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book18 How Pharaoh’s Cylinders operate    
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Chapter III: Cylinders’ Medical Characteristics                                       



The effect of the Cylinders’ influence on the person is, in particular, in their direct contact with palms. 
Let’s address to one of the greatest creations of nature - a hand of a person. Hymns to this wonderful tool of our body have sounded at all times. Directed by soul and mind, hands have constructed pyramids, temples cities. Sensitive fingers of an artist order the chaotic medley of paints, into the magic and attractive world. Hands of musician immerse us into the extremely beautiful ocean of sounds. There is nothing more pleasant than a touch to a hand of the favourite person…
Everything, we have created on the Earth, is made by our hands. Our hands are mediators between our soul and a material world. Hands treat and console, punish and caress. Marks of our destiny are traced on our palms. Lines of life, heart, mind… our abilities and our lacks.
Not without reason we say: Everything is seen, as on a palm. But that’s not all yet. There are tens active points on a person’s hand, influencing on which you can sharply improve your state of health.
Gavaa Luvsan notices in his book “Traditional and Modern Aspects of Eastern Reflexology”:
“Originally it was marked, that when a person is ill one can find out, painful at pressing, small areas on his skin, which have received the name of “vital points”. Old eastern doctors believed, that pictures of skin in these strictly located “vital points” (“holes of spirit” according to an old Indian terminology) open orifices through which the sources of disease leave a patient’s organism and cauterisation kills these sources of disease.”
These points are organized in strict order, found as a result of centuries-old practice and supervision. Points are stacked on certain lines, named meridians. A Meridian operates a stream of blood and vital energy carries out harmony “Yin and Yang”, revives muscles and bones, makes the work of joints easier, serves for the transfer of energy from inner organs to a cover of a body, due to what inner signals of disease reach body’s surface.

Tree yang-meridians begin on the tips of the fingers and come to an end on the head. Three yin-meridians take their beginning in a chest and end on the fingers. Besides, there is a set of out-of-meridianal points of influence on our hands. Taken in hands, Pharaoh’s Cylinders enter into complicated interaction with this ramified system of bioactive points. Those points, which are not in the direct contact with the surface of Cylinders are exposed, nevertheless, to the influence of their physical fields.

Bioactive points on our hands are connected with various organs of our body and diseases; practically all “geography” of our organism”: heart, lungs, liver, a gastroentric path, kidney, etc is submitted. Relaxing points and stimulating points. No wonder, that Cylinders of the Pharaoh, operating on the both hands at once, result in harmonization of the whole organism. If we take into account, that there is a constant potential difference between both Cylinders, they represent small galvanic battery. This contact potential difference, apparently, results in power activation of an organism on an electronic level.
Researches have shown the presence of the currents running from metal to skin at the contact of copper and zinc with skin of a man. These currents, as tiny points, influence bioactive points of palms.
In M.A.Nikulin’s opinion, Cylinders of the Pharaoh successfully combine in themselves galvanic- and metal-therapy. And, in metaltherapy copper is most widely used: “Application of copper reduces temperature, removes pain, stops the blood, is strong bactericidal means, makes a water and mineral exchange more active, improves dream, calms the central nervous system, makes active the action of insulin in blood, strengthens functions of leukocytes. Copper application рассасывает good-quality tumours (уплотнение грудной железы, fibromata of womb, mastitises, etc), cures tuberculosis, all inflammatory processes in an organism (a chronic otitis, a chronic bronchitis, bronchial pneumonia, an inflammation of a bladder, an inflammation of kidneys, lungs, an antritis, an inflammation in the organism, infectious arthritises, почечно-каменная болезнь, cholecystitis, polyarthritis, diabetes, skin diseases etc.) It cures radiculitis, follicular коньюктивит, traumas of various origin, cardiovascular system (heart, veins, thrombophlebitis), improves post infarctious state, gastroentric diseases (of gastroentric path, stomach ulser, 12 fingers guts, gastritises, colitis). Copper application restores hearing, removes noise in ears, cures, тендовагинит, post operational conditions, treats rheumatic arthritis” (Minedgan G.Z. Collection of Folk Medicine and Nontraditional Ways of Treatment) The quite good track record.. How other metals influence a man is known much less. Alloy, of which Cylinders of Pharaoh are made from, have quite certain structure. I expect critical remarks of the Reader, if I say, that at manufacturing of Cylinders, aluminum is used. In fact, according to recipe, “clay bronze” – an alloy of copper with aluminum is a component of an alloy of zinc Cylinder. (“clay” was the name of aluminum at the end of the 19th century).
Meanwhile, any encyclopedia can tell you, that aluminum was open at the beginning of the 19th century and it was not found along in nature.what to do? Zinc, itself is under the deep doubt of egyptologists. They assert, that Ancient Egypt didn’t know it, through the element was known from time immemorial. What then to speak about aluminum? But, not all so easy. We have been repeatedly convinced that the level of knowledge of our far ancestors was much higher than we think. To prove this point of view I give you this very important for our case information: “Reliable facts witness testify to of ability of ancient people to smelt aluminum and magnesium. They seem incredible – you see we make aluminum with the help of electricity. But also have another way to get aluminum named after its inventor – N.N. Beketov. He got aluminum from natural material – креолит with the help of magnesium. But, then we must admit, that ancient people had magnesium, which was not easy to receive too. The ornament of a tomb of Chinese commander Chzhan-Чжу, living in the third century, is made from alloy, consisting of 85 percent of aluminum, 10 percent of copper and 5 percent of magnesium.
“Pliny the eldest tells, that a stranger came to Roman Emperor Tiberiju and brought a bowl from brilliant, silver, but lighter then silver, metal. Tiberiju, was afraid, that new metal, received, as the inventor declared, from clay, could depreciate gold and he told to execute the inventor and to destroy his laboratory”. Social Industry. 23.02.1978.
Mysterious metal of the unfortunate inventor, very likely, was aluminum.
Some words about the insides of Cylinders. One of the component of the inside creates a weak magnetic field (weaker, than, for example, is used in medical magnets.) As a medical means magnets are known from ancient times. They were imposed on a sore area, pressed in mortar and taken inside as a powder. According to the Manephon, a magnet was considered to be god bones in Ancient Egypt. One of the legend tells that in a duel with Set, Gore was cut into pieces, but the parts of his body joined together and grew together as it occurs with slices of magnet.
Even nowadays medicinal properties of magnetic water became known. Magnet is used as bracelets, ipplicators (S.A.Fefer) and they are applied for osteochondroses, vascular diseases, headaches, respiratory diseases, артрозе of large joins, stresses, heliomagnetic disturbances and sharp weather changes. Magnets Appreciably accelerate bones’ merging at fracture and promote elimination of dropsical-painful syndrome. Experiments (L. Garkawi, E. Kvakin, M. Ukolova) on influence by a magnetic field on a brain of experimental animal which resulted in their rapid rejuvenation and increase of their vital activity are well known.
Thus , the range of Cylinders action includes not only metal and galvanic therapy, but also magnetic therapy. The surface of Cylinders should be smooth, polished, without relief and inlays, which as the experiments have show, deteriorate their work. One of the biopower engineering specialist named Cylinders “Power Machine of Atlases”. It is difficult to judge if it is so or not. Atlantida remains while wrapped in mystery, not speaking about its knowledge.
Practically at once I began to collect opinions about results of Pharaoh Cylinder’s influence and sensations, connected with them. Here are some examples.
Once a guest from France – P.M. came to me. We sat at the table and spoke about painting, art and I, in particular, told my foreign guest in brief about Pharaoh Cylinders. Having taken them into her hands and wondered the marvel, P.M. went on to speak about art. Next day my guest phoned and discouraged me with a question: “What have you done with me?”
Further from conversation I have learned that the French woman not only admires the beauty of St- Petersburg, but also takes a course of treatment with one of the well-known psychic-healer. The next day after “acquaintance” with Cylinders, P.M. went to the following session, but that’s not how it turn out. Having turned his palms to the woman, the maestro was very surprised and asked: “What’s the matter with you? I don’t feel you! There is overall barrier around you”. So this session didn’t take place. Only two days later the healer managed to make the way to his patient.
I had recalled the statements of some psychics about protective powersphere, which is created by Cylinders and which helps to protect from attack of power vampires and thought: “I couldn’t think up the best experiment to prove my words”.
N – the employee of one of the Scientific Research Institutes in St-Petersburg was handed Cylinders, without saying what it was. He insolated himself to fell his sensations. Some minutes later he felt slight burning in one point above eyebrows, he got sensation of some additional to the eyesight vision of the world. On the background of bright and unfamiliar scenery there was a beautiful woman, her face was covered with rich veil. Having looked at her attentively, the experimenter for some reason decided that she was Isis. The vision proceeded for some seconds. Returning Cylinders he asked: “Are they from Egypt?” The associates, who had known about Egyptian origin of Cylinders exchanged glances.
T – a woman of 30 years old: “Pharaoh’s Cylinders – our home diplomat, our mediator. We use them together with my favourite man. Contradictions, irritation are removed. Reconciliation and a sense of peace comes…”
T.I. – a woman, after 50. An engineer serving planes. As the consequence of trauma of her spine her hands grew numb and were often seized by convulsions. Taken things often tell down, that prevented working. The upper blood pressure reached 280 mm. When I used Cylinders for the first time they “literally sticked to hands, it was difficult to straighten fingers. I felt pricks and weak discharges in my hands. A week later the pricks disappeared and only sensations of warmth in my palms remained. Convulsions and numbness of her hand practically stopped. Dream got better. A month later the blood pressure became normal. Once T.I went to the field barefoot and took the Cylinders for the first time. She stood as it was shown on the Egyptian graven images and felt that she was drawn up and down as if the water washed her. The feelings were strong and pleasant.
S., a man of 40. He used to be an active volleyball player in the past. He had to quit sport after breaking Achilles tendon. The injured leg disturbed him all the time, especially at night, so that he couldn’t sleep. At the moment S. is working with the Pharaoh’s Cylinders very active. The pains in the leg didn’t stop but alleviated so he can sleep well now and work.
E.Z., a woman of 50. She was suffering from insomnia for a long time. She used sleeping pills that didn’t help her lately but made her feel depressed. After the first five-minute contact with the Pharaoh’s Cylinders she slept soundly. Since that time she has been using the Pharaoh’s Cylinders regularly. The normal sleep was restored.
A. K., a sportsman of 18 years old. He couldn’t relax for a long time and fall asleep after his long trainings; it affected greatly the results of the following trainings and his general state of health. The Pharaoh’s Cylinders help to get rid of the tiredness and give a rest to overworked muscles. The normal sleep was restored. From time to time A.K. falls asleep with the Pharaoh’s Cylinders in his hands. In this case the sleep is shorter, but the feeling of vivacity and energy remains the same.
It should be mentioned that the case and the fact that the author of the book himself happened to sleep with the Pharaoh’s Cylinders in his hands. These can’t be examples to follow. A. K. Has a young, well-trained organism, that is capable to endure over saturation with the energy of the Pharaoh’s Cylinders, and that probably needs such “Niagara Fall” of the energy. The general opinion of the doctors who carried out the research is that the optimum time for using the Pharaoh’s Cylinders is from 5 to 30 minutes. Especially it concerns those people who suffer from chronic ailments. It is known that the increase of the dose, even a very good medicine can be just harmful.
N., 30 years old, works as a secretary. She suffered practically every day from fits of asthmatic cough and couldn’t go anywhere without an inhaler. The Pharaoh’s Cylinders saved her from these fits in 6-7 minutes. She gave up taking the inhaler to the work.
E.L. is 83 years old. “I heard about the Pharaoh’s Cylinders two years ago.” At that time I was suffering from fits of the asthma and very painful spasms of hands and legs, high blood-pressure of the second degree. After I began working with the Pharaoh’s Cylinders I felt better in about 10 days. During two years I completely forgot about the spasms and got rid of the fits of asthma”.
N.E. is a musician. She was suffering from asthma caused by allergy. She uses the Pharaoh’s Cylinders regularly. Season allergic reactions have disappeared. The fits of cough caused by dust disappear after 15-20 minutes use of the Pharaoh’s Cylinders.

The first person who completely recovered from asthma with the help of the Pharaoh’s Cylinders was the author’s wife. It’s not the only case of recovering as we are reported. However, no special research of the Pharaoh’s Cylinders’ influence on asthmatic was carried out. That’s why it is early to speak about the stability of the effect.
E.S. is a woman of seventy. She had a difficult operation of cutting out the gall-bladder. She took the Pharaoh’s Cylinders on the second day after the operation and felt the pains soothed. She used the Pharaoh’s Cylinders all the postoperative period that she said helped her greatly.
The patient S., 68 years old. He has a paralyzed right hand. His hand hung along his body. He could move only his fingertips. He used the Pharaoh’s Cylinders and on the second day S. he could already hold a spoon.
N.K. is a teacher. She has an inherited high blood-pressure disease. She was suffering from high blood-pressure, frequent headaches, and insomnia. Her capacity for work became worse. She also had heartache. The regular use of sleeping pills had a short lasting effect. Since 50 years she uses the Pharaoh’s Cylinders every day. Now she is 63. Her blood pressure is normal for many years. Her headache and heartache disappeared. The normal sleep is restored. She says she feels much better now in 63 than when she was 50.

This effect is interesting because it was achieved without parallel using of drugs and any special treatment.
N.P. is 46. He has a comminuted fracture of shin as a result of a traffic accident. Despite the difficult operation made, and the following use of Ilizarov’s device bones didn’t knit during 14 months. The therapeutist T. Meshkova advised the patient to use the Pharaoh’s Cylinders according to her methods. During the first use the foot of the injured leg got covered with sweat, though before that the leg had been cold and had never perspired. During several hours after the seance the leg “twitched” and “got nipped” as if it were connected with the current source. After three weeks of everyday use of the Pharaoh’s Cylinders X-ray photography showed the complete knitting of injured bones.
Z.N. is 68. After the first use of the Pharaoh’s Cylinders the blood pressure reduced from160/110 to 130/90. She began to use the Pharaoh’s Cylinders regularly. After two months of using the Pharaoh’s Cylinders the cervical osteochondrosis relieved, and the legs hurt less. She noticed the general improving of the state of health. Now she takes fewer medicines.
The biggest blood pressure decline made by the Pharaoh’s Cylinders is 80 points for the upper number: from 240 to 160. To achieve such an effect it took only five minutes use of the Pharaoh’s Cylinders. As a rule the upper number declines 20-30 points as a result of single use of the Pharaoh’s Cylinders.
Similar “momentary” effect can not be seen at people who have low blood pressure. In those cases when the pressure aspired to normal it happened during a month or two. Providing the use of T.A. Meshkova’s methods.
I.R. Is 35. Carrying on business, he often felt tired and worn out. He uses the Pharaoh’s Cylinders for taking away stresses and strains. They lead him to a state when “it would be nice to do some work or to train a little in a gym”
T.S.: “I take the Pharaoh’s Cylinders after my work to take away the strain and negative emotions, tiredness. The Cylinders help to get the relaxing state in a wonderful way. You can make auto-suggestion, auto-training during this time. After the work with the Cylinders you feel in a different way – quiet, harmonious. I treat them as to the interlocutor.”
Roman is 8.He learns how to play the violin. He uses the Pharaoh’s Cylinders to take away the tiredness and pain in overworked hands after playing the violin. “The Cylinders are better than medicines”.
V., is 36: “When I was told about the Pharaoh’s Cylinders, I was certainly a skeptic, but then, having tried them, I understood that it helps me. I took them in the evening and feel relaxed greatly. In the morning I feel much fresh than usually”.
Volodya is 12: “The first impression is, as if energy is spreading over the body, as if you are swimming in a pool. Pulsating in hands and legs, as if light wind strokes or caresses me. I have been on a seance at the psychic, so I had similar sensations.”
K., is 35. “The first impression was, as if I had no hands. It was a funny sensation... But my headache has disappeared. In the morning I jumped and ran too much so I got a headache. And now it is ok”.
N., a man over 40. He often works a lot at his plot in the country. After that his waist and his spine are aching. Since recently he takes the Pharaoh’s Cylinders with him to the plot. After work he lies down, takes them for 15-20 minutes, after that his pain soothes and tiredness mostly disappears.
N.N. is 45. She got a serious injury of a head after a 40-kilogram step-ladder fell on her. She was at her country house at that time so she had nobody to help. During the following three days she was working with the Pharaoh’s Cylinders (for five hours a day) according to the methods. In three days she was examined by the doctors, they found that she got the trauma a month ago, and were surprised having learned that she got it only three days ago. All the brain functions were in applepie order that is very unusual for such a serious trauma.
G.I. is 58 years old. She has a stomach ulcer. She was planned to be operated since medicine treatment didn’t help. She worked with the Pharaoh’s Cylinders for two months using the medicinal methods. When she went to hospital for the operation the ulcer has healed having surprised the doctors.
L.S. is 45. “The Pharaoh’s Cylinders appeared in my family two years ago. Their effect was quick and active. I was suffering from exacerbation of the osteochondrosis of the lumbar department. It hurts when I move in the morning and to stand up. I began using the Pharaoh’s Cylinders. I practically forgot about the osteochondrosis. My irritability has gone. My mother is 72 years old and she has high blood-pressure. After using the Pharaoh’s Cylinders her pressure declines 20-30 points.
My father couldn’t move his right hand well (after the insult). He couldn’t raise it. After using The Cylinders the impellent functions of the hand were almost completely restored”.
P.G. is a pilot. After wound in his leg (in Angola) he suffered from high blood pressure. He feared not to pass the next medical inspection. After he began to work with the Pharaoh’s Cylinders his blood pressure began to change spontaneously. It “jumped” first but then, during the several weeks it became normal and didn’t rise any more.
R. (15 years old) “Hello! Vladimir Pavlovich, it’s me Rustam. Thank you very much for the Cylinders. They helped me very much. I had a decompression fracture of my spinal column and a rib. I couldn’t even raise my head, but as soon as you send me the Cylinders I began to use them and got up to my feet in two weeks already. I ride a bicycle already, go to fish (I like to fish very much). Now I treat my kidneys and I hope that The Cylinders will help me. Thank you very much again”.
N.I. (70 years old) “It will be a year in May since the moment I bought The Cylinders. They became my best friends; they help me if I have pain anywhere in my diseased and senescent organism. I learned to use them selectively, using the necessary positions at certain moments. The cylinders help me to be an active and energetic person and to do a lot about the house”.

It should be mentioned that in cases of food poisoning or other poisoning also in cases of infective gastrointestinal diseases The Cylinders don’t help and it is necessary to consult a doctor. In these situations The Cylinders should be used as an additional remedy of increasing the protective forces of an organism.
The doctor of medicine Michael Blank commented the wide spectrum of help by The Cylinders for various diseases best. He thinks “the Cylinders bring human organism into such state, that it is can easier cope with troubles”.
We often make powerful strikes to our organism by medicines. In many cases they are really necessary. But in some cases they are not necessary. The Pharaoh’s Cylinders are the instruments of a fine tuning for human body. Every person is an individual and his illnesses are too; an illness can be more or less neglected. Having tuned in a certain person, The Cylinders begin their work on its healing. The recovery time depends on the human individuality.
It was mentioned in several letters that after using the Pharaoh’s Cylinders people stop drinking alcohol at all or drink less alcohol. These and other facts assisted the doctors to work out a help program for people who drink and use drugs.
It was noticed several times that pets lie down on the Pharaoh’s Cylinders left on a sofa. There are registered cases the Pharaoh’s Cylinders helped cats and dogs. A plant that stands between two vertically put Cylinders stops to be sick and accelerates to grow.
It is useful to drink water and juices that charged by the Pharaoh’s Cylinders. The fact is proved by medical experiments.
We also registered cases when the Cylinders help to regulate the menstrual period, climacteric and also considerably improve milk lactation at nursing mothers.
The Pharaoh’s Cylinders are certainly not a panacea; otherwise the “aim” of illnesses to be either a punishment or a test would lose its sense. Moreover in the cases when health problem are serious then it is necessary to use all the power of modern medicine. And in the same time in many situations The Cylinders will prevent you from taking pills in many situations, and also from excessive “pumping” the organism with chemistry, which is enough in our life.

Note: I want to warn people who like to experiment, or absent-minded people: you should hold The Pharaoh’s Cylinders as it is said in the manuscript found in the Caucasus: The Lunar (Zinc) Cylinder is in the left hand, The Sun (copper) is in the right hand. The reverse position of the Cylinders is Strictly Prohibited! You should also not break the correct position according to T.A. Meshkova methods.
Experimenting with The Pharaoh’s Cylinders I lay down on my back and put them to temples. I spent about 25-30 minutes in such position. I had a sense of a fly over a chasm. Was it just a vision or I really wanted to fly to unknown worlds and mysteries?