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book08 The Gift of Egypt    
en  :  book08 The gift of Egypt

Chapter I. The attraction of true                                                            



Having arrived at the institute in the morning, I went to Avto Bathadze first and triumphantly stated him the previous day’s events.
- Yes, it's very interesting, - Avto confirmed sincerely.
- We wish we had these pieces investigated with a decent equipment.
- Everything is in our hands! - I told him joyfully and went to the labor atory.
A week passed. In the evening when I came back home from work, my wife met me at the door: "Ruslan has been waiting for you!"
I entered the room … shook hands with Ruslan and I saw them at once. Cooper and zinc cylinders were on the table. The light of the electric lamp softly shone on the polished sides. I looked at the brought to life antiquity without coming off.
- When did you make them? - I asked, turning to Ruslan.
- As soon as I came home I got engaged. Having done, I tested them at once. Volodya! They are active! I slept after it like a killed one. Take them, test.
I took the cylinders in my hands, heavy zinc in the left hand, the easier, cooper, in the right hand and sat in the armchair, with my hands with the cylinders on my knees.
Metal cooled my palms pleasantly. In a minute I felt weak stitches and obvious pulsation of blood in my hands.
My head began to spin easily. I felt cosy deep inside and fell asleep. Powerfully and invisibly I included the unknown force of the great ancient country. "There is something before what both indifference of constellations and eternal whisper of waves recede, - acts of the person who is taking away the extraction at the death…" - the text of the ancient papyrus has a clear sound in my soul.
In five minutes I put the cylinders on the table. Sensations were unusual.
- These are yours, - Ruslan said. - Mine are at home.
Then for a long time we discussed our impressions of the mysterious Pharaoh's Cylinders.
Our imagination carried us far away. Who knows, maybe life is arranged much more difficult than the primitive materialism explains and for the human's soul, which has crossed the threshold of life, that comes after the death of its physical body, all its terrestrial attachments, abilities and aspirations are not chastised at all and do not disappear (as would be equivalently full and its true death) but continue to like and develop under other laws of the world, without losing mysterious connection with the world alive. The souls of those who had left, or "tired", as they were called in Egypt, live and communicate in the new world, keeping and enriching with the former terrestrial mentality, uniting them in what we call "The Great civilizations of the past." In this sense the words Great civilizations are alive, and their influence on our life is not less real than everyday relations with our neighbours at our house. The mankind always instinctively felt validity of this great law of life and differently did not follow to a wise precept "do not offend the dead". Follow it, like and respect your ancestors and they will protect you. And then gods will show you the favour as Egypt reaches it up in the form of knowledge, philosophies and works of art. And all the ways and methods with which there come these gifts in people's hands, are not occasional, but are caused by a complex chain of events and reasons which are almost hidden from people's eyes both carrying out contact and interference's between civilization: ours and the gone ones.
Our self-conceit is truly immense! Having opened the laws of classical mechanics, we completely believed that they work everywhere. Then, having come to the theory of relative and quantum mechanics, we repeat the same mistake with the conviction of fanatics. Meanwhile there is a lot of unknowable ahead of us and moral laws, as I think, play a role not smaller and maybe, much greater than all other priceless things taken together.
It’s possible to recollect a terrible destruction of Carthago in spring 146 years BC The ancient Rome historian Appian has left to us descriptions of the terrible tragedies of the big city. Who knows, how this tragedy is connected to the murder of thousands of Carthago babies… Carthago citizens sacrificed their first-born sons to their gods Vaal-Molohu and the goddess Tanit. The urns with the remains of the unfortunate babies were put before the temple of Tanit and they were filled up with the ground. Then the next circle was established, then one more and more...
The dialectics of life is such, that the arrow, started up at the thousands of innocent victims, struck down those, who condemned them to victims. Hundreds of thousands crucified, burnt, and strangled - all this did not pass unpunished. The civilizations of Atlants, Inks, Mohedgho-Daro perished in the fire of retribution, the walls of Carthago and Perispol, Rome and Troy were destroyed.
I am far from desire to idealize the Ancient Egypt. It also burnt, won, finished with rebellious. And it stopped its terrestrial existence at the fixed hour. But there was something such that causes deep respect and distinguishes it from many bloody despots of ancient times. The main thing is that in Egypt, since the dynastic period, they did not bring bloody victims to the gods. The person, his life and soul were appreciated in Egypt very highly, as it has caused high knowledge and the spiritualized art undoubtedly. That is why, maybe, Egypt causes a live interest and induces again and again to come back to it in books, pictures and searches of the truth after millennia. The modern civilization is connected to Egypt and is obliged to it by much and feels its alive, immortal soul.
Isn't the history amazing, which took place in 1936 in the English city of Blackpool: a teacher of the local school shipped in a hypnotic trance pronounced strange words "Iu e tena". Experts have heard the gramophone record of these words and have recognized the belonging of these words to the ancient Egyptian language that has ceased to sound thousand years ago. The phrase "Iu e tena" meant, "I am very old".
The parapsychologists had been working with the English teacher for some years to find out the name of the mysterious woman who gave a signal from the world of the dead. Her name was Telika and she was the fourth wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. The most surprising is that Amenhotep had been married for the fourth time to the sister of the Babylon tsar as the archive of cuneiform writings Tel-el-Amarn contains the short information, and her name was not known to historians.
What is it? Contact with the world of the dead? Inclusion of the information of the Past in bank? It is only possible to make a helpless gesture in front of this riddle.
How much of the unknown still exists! I looked at the cylinders and thought: "How do you operate on the organism of a person? Whether were you born in secret transferred by a more ancient and powerful civilization to Egypt? Or are you from Atlantida? Then you remember the City of Golden Gates and the dazzling shine of its air courts. You heard how the forgotten forever language sounded and prayed, from which the invisible strings start to shiver in quietly sounds..."
The last two days was undoubtedly the Favour of Egypt. These strange brilliant subjects have come from the depths of millennia, from the country, carried away with the relentless time farther and farther, whence because of a conceivable side. Their purpose is not clear, it's necessary to find out their opportunities.
I understood that Cylinders is a gift to people, and the considerable work is necessary. Ruslan had found the manuscript and had made the Cylinders. My task is to investigate them and return to life the lost Knowledge of Somewhere. Now I already knew precisely that is closely connected with Egypt and felt it's hidden sure force.