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book11 "It is not given a mortal to lift my coverlet"    
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Chapter II. Doubts                                                                                



The sun is, undoubtedly, that object which amazed our far ancestors most of all. It was a flaring hydrogen sphere, which was impossible to look at, dispatching the warmth to everything alive, from the omnipotent pharaoh to a small beetle. An immortal star, reviving every morning in order to set in the evening, should be idolized an all parts of the world.
Temples, altars, Cyclopean constructions were devoted to the shining God. He was addressed to with prays, odes. Its rising was met, kneeling, with verses, signing and it was named in different ways: Pa - in Egypt, Yarilo at Slavs, Ah-Kin at ancient Maya...
It may seem improbable, but it is the fact, that the human organism is closer to the Sun, to the stars in its chemical compound. In both cases we have almost the same set of easy chemical elements! We are children of stars in literal sense. Whether of this deep relationship the sacred, quivering people's attitude results to the Sun.
Stocks of nuclear energy of Sun make about 1,5 x 1045 Joules. Due to this energy it can shine 1011 years more. And the power consumption on one gram of substance of the Sun makes about 2 erg./g.s, and this is much less, than the appropriate change of energy in a human body. The amazing fact! You and we are stars ourselves.
Gold and yellow metals were perceived by ancient inhabitant of the planet as the crystallized sunlight. From here the name of the copper or gold Cylinder went also - the Solar one.
The centers of solar temples in Egypt were enormous obelisks, which top - benbenets - were covered with copper, sparkling under the beams of the god.
In the evening, when the red fiery sphere was immersed in the grey setting haze, the Moon appeared in the sky, its pale shadow. Very frequently the domestic cat symbolized the Moon itself, due to unusual ability to see at night. Certainly, our ancestors imagined the Moon the same significant phenomenon as the Sun.
In 1929 in the area of Baykal village Maltas the archeologists opened an ancient stone settlement, which was about 24 thousand years of age. In burial of the child in the territory of the settlement, plates from a tusk of the mammoth were found out, the surface of which was covered with round deepening forming the similarity of a spiral. The close analysis and calculation of a number of holes has given the surprising result: they reflected themselves Calendar-astronomical cycles of the Moon and the Sun! Similar notches were found out bone, which has been found in the area of the Nile's source. The age of the bone is nine thousand years.
The lunar Cylinder became the natural addition to the Solar one.
It would be very interesting and important to explain the cylindrical form of two mysterious similarities of the Moon and the Sun if to recollect surprising properties of pyramidal structures, the question does not seen idle at all.
Ancient scientists probably knew much more than we do something about topological properties of bodies. Pythagoneans allocated a special place to the form in the structure of a universe.
Platon counted cubes to be parts of the ground, tetrahedrons to be parts of the fire, octahedrons - of the air, icosaheds - of the water. And, such hypothesis was not fruitless at all. From it followed, for example, that at collision of a particle of fire with two particles of air it turned out into a particle of water. And the essence of this conclusion is very similar to formula Н2О!
May be, the cylindrical form symbolized solar and lunar beams? It is difficult to tell...
It agrees to Anaximandr, after disintegration of the first substance to space heat and space cold, the ground was formed in the center of the world, having the cylinder form.
Cylinders themselves could symbolize the axis of rotation of the universe, the so - called spindle of Ananka.
There is a special fencing from 108 rotating cylinders in many temples of Tibet. They should be all scrolled, if you want to enter a temple and be cleared of sins.
The psychic, whom I trust, having taken the Cylinders of the Pharaoh, said: "I feel the powerful columns of energy leaving in Space".
Ancient people had a very interesting orientation of the stream of solar energy, connected with silver and gold: silver was considered as gold at which solar beams are directed inside.
Mysterious subjects of gold and bronze were found out in the Northern Alps. They have the complex form of pentadodecaedre (12 pentagonal sides, 20 tops, in every of which three edges converge). They are hollow inside, in the middle of each side are round apertures of different diameter. The purpose of these subjects is not clear. Aren't they the part of the ramified system of knowledge of the ancient people about the unknown properties of geometrical babies?
In connection with mentioning of these mysterious subjects it is necessary to tell, that, according to a hypothesis supported by a number of scientists, the Earth has the form a sphere in which pentadodecaedre and icosaedre is entered.
The strange hypothesis is unexpectedly proved with a number of facts. Lines of edges of the specified polyhedrons coincide with many characteristic geological formations: ocean ranges and breaks of the earth's crust. In tops of polyhedrons there were centers of anomalies, similar to Bermuda triangle and many centers of ancient culture.
Among geometrical known figures one of the most energetic spiritual if it is possible to express, undoubtedly is the cross, which had always a special importance not only at Christians, but also at non-Christian peoples and in pre-Christian times. The cross was esteemed in Japan, China, Phoenicia, Assyria, Mexico, Central America, practically everywhere.
"Inks had a cross made of fine marble or jasper, which was made of one piece in three quarters of an elbow in length and three fingers in thickness. It was kept in a sacred hall of a palace and esteemed extremely… (Jodphry Khigginse "Apocalypse").
Ankh, a figure representing a cross with a loop instead of the top end, was widely spread in Ancient Egypt. Later it got the name of the Egyptian cross. In Egypt Ankh served as a symbol of life and vital force. Ankh was an amulet putting on baby's neck to be survived.
Thus geometry appears in quite surprising and mysterious sight (ipostas) of spiritual-power influence on the person and the surrounding world.
In the books, devoted to magic, the stories about secret knowledge of Ancient Egypt have already become general. These stories caused me to feel the internal trembling, if to confess to the Reader, with full confirmity with the known poem by Redyard Kipling:

Voice, as the ill conscience,
For long days and nights,
Whispering me and repeating,
Eternally sounded behind.
Something is hidden-find it,
Bravely glance for a side.
That has disappeared behind a side -
It's waiting for you, get up and go!

The only thing that confused me was the absence in the books mentioned above of secret knowledge itself. But probably, they are secret not to be popularized in every evening newspaper at times I was covered with doubts quite proved with through studying of historical materialism. What there is secret knowledge! Gloomy ancient times, weight of superstitions, severe customs, heaps of stones, heaped up in honour of the invented gods, illiterate people.
But the literature, the scientific literature, it was that I have got used to trust and it spoke to me completely opposite.
First, the whole bulky enough bureaucratic machine of Ancient Egypt consisted of quite component officials. Secondly, art and scientific products of that time, more truly, that has reached us up to nowadays, specifies the presence of powerful creative intelligence in Egypt. This fact is confirmed with an idea, stated in the lecture of an unknown writer to the pupil: "Their names are pronounced because of the books, which they have done, as they are good, and memory of those, who has made them, will be kept forever". The names of many Egyptian architects, artists, sculptors came to our days. Literary and scientific texts speak about the originality of their authors. "They are the creation of individuals, the intellectual level of which much more exceeded the environment." (A. Gardiner)
At temples, being, the centers of Egyptian culture, libraries and archives existed, but not kept. But fragments of catalogues containing works on medicine, magic ritual ceremonies, astrology, came to our time. The fiction differed in riches and depth, variety of genres and forms: stories, fairy tales, lyrics, lampoons, exposes, songs, lectures. Lectures as the sum of enormous everyday experience and thousand- year wisdom occupied a special place in the Egyptian culture. The most ancient of them conserves to 2800 up to AD. It also belongs to the greatest architect, builder of step pyramid of Jhoser - to grandee Imhotep. The spectrum of this highly educate person was extraordinary wide. Besides architecture and literary hobbies Imhotep has glorified himself as an outstanding doctor. Geeks have named him, Asklepiy. The book written by him most likely is not unique and it was named "The book of temples plans". Alas, this work has not reached up to now. The lectures of Imhotep, wise man Dzhedefgar and Ptakhotep have lived for thousands of years and their advice and manuals have reached us almost completely. The lines written by great wise men disturb us until now:
Of learning to no purpose don't be proud!
Do not consider that you are omniscient!
Not only wise -
At unsophisticated advice search.
Ant does not know a limit.
Can't the artist reach the tops of skill?
A reasonable word is hidden as jewelry.
Mean while you find it at slaves, which grind grain.

Ptakhotep (V. Potapova's translation)

One and a half thousand late in XIV up to AD, the great Teachers have been remembered in Egypt.

I heard Imhotep's and Dzhedefgar's words,
Words which everyone repeats
And what with their tombs? Walls have fallen,
The place was not even kept where they stood.

With a strange feeling of slow familiarizing to the secret of the Great Civilization I was immersed in the bewitching literature of Ancient Egypt…

Oh, you walking so wide
Sowing smaragds, malachite and turquoise like stars.
When you are in blossom, I also blossom.
To the color, like an alive plant.

"To the Goddess"(Translation by the A. Akhmatova)

And here are Khakhenperraseneb's words a priest from Heliopolis: "I think about what is taking place, about the state of affairs on the ground. The change has been taking place. One year is harder than another. The country lives in misery. The truth is thrown out, a lie is in the hall of light. Outlines of gods are trampled, crying is every where, grieve nomes and cities "…It is hard to be silent…" XIX up to AD. But it sounds actually!
Disturbances, revolts, intrigues, acts of nature, invasions of enemies-hundreds of reasons which are capable to break the mightiest state, but the boat of great civilization goes confidently in storming waves of the history, without any losing of its unique individuality. We with our technical knowledge, such stability of the public and cultural life can not be praised.
"It's quite possible, that mysterious and be witching, but that wasn't created in Egypt, but it had been only kept in Egypt for millennia, but only changing and adjusting to evolutionary mankind, somehow had reached us because we hadn't forgotten about that, but today we speak about an opportunity with which we might have built the culture of tomorrow's day. It is also that internal that isn't being changed in cultures but it appears there in different ways and it is necessary to find it, as it is peculiar to us, in that adaptation in which it can be perceived." (L. Nikitin)
Completely amazing fact of display of such stability, almost immortality of the Egyptian phenomenon is the invariance of physical type of people during millennia occupying Egypt's territory. Egypt's chronology confirms with mathematical accuracy that surprising conclusion: gains, invasions, a considerable quantity of salves brought from the distant countries, nothing have changed in the external shape of Egyptians, language has been forgotten but the outlook and culture have been changed, but the faces of modern Egyptian inhabitants have remained the same that they had been millennia ago.
There is a mysterious secret in this surprising phenomenon...
"Due to the sphinx's features, silently keeping the secret, due to the granite firmness, Egypt has become that axis around of which the religious idea of mankind rotated. Judea, Greece, Etruria (territory of present Italy) all these were various vital centers from which there were subsequent civilizations. But where did they scoop the basic ideas, as not in rich stock of Ancient Egypt?" E.Shjure.
The richest cultural Egypt's heritage, high level of practical knowledge, wisdom of ruling estate due to which the country has gone through millennia, convince us in the following, that the knowledge did not simply take place, but there was also the knowledge surprising the imagination of an up-to-date person.
It is similar to an unprepared reader, for example, to deal with one of the articles on quantum chromodinamics, published in the appropriate scientific magazine. Every state had has and will have their own secrets at all times, which have been carefully guarded. There are, there were and there will be people having the highest intellectual level, demanding of tens years of special preparation. There are philosophers of classical antiquity, surgeons and physics of XX century, Chinese masters of tsy-gun, the Tibetan llamas, diagnosing the man according to his aura…
The eyewitnesses observing Lion Landau during his scientific seminars told me that he had made the impression of a miracle. And it was-on the most experienced professionals! Bruce Lee with his fist's strike into the air made him "clap", that is deviated a shock wave in him. And from what depths of Space Ioganne Bakh's music was born?
Penetration into things? Secrets, the perfect skill with the unique color of author's individuality - isn't it original magic! Undoubtedly, such people were in Egypt. Surely, the level of their professional skill was very high, and knowledge in many respects were unusual. This singularity is mainly characterized by that in the world, perhaps, there were no people, whose outlook would be so closely connected to sacrament of death.
"The Doleful pray of Egyptians inverted to the god by alive people, testifies, first, to the consciousness, that dead people live in the next world - secondly - about the immortal love, connecting mankind and thirdly, - about the petition before the God of all alive for all died." (Monk Mitrofan. "As our dead live and as we shall live after death." SPb, 1889).
The detailed acquaintance to religious representations of ancient Egyptians has the investigation feeling of natural surprise before their concrete visions of the world, mutual relations of people and deities, process of transition of the world physical in a monastery of shadows.
One specially curious thing about the man is as follows: the Egyptians had an imagination about the presence of five souls (sushchostej) at the person: Ren - a name, actually determining the force of a word, Ah - light, Shuit - "shadow", Ka "the double" of the person, living as though in the certain parallel world and represented as a dark siluette and at last Ba - the "Soul" leaving body of the person at the moment of his death.
In the attitude of "double" - Ka, Bolshakov A.O., the main keeper of the Egypt department of the Hermitage, stated a curious hypothesis which essence consists that people's images and subjects acted in the quality of "doubles", "living" in consciousness of the person:
"There is an impression, that each person, at each lifeless subject has the Ka. In this case, near people's world there is the world of Ka, being its exact and full copy, the world - double - a fascinating picture approaching in its essence to the philosophical Platon's system."
Bolshakov O.A. "Representation about the double in Egypt of the Old empire"
It's necessary to tell that ideas of "doubles" do not only die, but they also find the new unexpected sense in a modern science. So, for example, Kartashkin A. makes an attempt of an explanation of the phenomenon of the poltergeist by an output of the person his astral body as a certain energetic clot. Similar phantoms were observed by the French psychologist and hypnotist G. Djurvill' in the beginning of our century.
According to the other idea of outstanding American physicists Willer and Everett, at every other moment our Universe is split into practically infinite amount of copies appropriate to a certain set of quantum alternatives. In other words, according to this hypothesis, every second appears 10100 doubles of you, slightly distinguished from each other, and each of them continues incessantly to share, yet will not transform beyond recognition. And, each of these doubles lives in its own real Universe.
Especially it is necessary to note that this idea is taken not "from a ceiling", and was the consequence of quite scientific analysis of quantum concept of measurement. It is curious, that similar development of these ideas is not a unique phenomenon. These are widely known lines of a poem of Valeriy Bryusov as a poet:

Perhaps, these electrons,
The worlds, where five continents,
Arts, knowledge, wars, thrones
And memory of forty centuries!

According to the outstanding physicists - theorist A.M. Markov, "almost closed worlds because of a strong curvature of space may exist, which look like extremely small objects, for example, as elementary particles. Mainly, such worlds may be occupied, the alive idea is beating in them, and they have their own problems, joy and sadness. Indefinitely big in infinitesimal is one of the most outstanding and, that in very important, scientifically proved hypotheses of XX century.
Incidentally, about physicists: the secrets of Ancient Egypt bewitched them The English physicist Thomas Yung spend a lot of time to the attempts of opening the secrets of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. And it's necessary to tell his results were quite successful in many cases.
Here is pertinent for a question to be asked: how long before opening any natural phenomenon or at least, up to scientifically proved prediction, some brightly gifted persons manage to predict it with the big degree of accuracy? There are a lot of similar facts in the history of mankind to consider them by accident. Apparently, this intuitive comprehension of true can be characterized by M.Pushkin's words: "Poetry is a clever without mind" But then the scientist is a clever poet. And here is his advantage and his lack as the exact knowledge very much frequently forces to limit a stretch of imagination.
"Philosophical anthropologists tried to understand whittler the gift of imagination inherited in us hasn't grown dull? Whittlers we ourselves haven't properties of dreamers? Where are visionaries, founders of castles in the air? Why our daily occurrence has lost the poetic measurement? Even dreams have become every day, disturbing, sadly authentic. But even Plato dreamed a swan lowered on his breast… May be, the analytical tradition has muffled fundamental abilities of a man? In mystical experience these advances developed with a limiting pressure. Mystical immersing in itself, in N.A. Berdyajev's opinion, is always an output from himself, having dug for sides. The mysticism always teaches that the person's depth is more than human, there is the mysterious connection with the God and world" (P. Gurevich, "Science and Religion № 5 1999").
So, Egyptians could know much or, at least, guess. Many people often name the newcomers from other planets or other worlds to be the source of similar knowledge. I don't like such point of view, it belittles us, earthmen, Live, a pier, "grey" people of average abilities on the planet, who don't catch stars from the sky. Then the inhabitant of heaven descend and conditions sharply vary: Hermes Trismegist, Pifagor, Leonardo da Vinci, Nikolay Rerih appear in light… I think, everything that we have reached has been created with our titanic work and talent. Certainly, information interchange and mutual did of civilizations are possible, but not in a mode of a boarding house for mentally regarded.
Close studying of the Egyptian heritage convinces that spiritual, mystical experience was the source of high knowledge. The brightest display of such spiritual inspiration follows, certainly to consider the vision of Hermes Trismegist which has reached us in retelling and the allegorical form: "Once Hermes, long reflecting above the origin of things, has lost consciousness. The heavy catalepsy has seized his body; but as it froze, the spirit of it rose in spaces. And then it seemed to him that the being, immense in size, without certain form. Called him by name, - Who are you? - Hermes asked in a fright. - I am Osiris, the Supreme Reason, and I can remove a cover from all things. What do you wish to see? - I wish to behold the source of everything real, I wish to know the God.
And immediately Hermes has felt filled strange light. The charming shadows of all essences passed in its transparent waves. But suddenly terrible gloom filled with creeping shadows. It was lowered on him. Hermes was shipped in the damp chaos, full of evaporation and ominous noise. And then the voice has risen from the depth of a chasm. It was the Appeal of Light. And after it fast fire has directed from damp depth in immeasurable heights of ether.
Germes has risen behind fire in light spaces. The chaos twisted and spread to chasm; choruses of stars sparkled above his head, and the Voice of light filled Eternity.
- Have you understood anything seen by you? – Osiris asked Germes, captivated by the dream. – No, Germes answered. – Find out what your soul has seen. You have seen staying in eternity. Light, seen by you at the beginning is divine Reason, which contain everything with its power and comprises prototypes of all essences. The gloom in which you have been shipped, is the material world in which inhabitants of the ground live. The fire, which sped from dark depths, is a divine Verb. The Got is the Father, the Verb is the seen, their connection is Life. –What a miracle is inside of me!- Germes exclaimed. –I don’t see with corporal eyes any more, I see with the eyes of spirit. How could a similar miracle happen? -It happens so that the Verb stays within you -Osiris answered. That, what sees, hears, acts in your is the Verb itself, sacred Fire, a creative Word!
-If it so, let me see the life of worlds, the essence of souls from where a man comes and where he comes back.
-Let it be to your will. (E. Shjure, “Great Devoted”.)

(Э. Шюре, "Великие посвященные".)

Then the surprising picture of seven heavens opens before Germes which has served by a source of numerous guesses disputes and discussions of all Germes’s people of all generations.
One of the surprising places of “Vision” concerns the destiny of human souls and their immorality.
“-Can the souls die? –Germes asked.
-Yes, a lot of perish, going down in a matter. The soul is the daughter of heavens, and its wandering is a test. If it loses the memoirs of the origin because of the impetuous love to a matter, the a divine spark concealed in it may turn to a shining star, which comes back into radio space, and the soul dissipates in whirl winds of rough elements… Such is the destiny of incorrigible malicious and low souls,”-Osiris’s voice distributed.
“Visions” of Germes have been lain in the basis of mysteries of dedication the elite in Osiris’s secrets. The examinee passed through the whole series of heavy tests and temptations, comprehended subtleties of temple secrets and sacred knowledge. And only having passed through the ceremony of a burial place in a sarcophagus, he received the devotion during which he heard, in particular, such words: “Don’t forget, that the law of sacrament covers itself a great true. The full knowledge can be open only to those of our brotherhood who have passed through the same tests, as we did. To open trues is necessary in a measure of reasons covering it before weak ones, in order not to become them mad, not to catch it with fragments and make them the instrument of destruction. Close it in your heart and let it be shown in all your affairs. The knowledge will be your strength, belief – your sword and the silence – your impenetrable armour”. (E. Shjure.)
The owning of maximum knowledge the devoted person quite often left the temple and started in a distant way to carry out the conducted mission. It is possible to imagine the difficulties of these persons being far from those equals to them by their intelligence and knowledge. But the devoted found life in his pupils. The magic wand of relay race of wisdom was transferred in centuries and millennia, from country to country; from continent to continent. The history of mankind is in many respects the history of the devoted. Around the adherent, and their knowledge there had always been a set of hearings, legends and gamble. The desire to join secret, without penetrating in its spiritual-philosophical essence, accompanied many adventurers. Some of them were eager to get an opportunity to become rich, the others wanted to become famous, the third had only simple human curiosity.
But “It is not given to mortal to lift my coverlet”. - Isida spoke by the lips of ancient wise men. And secret continues to remain secret, passing a threshold of publicity only from the sanction of adherents owning it.
It is only possible to guess about the character of such knowledge. It is possible, that to harmonious religious-philosophical system of sights on the world accompanied, besides subjects of a cult, and the certain technical devices providing to the owners the comprehension of True alongside with the Cylinders. According to the legend, such an unusual technical device was a well-known staff of Germes Trismegist. The person-got, Germes, carried the winged staff in a hand twisted with two snakes. On some images instead of snake there were tapes. With the help of that staff Germes threw down a distinguishing monster – a dragon, a hybrid of the snake with a pig and crocodile, growling and throwing out a flame. Germes reminds the Christian sacred George Pobedonosets with this act.
In one of the Greek myths about Germes-Mercury it is told, how, rescuing the beloved of Zevs fine Io, he lulls vigilant Argus (who had hundred of eyes) with the magic staff. In some occult books the device of such staff is described. It is made of precious breeds of a tree-black, pink, sandal wood-tree or from an ivory with a gold overlay on the wide end and with a silver or copper tip on the other one.
“Properly prepared staff is the most powerful weapon, that only the magician has to protect that is given to his hands… A magic staff is no more that an extremely sensitive magic intermediary for transferring and concentration of force owing the knowledge of the magician, also that it all the same powerful at the strongest excitation of mid of any person, whether it will be used meaningly or not. The stream of mental five will direct on a direction given to the staff that is why it is like the fire gun should not be got into the hands neither malicious, nor mad. It is potential or otherwise is precisely proportional to the maesto’s wisdom and his mental dynamics; but being in the hands of angrythinking idiot – harmful or useless.” (T.G. Burgon, “The Light of Egypt”.)
In the occult curriculum vitae Elizabeth Hejch’s “Dedication” she speaks by the lips of Ptahotep: “Sons of the Got on the Native land have selected a material, a version of copper, from which they have designed the devices for storage and radiation increased or reduced of the highest frequencies in their initial or changeable display. These devices are made so, that they keep creative force in the in the pure constant form, that is during long time they operate as a source of divine force – as the life itself. The supreme of these devices represents the perfect unity of divine and material frequency - the Got and the grounds. We named this powerful conductor of energy loaded with frequency of divine essence, “the Arch of the Precept”. If we give out the secret of the staff to the sons of people, the immediately will use it for causing harm to each other and themselves. They are not ready for this knowledge and won’t be ready for a long time.
This staff will be taken out from Egypt by the last devoted, owing that knowledge, together with the Arch of the Precept… Having felt the approach of death, he will destroy a staff. For some time the Arch will continue to radiate the energy with which it had been charged and uninitiated will carry it, till they notice, that it has no present force. Then the last rests of the Arch will be destroyed… Only after millenium the descendant sons of the Got will be embodied and will open trues to people, and he will make a new magic staff.”
The precept arch Elizabeth Hejch, apparently, is identical to a bible Ark of the Precept...
In the legends concerning devoted, there are mentions about other mysterious devices and subjects with rather unusual properties. There are some indistinct legends about the stones issuing surprising sounds at impact (we shall recollect Memnon’s colossuses), about stones with an echo or musical stones. The black Kaab stone in Mecca is esteemed piously by Moslems of the world. According to the legend, once it was white and bright, and then it turned black form “tears of pilgrims and sins of the wold.”
In the book “State” Platon tells us about a wonderful ring, which makes the owner invisible if to turn its stone inside. Moses and the tsar Solomon, at Joseph’s certificate, owned such rings. Korneliy Agrippa asserts that Apoloniy could increase his life till 130 years by means of seven magic rings. By the way, the known philosopher and the occult researcher Eliphas Levi has made the attempt to cause the spirit of Appoloniy out of Tiana. However, the phantom appearing in front of him, has not expressed a desire to share his mystery with the curious philosopher.
And how ancient olmecs, the aboriginals of America, moved 40-ton basalt monoliths-stelae at a distance of more than 100 kilometres? And how pyramids have been built?
“… Pyramids hide great secret. They, as nothing more in the world, testify that we are greatly mistaken, including our ancestors, to be “hairy, taily, four-footed, who lived by their habits, on the trees and in “Old Light”. In reality our genealogy is much more interesting. Our ancestors have been out standing people; they have left us a huge heritage which we have completely forgotten, especially since that time when we began to consider themselves descendants of monkeys.” (P.D. Uspensky.)
And, nevertheless, the assumptions of a level of technical knowledge of our far ancestors have sometimes a completely fantastic character. So, in 1994 in the magazine “The Science and Religion” A. Arhipov considered an opportunity of visiting the Moon by the earthmen long before our era. Thus the author referred to a number of ancient certificates and legends. And really Plutarh, for example, describes something like, vibration of the Moon, by the words of a certain stranger, concerning the direction to the Earth. “But so as we have deep and extensive gulfs on the Earth, there are deepening and dredging on the Moon. And the largest of them they name the dwelling Gekata…, two others they call long for souls of died earthmen are forwarded regarding the Moon, that inverted to the sky, or, on the contrary, to the Earth.”
Besides, according to the modern data, the Moon makes 1/81 part of Earth’s weight. Plutarh in this occasion informs: “Egyptians, as remembered, approve, that the Moon is the seventy second part of the Earth.” The mistake makes only 12 percent! Not bad for Egyptians. Plutarh has very similar descriptions of a Lunar Surface that take place actually, they are in myths of dogon’s tribes from Africa, in the old Indian epos. And here’s some modern information: in samples of a Lunar ground the American researchers L.-A. Heskin, B.-L. Jholliff and R.L. Korotev have found out the terrestrial clay or something very much similar.
How to concern to similar ideas? Naturally, very seriously with attraction for the analysis of a modern science. We shall also hope for the new finds of ancient papyruses, manuscripts. And we have such hopes despite of the terrible loss suffered by ancient libraries from barbarians of all times and peoples, as the well-known Cairo library of caliph Mustangir (XI in. AD), containing over one and a half million of rare books and manuscripts. It contained books on science and art, 2.400 ancient lists of the Koran, dictionaries and works of art, 18 thousand books about magic and ceremonies of ancient peoples. The library has exited until the authority of the country has been grasped by vizier Nasir-ad-Daul, illiterate and severe. “He gave out the Rare Arabian manuscripts to illiterate bandits from his protection instead of a monthly payment. They cut soles for the boots and texts threw out. In 1069 during excitements by which the falling of Nasir-ad-Daul was accompanied, the population of Cairo has completed the route of the library. The governor of Cairo has undertaken the attempts to rescue the library, having bought the rest books. However, unfortunately, the caravan of camels, which had an invaluable cargo, had been plundered on the way to Alexandria. A part of books was burnt, the other part, without leather covers was piled up directly in desert where gradually they were covered with sand. Still for many years nomads named this huge hill “Tel-el-Кutub”, that is “the Hill of Books”. (P. Perminov.)
Maybe we shall find the certain universal method, allowing to revive events of the far past. Much, not simple for us now, becomes then simple and clear. Well, and for today we have the charm of secret, which each of us has an opportunity to represent and solve in his own way.