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book17 Wonderful characteristics of cylinders    
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Chapter III: Cylinders’ Medical Characteristics                                       



Once I had a chance to get acquainted to a very original inventor Anatoly Sergeyevich Kuznetsov. He is busy doing applicators (ipplicators in Russian) and has non-standard ideas. 
Being very sensitive to the magic of numbers, Kuznetsov develops the idea , the essence of which is that the optimal or the primitive periodical arrangement of needles on the applicator is changed into the harmonic one, for example, due to the law of numbers by Fibonacci. The first experiments gave very interesting results. Organism reacts differently at the possible variations of needle arrangements. If you place the hand on top of the different types of Kuznetsov’s applicators than you can feel warmth in one case and cold or the strange pulsation in the hands in another one. How these applicators influence man’s health of course should be learned with the experimental way.
I liked Kuznetsov’s idea. Harmony has always been exact and beautiful mathematical law, and there is nothing demeaning for Mozart’s “Requiem” when it is represented as a harmonious mathematical function. The mystery of its influence on our souls is primary and impossible to comprehend by our minds. But the way and the shape of transmitting of the influence are quite concrete. There is a wide-known aesthetic perception “golden section” and Fibonacci numbers in architecture, music and painting (for the detailed explanation see the chapter “ How Pharaoh’s Cylinders act”). And that is probably possible that plexitis could be cured with applicator, the needles of which are arranged due to the way of the major musical theme in the simplest canon.
Kuznetsov was very enchanted with Pharaoh’s Cylinders and took an active part in their investigation. Due to his hypothesis Cylinders represent the resonators of the cosmic energy and their fillings reflect the whole bio-and geophysical history of our planet, which have imprinted all the information of the past centuries.
We have spent many hours with Kuznetsov discussing the possibilities of Cylinders and the applicators. The disputes were fruitful and interesting, but the physicist in me demanded firm results.
All the meetings assured me that one should use the synthesis of different knowledge on the way.
Meetings with people busy doing in practice wonderful and effective method of treating so-called “hyperbaric medicine” was interesting and useful. In different times it was noted that remission or relief from a number of illnesses of divers and simple people occurred among the people going through pressure (altitude) chambers with the exceeding quantity of oxygen. The investigations showed that presence of oxygen in the chambers with the increased pressure is able to make miracles, because it provides the high level of cellular breath, what is very useful for brain, heart, liver tissues and for the marrow. A number of defending systems are stimulated, activity of the harmful bacteria is suppressed, immune system is stimulated, and the cellars of the malignant tumours become more vulnerable towards irradiation.
Entering the pressure chamber is much alike entering the cabin of a space ship. There are windows with thick glass, capsule-like shape of the chamber, no sounds of the outer world. One sits down on a low bench, gets accustomed and begins feeling gradual raise of pressure. Often “blowings” of the nose helps to avoid unpleasant feelings. When the pressure falls, it becomes cold in the chamber and a slight fog appears.
I left the bar-camera as if it had been a lotus, filled with oxygen and prana, feeling fresh and full of stamina.
The most useful meeting was the meeting with a research group of M.A.Nikulin, a physician-researcher, working with a new method of medical diagnostics. He executed the first series of the experiments with Pharaoh’s Cylinders. Due to the active help of his friends ( Y.S.Savchenko, Captain) the mysterious Cylinders got, finally, in the beginning of 1993, into the program of serious investigations. Even the first results confirmed the utility of their influence to the organism.
Mikhail Aleksandrovich Nikulin has a degree of PhD, MD. He is an extra-class researcher, and supervises the laboratory of “ clinical bio-physics”. From the very first minutes of our acquaintance I took a liking in that affable, cheerful person. The range of his knowledge and interests is tremendous and not once I got a huge amount of fresh and unusual information from him.
I was also interested in method with the help of which Mikhail Aleksandrovich was going to find out the ancient knowledge from the Cylinders. It is necessary to tell that the method is a unique one and in 1990 the academic council of the Dzanelidze Leningrad Scientific Research Ambulance Institute suggested to put the invention forward to the Nobel Prize competition.
The technique is based on the registration of the bioactive points condition in nanovolt-ampere diapason of the ultra-feeble electric signals, defining the level of energy in the cellar.
The level of energy is registered in 24 bioactive classical Chinese meridian points. And gaugings are done at the certain time of the day, because a certain dependence of canal activities on lunar phases and the time of sunrise at this latitude is obvious.
According to the results of measurements the card is compiled which is called energy dotted line measurement (energopunkturogram-in Russian). It allows characterizing the condition of the organism in general and its separate parts more exactly, and also to define original causes of the illnesses.

The results of the changes are led to the display, divided into three coloured lines: green- normal activity of the systems of organism, red-exuberant activity, blue-lack of activity. The general picture of the organism condition, showed on the curve is clearly visible. Everything what functions well and not. Cylinders taken into hands considerably change the form of the curve to the positive way in 5-6 minutes. What a wonderful effect! The gauges and computers began working, dozens of people with various diseases took Cylinders into their hands and that gave us a chance to combine the information for the statistics. There was something breathtaking in that touch of the Ancient World with the world of electronics and the modern medicine.
And here they are finally in my hands: diagrams, charts, and the conclusion of the physicians-researchers. I look through the minutes of the thermovisional tests of the Cylinders. From the very first moments, on taking the cylinders into the hands, the examinees felt a wave of pulsation from the left side to the right one.
Beginning with the second minute the feeling of blood filling the vessels was noted what was named as “ vascular stage”. Beginning with the third minute, infra-red radiation from the upper extremity increased and at the fifth minute thermal fields of the extremities began equalizing. Along with these changes the general level of organism activity was noted to increase, followed by the 8-10 percent pulse quickening.
At the second minute of the influence there is a warming up of the cervicothoracic department of the vertebral column with the increasing of the infrared radiation. Vegetative nervous system gets involved into the process and the energetic activation of the tissues of the upper extremities as well as the warming up of the body in general. It results with headache relief and blood pressure normalizing.
Also there is an interesting aspect of the medical-diagnostic influence of Cylinders on the body in general. In case of presence of any pathologies (unhealthy changes) in the body there can be seen a thermal asymmetry of the ill parts towards the healthy ones. Ill parts “shine” more intensively. The cylinders taken into hands equalize the pathological asymmetry, what tells about their curative influence.
The experiments with Pharaoh’s Cylinders by M.A. Nikulin’s method revealed the result of their usage - activisation of functional systems and body in general. Did the Egyptians know all about it? What complicated effects! Warming up of the organism and its activisation…
The conclusion of the medical experts stated: Pharaoh’s Cylinders can be recommended to the people with cardiovascular diseases, hypertension of an early stage, neuro-trophic diseases, illnesses of the deducting ways, insomnia, and also as an anti-stress means and arteriosclerosis prevention.
But how did the information about cylinders get to the author of the manuscript? I remembered about the vague hypothesis of Ancient Egypt influence on the culture of the people of Caucasus, based however, on quite solid facts. And meanwhile nobody knows about the origin of Cylinders in Egypt.
And really you can easily believe in the presence of the deepest sense in everything. Otherwise the information about Cylinders, which had been kept through the centuries, could not get into our hands. Cylinders are the kind of unique, organism stimulating, correcting means, and supplementing the knowledge of the modern medicine. And moreover practically eternal device, because in comparison with the pill which has been swallowed and thus eliminated, Pharaoh’s Cylinders are practically eternal and need only careful keeping.
Out of understanding there are psychophysical characteristics of Cylinders. What do the words:” clear the energetic canals of man’s body” mean? If this statement is the equivalent of the results that have been reached during medical research works then I have no questions.
Nonetheless I myself feel something greater in Cylinders than just a device for organism stimulating. I don’t exclude the fact that this feeling comes from my deepest affection to Egypt and its culture. But it can turn out also that the reasons of its origin lie much deeper than we expect.
One of the most interesting Cylinder’s characteristics is the intimacy of communicating with them. The impression is that you get used to them and they get used to you, for after a while after using “ own” Cylinders and taking “alien” ones you feel that something is wrong. Perhaps this feeling comes out of the sensitive organism tuning for own cylinders. And if we try to make the identities of Cylinders we won’t succeed. There will always be slight differences and variety in physical fields and in the structure of matter.
My observations and the conclusion of the researchers showed that the optimal time of contacting with Pharaoh’s Cylinders is from5 to30 minutes though it can vary depending on the individual abilities of the organism.
Simultaneously with the appearing of the conclusion separate messages about the increasing of man’s potentiality appeared.
It seems to me that not every possibility of Pharaoh’s Cylinders is found.
The fact that Pharaoh’s Cylinders assist treating venous and vascular illnesses was extremely important. Inveterate smokers and hard drinkers know the very dangerous disease that is called: sclerotic shrinking of lower extremities, well. In neglected cases it threatens to turn into gangrene with the amputation following.
The same consequences can happen after a strong frostbite. Warming up the location of vascular narrowing and forcing blood circulation, Cylinders help to broaden and strengthen the vessels and are irreplaceable in the process of rehabilitation after the surgery or having the illness.
Due to the obvious reasons Cylinders made of gold and silver have not been tested. Though interesting discoveries are possible here.
There was also a separate exploration of the Cylinder fillers’ role. When the fillers were removed or the production formula was violated, the Cylinder effectiveness was drastically reduced.
There were some reports that the Cylinders’ impact intensified extrasensory abilities in several cases, but all in all this matter was not investigated fully.
What’s interesting is how children react to the Cylinders. M.A. Nikulin recommends using the Pharaoh Cylinders for the children starting from the age of seven. Almost all children clearly distinguished them by the smell of metal and sensed “something pleasant and warm”.
A twelve-year old boy got a stomach spasm during an excursion in the park of Gatchina. When he took cylinders in his hands in a few minutes the spasm was gone.
A little boy became too active in a “self-generation mode” and was racing around in the school yelling. They handed him the Cylinders and asked to stay concentrated at least for a few minutes. After that we came to see a child who was considerably calmed down and ready to continue the process of studying.
My seven-year old niece was having an acute respiratory disease and was feeling flat and sleepy and had absolutely no appetite. After a few minutes with Cylinders she felt much better, she started playing and the appetite came back.
Such cases are far from standing alone. Apparently the Pharaoh Cylinders may be recommended for children, starting from the above-mentioned age and in small dozes, in order to prevent chronic diseases and to balance the nervous system.
Famous healers from Petersburg, the Maikovs having got acquainted with the Cylinders and worked with them supposed that there is a high chance that people using the Cylinders give birth to gifted children.
I have been using the Pharaoh Cylinders already for many years and with a great benefit for myself. The Cylinders help removing fatigue and stress, and due to them I have high tone and workability all the time. They are good to meditate with them. There are also chronically sick people among my friends and family who get a much easier life due to the Cylinders. Some of them take the Cylinders to their work and diminish fatigue and stresses there by keeping them for a few minutes in their hands.
The Pharaoh Cylinders can be of a great help for sportsmen during training sessions and preparation for the contests.
The Cylinders’ influence the human body can be compared to the small dozes of homeopathic means. It’s possible that one feels nothing at all holding them in one’s hands. Nevertheless, the devices register one and the same kind of specific influence independently from the sensations. Through the small dozes sent during certain period of time the Cylinders visibly improve the functioning of the body as a whole. There is also a series of quick and “wondrous” healings though they always are strictly individual.
No negative consequences were detected after the body was subject to the Cylinders’ impact.
Hypotonics must be careful with Cylinders. As a rule, the “Pharaog posture” (Cylinders in the hands) is out for them and the time of using should be shorter.
The results of the explorations of the Pharaoh Cylinders were complemented by a new data. My female student O. Zybruk visited Egypt including the pyramids of Heops, and she gave me several photos of the ancient Egyptian sculptures with Cylinders in their hands. One of them I knew quite well – Pharaoh of Menkaur accompanied by two goddesses. Seeing their hands I though I was having a hallucination: the Pharaoh was holding the goddess of Khator by hand! And their free hands were holding one Cylinder each. I saw only illustrations of the sculptural composition until then, and there the Pharaoh was holding the Cylinders by himself. I had no idea of the existence of the second sculptural group.
So, does it mean that the Pharaoh Cylinders can be used by two people together? And what then? It takes an experiment. I immediately called my wife for help. I took a Lunar Cylinder in my left hand and gave her a Solar one. Holding hands we accurately followed the image on the picture. We felt a familiar tranquilizing effect of the Cylinders at once. But there was also something new, though neither myself nor my wife could give it a definition.
I phoned Mikhail Alexandrovich Nikulin in the evening. He was clearly impressed by my report about the new was of using the Cylinders and promised to conduct an experiment on his equipment.
Nikulin’s equipment showed that the joint usage of Cylinders brings about the same effect like a separate one, but there appears new special feature to it: along with improvement of the general state of both examinees the energy is being pumped from a stronger and healthier individual to the less healthy one (without a harm for the donor).
So, the goddess of Khator was transmitting part of her energy to the Pharaoh of Menkaur! This result opens completely new possibilities of using the Pharaoh Cylinders: joint meditation and ways to help one’s friends and relatives with one’s energy. The knowledge of Egypt is really inexhaustible! I and my family members have been using the Cylinders for many years and not once did we get the idea to take them in our hands in a pair.

Doctor of medical sciences Mikhail Blank conducted series of experiments with the Cylinders on his equipment. He thinks that the Pharaoh Cylinders restore the natural beat of the body and improve its main parameters.
Rather exciting was the meeting with the leading Egyptologist of Saint-Petersburg – Andrey Olegovich Bolshakov. Having listened to me in an attentive and friendly manner, he took the Cylinders in his hands. I was waiting with excitement. In a few minutes Andrey Olegovich put Cylinders on the table and gave me a look.
It’s really interesting, - he confirmed. – I clearly felt something. Something like either injecting or pulsation in the hands.
After that he told me his version explaining the meaning of the mysterious objects in the hands of the ancient Egyptian sculptures. He thinks that they might be ritual kerchiefs bound in a tight lump, moreover that Andrey Olegovich during his visit to Egypt really saw sculptures holding something similar to the hanging kerchiefs in their hands.
We discussed some “pros” and “contras” for the both theories but didn’t come to a certain conclusion.
Here is a meeting with the professional of a totally different field. Pani Tereza Senkovska is a psychologist and a specialist and explorer in such mysterious realms of human knowledge as psychotronics and matters of reincarnation.
I cannot get connected to the subtle informational and energetical channels by the same methods that is available to this unusual woman. But I am very sensitive to the expression of a human face. It was very interesting to observe the specter of feelings changing on Pani Tereza's face. Pani Tereza took the Cylinders in her hands and concentrated. She was obviously sensing many things that may not be to express in words.
After a few remarks on the mighty energy of the Cylinders Pani Tereza decided to check their aura. I saw here for the first time the way the bioenergeticians work with accessory material objects. Multicoloured beads were tied to the long thread with copper or brass weight pointer. She placed this peculiar plumb-line above the Lunar Cylinder and started leading it down slowly, bead by bead. The thread stopped swinging at the red bead, and Pani Tereza informed us that the colour of aura is warm, healing, “thermical”, as she put it.
The same procedure was done with the Solar Cylinder. In this case the thread stopped at the last, white-coloured bead, and Pani Tereza told us that it corresponded to the purest snow-white aura which was open to the highest spiritual planes of the Universe.
Then Pani Tereza noticed that the Cylinders were in perfect harmony with each other, and she asked several questions aloud – addressing Cosmos, as I understood. The most interesting question was: “Were the Cylinders sent to us for the good or for the evil?” She was holding me by hand. And she uttered a sure answer that she got with the help of the plumb-line weight: “For the good!”
No comments to this most interesting scene from my side. The only thing I’ll say is that Pani Tereza left a very light impression in my mind, and she is widely known as a specialist in her field.
In Nizhny Novgorod biolocation specialist conducted several experiments studying the influence of Cylinders on the level of deformation of fields created by the human body. They took both physical (thermal, electromagnetic, gravitational etc.) and subtle ones (ethereal, vital, astral, mental), as well as the energy of the density of the aura plasma.
The experiments showed considerable improvement of the fields of all kinds. Also the energy of the aura plasma improved, practically in all cases reaching the value of one (normal state).
Interesting experiments were conducted in the Saint-Petersburg Medical Postgraduate Studies Academy (Biotechnical means laboratory, under the guidance of the doctor of biological sciences V.V. Petrash) by the explorers K.V. Tarasov and Ye.A. Kovalyov. They used two unconnected methods of diagnosis, and both showed considerable improvement of the functional systems of the body and its harmonisation. Here are the results of the experiments (the average values are given):
Central nervous system – 2 times better, vegetative nervous system – 2-2.5 times better, endocrine system – 2-2.5 times better, humoral immunity – 2-2.5 times better, cellular immunity – 2-2.5 times better, cardiovascular system – 2 times better, urogenital system – 2 times better. The special influence of the Pharaoh Cylinders was that, compared to the initial measurements of the bodily systems, the systems with the high rating went down to the average norm and the systems with the low ratings went up to the average. K.V. points out a large number of possible ways to use the Cylinders on the basis of their different orientation and also suggests that they can generate both Yan And Yin kind of energy.
The Pharaoh Cylinders were exhibited for the first time during the “Meditech” exhibition in the sports and culture complex “Peterburgsky”, and a lot of people held them in their hands. The statistics of the first contact with the Cylinders showed that in 90% cases the reaction was positive: relaxation, calmness, it becomes easier to breathe, the headache goes away, the blood pressure goes back to normal (in many cases the measurements were taken). 10% people had no sensations. Three persons fell asleep holding the Cylinders in their hands amidst the noisy hall. Some of our guests had a slight sensation of an organ that was chronically sick in the body. All this conformed very well with the information about the first possible impact of the Cylinders on the human being that we already knew.
Yet the unanswered question is if one can use the Cylinders otherwise than holding them in one’s hands. If one looks at the famous ancient Egyptian drawings, one can specify at least four possible ways of using the Cylinders:
1. Individual way. Standing position. Left leg forwards. The Cylinders are in both hands, parallel to each other. We must say that the influence is the strongest here and not everybody can stand it at the first contact. Therefore it’s advisable first to choose the positions from the healing methods by T.A. Meshkova “hand – leg”, “leg – hip” etc. (see “Working by the method of polarity”).
2. Two people. A man holds a Solar and a woman holds a Lunar Cylinder. The man stands on the left side. The free hands touch each other. The fingers touching each other are straight.
3. Three people. A man holds the Cylinders in his hands and stands between two women. The woman on the left embraces the man by the left shoulder. The woman on the right embraces the man by the right shoulder.
4. Two people. The man holds the Cylinders. The woman stands on the left. Her right hand embraces his waist and her left hand touches his left hand.
The ways 2, 3 and 4 were not explored yet except a few purposeful experiments with the 2nd case where it became clear that the energy flowed from a stronger and healthier individual to a weaker one without any harm for the strong one.

What is the meaning of these three ways of using the Pharaoh Cylinders? Are they just ritual postures or is it some kind of complicated criss-crossing energy and information exchange? Several experiments in the mode of the second way make one think the latter.
Once my spine muscles caught cold and I sensed disgusting feeling of nerve roots and all symptoms of a disease known under the name of “radiculitis”. I took the Pharaoh Cylinders in my hands, lied down on the sofa for about ten minutes, but didn’t get a relief. Then I apologised in front of the ancient gods, put the Cylinders in a parallel fashion and lay down on them with my naked waist so that my vertebral column was right in the middle. At once I got a creep and a familiar feeling of injecting, sharp irritation of the nerve roots went down and in about 10-15 minutes went inwards somehow leaving a sensation of slight anaesthesia.
A famous parapsychologist in Petesrburg, explorer Vadim Borisovich Polyakov used to say that holding the Cylinders in one’s hands one should let them take such a position in space that the sensations they arouse are the most pleasant. In this case one can move one’s hands to the sides, stretch them forwards etc. A few people using the Cylinders gave their confirmation to this conclusion.
Two friends took a couple of the Cylinders each and went to sit with them under the sunlight and to share the mysteries of the ancient civilisations at the same time. The friends were sitting in the bench, holding the Cylinders and peacefully talking. Suddenly the alarm signalling of a car standing nearby came on. The invoking bellows extracted several men from the house porch. They switched off the signalling, rotated their shaven heads to and fro and immediately detected the two friends who rightfully thought that all this had nothing to do with them. “What do you have in your hands?” – was a menacing question of one approaching the supposed causers of the incident. “The Pharaoh Cylinders”, - was the answer accompanied by the radiant smile. “What kind of pharaohs? – the shaven-headed asked with irritation. – This is a laser gun. Come on give it here!” He took the Lunar Cylinder from the hand of the lost philosopher and directed it to his car. The signalling went on! “So?” – the owner turned to the friends who became speechless out of stupefaction. The signalling was switched off repeatedly and the Cylinder was directed to the car again. The evil device hysterically yelled for the third time. “So! – the owner said in a decisive manner. – Your guns go to us. If it is what you say, you’ll get it back. If not, you will cop it.” The skinheads disappeared with the Cylinders, and the friends are still waiting for them to come back.
The hollow open Cylinder is a resonator capable of emitting one of the frequencies of the electromagnetic fields abundantly pervading space. So, it is able to redirect this frequency. But what about the closed Cylinder? It is possible that the field of this frequency doesn’t penetrate it at all. And does it or not? The calculations showed that the fields of the resonating frequency penetrate the Cylinder and do it quite successfully. But then what about the intensity level of the radiation?
Apparently one of the resonating frequency of the Lunar Cylinder coincided accidentally with the frequency that the protective signal reacts to.
Later on I took a couple of Cylinders in the afternoon and started strolling near the group of cars hoping to get the same effect. Either the Cylinders didn’t want to let their explorer down or the protective systems were set for other frequencies – no idea, but the cars remained silent.
By the way, here we have another possible way for the Cylinders to influence the humans: extracting and strengthening the radio frequency of decimetre range from the general solar radiation. Isn’t it the reason that it was recommended to hold the Cylinders “with one’s face directed to the day lamp”? Although the stream of such radiation is very small: something like 10-8 vatt/m2 mcm, but our body also has a tendency to react to the small underthreshold level influences.
Physicist V.M. Vetsko has expressed a hypothesis of a boy with “inflaming glance” living somewhere in the hinterland of Russia: there are people on Earth who are able to set easily inflammable objects by their glance, and the possibility is that such people’s eyes are two natural lasers working in the infrared range. Approximate calculations show that human eye cannot stand such a firework painlessly. But who knows – some people do find ways of walking on the glowing coals.
The people working with the Cylinders used to claim from time to time that they “stick” to hands. Sometimes the Cylinders make the impression of being sticky. This effect apparently has the same nature like when the copper coins cling to the skin which is known in metal therapy. And it gives a positive effect. When the healing interaction of coins with the skin ends as a rule they fall off by themselves. The further healing is inexpedient – the process is completed. In cases where the body has enough of copper and zinc the long-time effect with these metals will not bring about a healing effect in spite of all their force. One may get a headache and wilt. There fore I’m against sleeping with the Cylinders in one’s hands otherwise than when there is not a single atom of copper or zinc in the body left. The ancient people knew what they were doing, and it’s not in vain that they advised using the Cylinders shortly in the morning and in the evening. Although there is also the main criterion: your own sensations. If we manage to listen to our own body and understand its needs we won’t have problems of dosing the Pharaoh Cylinders or any other means of the non-traditional medicine.
Seeing that the Cylinders are something out of the common I used any opportunity to obtain as complete information about them as possible. I found one of the sources in the person of my good comrade – the doctor of medical sciences, Mikhail Arkadyevich Blank. He is oncologist and chronobiologist and a highly learned man. Having manifold interests, Misha Blank enthusiastically helped me come close to the discovery of the mysterious properties of the Cylinders.
M. Blank conducted some of the first experiments at his home where he was seating down myself and his highly hospitable and charming parents under the observation of the medical equipment. In turns we had to place our finger into the sensor socket, and the monitor screen showed us the columns of numbers reflecting the state of our inner organs. Pointing his Norwegian skipper’s beard to the numbers, Misha carefully analysed the columns and lines I couldn’t understand. Then he turned around on his chair, lifted up his thumb and uttered: “A1 effect!”
Pulsometry method showed that his parents got the improved functioning of cardiovascular system, and in my case, being a patient, a symptom of “brain automatism impairment” disappeared. It was there before the seance with the Cylinders. This symptom I hadn’t known about before made me a bit panicky.
- What is the “brain automatism impairment”? – I carefully inquired from my learned friend. - Well, you won’t understand it anyway… - Misha answered in his usual manner. – Besides, the effect is small, so you shouldn’t worry.
But my wife commented on this term without thinking long – I told her about the experiment results.
- Everything is simple and easy! – she explained it to me. – I’ve always said that one cannot ask you to buy more than one thing in the shop. Besides, the effect is not small at all: the socket is out of order already for three months, the taps are leaking, dust-cleaner doesn’t work. And when I ask you about all this I have to hear a sacramental phrase: “I must think.” Finally nothing happens.
- Exactly! – my own son supported her foully. – Father dwells in some worlds behind the clouds, falls down from there for about twenty minutes from time to time, understands nothing here, gets irritated and retreats again.
- Gad, you all! – I answered resentfully and went away to my room.
Some of the next experiments Misha made in his Oncological Centre in Pesochnoye. The sick people were entering the room one by one, were tested by the sensor, took the Cylinders in their hands and, after holding them for a fixed period of time, went back to the sensor again.
- Moderate tachycardia, moderate sinus arrhythmia, normal activity of subcortical nerve centres… - Mikhail Blank was commenting on the numbers running on the screen. – That was before and this is now. In this case we see the weakening of nerve centres subcortical activity… this is a negative point. And in case of these three the positive point is visible already on the picture, without analysing the figures.
- But why that? – I became anxious. – Why a negative point? This never happened before…
- We will find it out now… - Misha turned to the assistant doctor. – Please, check his indications.
The patient’s chart said that according to the indications for treatment he received a strong dose of a drug right before the experiment. So, the conclusion is: the Pharaoh Cylinders are not combinable with drugs. It became also clear that the situation of a strong alcoholic intoxication is not good for them either. (A note: afterwards the bioenergetics doctor T.A. Meshkova developed special methods of removing alcohol and drug dependency with the help of the Cylinders.) But in the case of the post-alcoholic syndrome, that is hangover, the Cylinders are already helpful again: they weaken the headache and clarify memory.
- Judging from my knowledge about them, - Misha told me later, - they will help against a transcontinental syndrome.
- What is this now? – I poked about.
- Now a lot of our people fly from continent to continent, from one time zone to the other, and consequently get desynchronisation both of the external and the internal modes of bodily functioning leading to fatigue, headache etc. And here the Cylinders will help. They synchronise the inner rhythms of the body.
After some time Mikhail Blank made me glad with another remark. According to him, there is such a parameter as breathing waves of the cells, and it describes the functioning of the cell. The oncological disease suppresses these breathing waves, but the Cylinders improve this parameter, on the opposite. I became aware of the importance of his words at once. - So why, Misha, maybe…
- No, you want too much, - Blank interrupted me. – Cancer is a most serious bastion. The influence of the Cylinders is soft and sparing, and they can be used only for prevention. And even this conclusion can be right only the certain explorations.
“Only one thing is clear now: where the cancer does bad the Cylinders try to make better,” – this was the oncologist’s resume.
Some patients (10%) didn’t feel any influence of the Cylinders though the equipment showed that there were changes in their body. The overwhelming majority of those who have held Cylinders in their hands feel pulsation, warmth, injecting, in rare cases – dizziness. Some especially sensitive people describe the consequent stages of warming up of their body equivalent to the reading of devices. Some experience sour points on their tongue as if touching the poles of the battery for the pocket flashlight.
The Cylinders are from indifferent while interacting with people: they react actively to their present state. As a rule, the fingerprints remain on them - the more excited and unhealthy state they are in, the stronger are the prints. When used many times the Cylinders get darker, though not always: the Lunar Cylinder often remains light for an uncertainly long time. Moreover, there are people who can take the dark zinc Cylinder in their hands and make it lighter. Apparently there is a reaction to the acidic or alkaline state of the hand skin.

Mostly the Cylinders become warmer in human hands. But among a few dozens of people there is usually one whose hands make the Pharaoh Cylinders colder. And in two or three cases they became even ice-cold. Therapist doctor T. Meshkova believes that in this way the Cylinders detect the energy exchange impairments between the organs. In one case the side surface of the Cylinders remained cool while the faces became warm. I can’t explain these facts so far.
One can specify four groups of people by their sensations after the polls: 1. Those who feel nothing.
As a rule, they are healthy and well-balanced people, mainly men.
2. Those who have weak feelings.
The bulk of the examinees. They feel warmth or coolness, pulsation in the hands, light injecting, sometimes pulse acceleration. Seldom – dizziness.
3. Those who have a strong feeling.
This small group includes people sensing “currents” or “waterfalls” of energy washing their body from inside and outside. Some felt uncontrollable wish to move upwards as if the whole body was eager to take off. Unusual lightness and good mood arose.
3. Those who communicate with the Pharaoh Cylinders on some higher level.
They are just few. As a rule, they are inspired people, with high aspirations, with the rich experience of inner spiritual feelings. And they cannot describe their feelings sometimes. In some cases they get bright, colourful fleeting visions, in others a deep quietude and pacification appears. They see unusual and fantastic dreams at night. Practically all members of this group tell about some experience they get from communicating with the Cylinders which is difficult to define. There is burning sensation around the “third eye” or somewhere on top of the head.
The stories told by the fourth group bring us back to the question: what was the purpose of the Pharaoh Cylinders in the old Egypt? Unfortunately, there is no answer. Maybe the words of the author of the scripture found in Transcaucasia are those defining their purpose – “communicating with gods.”
For now only one thing is clear: each person communicating with the Pharaoh Cylinders finds something special there for oneself. Some cure insomnia and headache. Some need to relax after a hard training in sports. Some hope to get help against a heavy chronic disease. The Truth seekers take them in their hands in order to open new wonderful worlds. Isn’t such a multiplicity of use the essence of the Pharaoh Cylinders? Old Egypt led me by the road of search full of surprises, joys and upsets, made me acquainted with interesting people: scientists, writers, actors, painters, and it helped me to know better myself and my capacities. And, finally, it opened to me an amazing world called the Past…