by Nicole Lefevre… I have heard about most of these books, but didn't read them or read some fragments only. Try to get them! And I have a fragment from "Canterbury stories" by Geoffrey Choicer, the poet and armor-bearer Edward the Third. Just in this fragment he writes about lunar and solar signs of elements. And it has just dawned upon me.
I rushed to the shelves with books. Where is it? Hastening I opened the book and found quickly the necessary page:

Still I shall tell, that exist in the world
The Seven firm bodies, flying four.
My owner repeated them so often
That, at last I have learnt them.
Flying - arsenic, mercury, also sulfur
And Sale ammoniac. Other measure of firms
And another work: the gold has the sun mark,
Silver has the moon damaging mark
Iron is Mars, Mercury is quicksilver,
And in metal it wants to deceive.
Saturn is the lead, and tin is Jove,
And cooper is Venus. I have wiped hundreds of flasks,
And though a kernel at the bottom,
Though solar reflection to see.

Here it is: silver is a lunar mark, and gold is the solar one. Cylinders in pharaoh's hands were most likely from gold and silver! And they made them out of cooper and zinc for wider using. Not every priest could probably presume to have these made of precious metals.
I recollected the pharaoh Menkaura with cylinders in his hands near to goddess Hatter and the goddess of Nome. The beautiful goddess Hatter was often called "gold". She stands to the right of the lord of Egypt and it was necessary to hold the gold solar cylinder in the right hand. I felt that I began to penetrate into complex Egyptian symbolic. I have heard the words "lunar" and "solar" somewhere else. I have recollected - in ancient Chinese medicine. Its basis was made with the doctrine about the two contradictory beginnings "inj" and "yan". Everything that was possible to attribute to hot, brilliant, high, covered was named "yan" and everything blacked out, weightless, intangible was "inj". So the Sun, for example, was "yan" and the Moon was "inj". I took from the other shelf a book by Guava Luvsan about the eastern reflextherapeutics and, having opened it, I read: "According to the traditional ancient representations, the left side of the body corresponds to "yan" and the left one to "inj". That is the right hand is lunar. And why did the Egyptians take the solar cylinder in the right hand? Any regulation of the organism with counter streams? But here I entered in the area of absolute guesses. One thing was clear at least: cylinders are the splinters of some complex and ramified system of knowledge, the whole philosophical system.
I fell asleep only at daybreak and continued to feel the touch of some unknown knowledge.
• Comment: Much later the doctor-explorer, a Doctor of Medicine Science Mr. M. Nikulin pointed out one interesting fact: the right half of the human's body so as the right hand have a positive charge. This is the solar side, this is "yan". The left half of the body has a negative charge as well. This is the moon side, this is "inj". So that's why the Egyptians hold the solar cylinder in the right hand and the moon one in the left hand.