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book12 That Above, Is Similar to That Below    
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Chapter II. Doubts                                                                                



The mythological dictionary says, that “Germes is an ancient arcade deity later ranked as Olympic gods. He was considered as Zevs’s son and galaxy Maya and personified mighty forces of nature. Originally Germes was the got of cattle breeding, the patron of herdsmen. He was the first to demand fiery victims from people, having learned people set the fire on an altar. He approaches Prometey with these features. Germes is the bulletin of gods, Zevs’s herald, the patron of heralds, ambassadors. Germs (tetrahedral columns with the image of Germes’s head) were put at the roads (a common of the author). Germes was the got of trade and profit… He was the patron of gymnastic competitions. In Hellenistic epoc Germes was identified with the ancient Egyptian god Tot and was considered the patron of magic.”
Germes was represented as the prompt young man in sandals-talary or in a helmet with wings, with wise experience of a husband with a long heard. In Egypt he was like person’s body and a head of an ibis. In Rome he was known by the name of Mercury. The Greek author Diogen Laertsky named him “the son of the Nile” and approved that Germes-Tot has come whence “from away the sea” in 7526 year B.C. Legionaries of Alexander the Great saw his tomb or, anyway, simply a stone plate on which the famous words of Emerald Germs Table were knocked out.
The antique philosopher-idealist Yamvlih, the founder of the Syrian school of neoplatonism, said that Germs Has written twenty thousand books. Other authors name the figure in 36.000 books and even more. 42 of them are sacred.
Ghermes has opened medicine, magic, astrology, music to people. Philosophy mathematics, jurisprudence - practically everything! Could it so happen? Manly P. Holl believers, that “the Single person even allocated divine prerogatives, hardly could deal with such monumental work.” I am of the same opinion, one man was not able, to write thousands of books, but he and his pupils could bring them with themselves “from behind the sea.” Especially, if they were the sons of the perished Atlantida. In this case everything becomes clear. The answer to the question is clear: how on the place of primitive culture of hole burials and reed nuts one of the greatest civilisations of the antiquity has blossomed, professing the most complex religion and owning the secrets of a material world? I believe in abilities of the terrestrial person, but not in everything that can be achieved simultaneously and suddenly.
“It is evident most of all being acquainted with the tombs of Joser its mastering by engineering and nothing explained skill of using huge stone plates unknown on the Nile up to that time. Founders of similar constructions – even genius ones – required prototypes to whom the subsequent development of such engineering ascended such as the construction of vaulted roofs, secrets of facing something with glazing tiles, etc. Such prototypes haven’t been found in the valleys of Nile”. (E. Tseren.)
I’d like to add, that such prototypes are not present anywhere on the ground. Either they are at the bottom of the sea or are not found yet. Alas, but Germs’s books haven’t been found yet. To tell the truth, there is a legend, that Jesus Christ’s contemporary - Appolon Tiansky owned those books who travelled a lot about Malaya Asia and visited India in particular. “He was considered to be a miracle man for predicting the future and making miracles.” Here is how Appolon himself explains the occurrence of one of Cherms’s books:
“In my native city there was a stone sculptural image on a gold column on which it was written: “Look, I am Ghermes, three times a wise man, I have put a wonderful mark before everybody’s eyes and then have lowered a cover of wisdom, that nobody knew that mark except a wise man like me.” But at the end face of the sculpture it was written in ancient – Syrian language: “That one who wants to learn the secrets of creation and the image of nature, let him look to my feet.” But people didn’t understand what he had told and usually looked at their own feet, but didn’t see anything. I was then young and weak, but when I have matured and have got stronger, I have read what was written at the end face, thought much about it and began to dig under the column. And then I have got in an underground pantry where none ray of the sun had penetrated. But there were a lot of drafts in the pantry so I couldn’t see anything because of darkness and the minds constantly put out a fire. I couldn’t do anything and was upset very much. But then I was overcome with my dream but continued to think about that troubled me greatly, and the old man very similar me appeared in my dream and said: “Oh, Balinus (Appolon) get up and go down in a vault there to overtake the secret of creation and nature.”
I answered: “I see nothing in the darkness and the wind extinguishes any torch”. And then the old man told me: “Oh, Balinus, put your torch in a transparent glass vessel and it will keep your light of wind and then the wind will not blow the light which will illuminate you a gloom.” Here my heart was executed with good fortunes, I have understood that I have reached the purpose and asked: “Who are you that gives me such good fortune?” He answered: “I am your essence, your noble “I.”
Then I woke up, placed the light into the glass vessel, as my kind spirit had prompted me and entered the cave. At that moment I saw an old man, who sat on the throne of gold and kept a tray made of green emeralds with the inscription” It is a description of nature”. And in front of him there was a book with the inscription “It is the secret of genesis and the knowledge of the cause of things”. Then I took the book calmly and left the cave”.
As I read the lines I thought deliberately if that old woman, who had handed the manuscript to my friend Ruslan could have been the old man from the cave.
The next person who possessed secret knowledge was a doctor named Sergey Ris-Ine, who lived in 6 B.C. He translated the texts from Ancient Syrian into Arabian.
In middle ages many different people found strange books impossible to understand. One of those men was an official copyist Nikola Flammel who lived in Paris in the second half of the 14th century. He bought a manuscript named “The book of Abraham the Jew” which contained as they say the secret of turning metals into gold. Later they say that book was in the possession of the Cardinal Richelieu. Then the trace of the book was lost.
Secrets, secrets...
But some of the true things have never been meant to hide. They “lay on the surface” and are meant for the world wide use, as they say. But, alas, the high pressure of work is needed to understand them and learn to derive spiritual and practical profit from it. And the Emerald Table of Hermes belongs to the latter, no doubts.
“It is true with no lies and verily with no doubts that what is downwards and outside is similar to that what is in the high and in the depth and that what is on the bottom and upwards is similar to what is downwards and outside for making the wonder of unity true.”
It is necessary to say that the sages of all times understood the greatest importance of Analogy law.
“Analogy is the only possible mediator between visible and invisible, between finiteness and eternity”.( Elifas Levy)
“Analogy Law is the first-born world law, it is the top truth up to which the human spirit can float, it is the top synthesis, the final edge of the mind…trying to express everything gleaned, the disciple of the Supreme Science cannot find any other words, cannot find higher expression than the same Analogy law” . ( V.Shmakov)
We all use The Emerald Table at this or that moment of our life when we want to explain something addressing to the similar or just more simple phenomenon. Have you ever seen the electron moving around the atom? Never! - the answer will be. Neither have I. But it is so easy to imagine a little ball rotating around the second one. We can’t see electromagnetic waves but they are easily imagined on remembering the sea waves on the surface. Moreover the process of comprehension of the virgin soil is mostly based on finding the well-known material which had been learnt in the childhood. On coming across something that we can’t apply to any analogy, problems and the difficulty of understanding arise. Try to imagine the object having characteristics of the wave and the particle simultaneously. That is difficult… This particular duality of the microcosm is met when studying quantum mechanics. And what about virtual particles? Or zero vibrations of the vacuum? That’s very bad. We have faced essentially new phenomena though even their definitions contain the familiar words” particles” and “vibrations”, what gives us a chance for understanding at least a little.
But not only physics but music, painting, architecture, zoology almost all is imbued with numerous connections and analogies. Do you remember how the outstanding music by Straus in the film “The Big Waltz” was born? The charming sounds were developed through the birds’ songs, rattling sounds of wheels, and the sounds of a mail horn. And how many architectural and picturesque forms were born from the bright variety of nature! All the poetry is full of beautiful, deep comparisons – analogies such as “the river of life”,” the sea of light”,” slender as a poplar”, “celestial dome” and etc.
Oriental sages liked telling parables analyzing which their pupils could comprehend difficult philosophical truths. “The most favourite illustration of Hindu teachers is the sun hanging above the ocean and steaming out a part of water and making it rise. This vapour forms clouds carried by over the ground and then it condenses in the form of raindrops, dew and etc. These rains and dew turn into streams, rivers and etc. So sooner or later every single drop finds its own way to the mother- ocean, which is its true self ” -one of the ancient books says.
But the Emerald Table is not only the Analogy Law. Also it is a principle of unity of everything existing now, telling that there are a few simple general laws in the basis of the genesis itself. And all the greatest variety of phenomena comes out from it. On this basis every phenomenon has an imprinted sign of its origin, the memory about its parents, keeping common “patrimonial” features.
Nowadays when Hermes’s life is lost in the ancient times, it is difficult to say what particular way brought him to the Emerald Table. Most probably the mankind in its childish consciousness reflects the world as if it were a mirror broken to the thousands of pieces. The variety of forms of nature and its colours, Love and melancholy about Unrealizable gave birth to the Art. Difficult life and the desire to make it easier helped science and engineering come into being, the wish to keep and give further the experience of the gone generations brought history and archeology to life.
The world reflected in formulas, pictures, tunes, hieroglyphs was divided into numerous little separate parts, causing the desire to collect these sparkling fragments into the united patchwork. It seems to me that Hermes was one of the pioneers who felt a necessity of synthesis, looking for a way out, which led to comprehension and to the harmony of genesis.

All things are hidden before their birth
In the united and great Genesis,
Whence they come on birth,
And immerse into it again on their death.

( Bhagavad-Gita).

The comprehension of the world’s unity has a primary value both for the science and the man’s Weltanschauung. One of the ancient books on philosophy says “The one who understands the Unity percepts the nature as close and friendly. There is no feeling of antagonism or opposition-everything seems to be on its own place, and each thing performs the work given to it in the global scale. All nature turns out to be friendly if one understands it right and the man acquires the feeling harmony with the environment and the feeling of home which was lost on entering the stage of self-consciousness… ”
He understands himself as a Unity of Expression-the Center of Consciousness –in the great Unique Life. He understands that he has power, force, life and wisdom of the behind standing Unity, where he can learn to derive knowledge from in the process of his development. He understands that he is at home and nobody can force him out there because outside of Everything there is nothing. Inside himself he finds confidence in the eternity of life and being, because his life is the life of the Unity which cannot die.
Understanding quite clearly that physics would explain the meaning of the Emerald Table the best way I addressed to it.
The result was that is to say as if I have lost my blinkers. Of course I knew about the wonderful similarity of some natural phenomena and as each physicist does I pretty often used mathematical consequences of it .But as for the philosophical root and ,what is very important, poetical essence of the unity, they had not been perceived earlier.
Absolutely differently I looked at the similarity of Coulomb’s law, the law of gravity by Newton, and Byerkness’s law of attraction of two air bubbles vibrating in water which is very much alike them. Many problems in electrostatics have their own analogies in hydrodynamics. A comparatively new term –soliton (not linear secluded wave) is penetrating practically all physics beginning with hydrodynamics and up to plasma physics and from biophysics up to quantum fields theory.
All of these particularly special questions of physics are actually confirming the greatest philosophical principle of Hermes’s Emerald Table . But such a unity of nature inspires with courage. One should be very cautious when using the analogy method. Nature is similar to itself but far from being a mirror in the reflections. Let it be for example electron’s behavior in the atom which looks much like the behavior of the little ball rotating on the spring around the certain centre. In actual fact the behavior of the electron considerably differs from the one of the latter. It differs so much that it resulted with creation of the essentially new physics –quantum mechanics.
And the same fundamental differences can be seen in all the phenomena fitting in Hermes’s Emerald Table. It seems that the nature says: ”Look! Here is the new phenomenon. It looks much like those known by you. But learning it you will see absolutely new aspects of Nature“.
“ Nature is a wonderful creator and it never recurs. Just as the fruitfulness of it made the Earth inhabited with the numerous types of plants and animals, it placed the marvelous lyre inside the human’s heart which every living being plays differently. One makes thousands of its strings trembling amazingly, others can extract just a few weak sounds.” ( Daniel Rishar)