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book19 Practice work with the Cylinders    
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Chapter III: Cylinders’ Medical Characteristics                                       



Static position of the Cylinders in person’s hands (sun is in the right hand, moon is in the left hand) is classic but not the only way to contact the body.
Making experiments I paid attention to the thing, that there appears a wish to move hands with the Cylinders apart from each other, to raise hands, to bend body somehow and to move, that evidently assists more active to restore energetic of internal organs and all the body. Other users of the Cylinders told me about the similar effect several times too. Therefore there is a certain sense also to tell about dynamic work with the Cylinders, when you do some exercises, dance or breathe by yoga system and so on. For example, doctor V.I. Ryazantsev recommended me to do the Hermes exercise complex of gymnastics with the Cylinders in my hands. Though there are infinitely many similar gymnastics and static poses they can not be as a basis of serious medicinal system for work with the Cylinders.
Having contact potential difference, the Cylinders represent two poles – plus and minus, like person’s hands in a well known Polarity Method of Doctor Stone and Richard Gordon.
At the heart of their system there are proven facts of compound distribution of positive and negative charges at a certain places of our body. For example upper part of the body has got positive charge, our legs have negative charge. Right part of our body is positively charged but left is negatively charged, right hand is “a plus”, and left is “a minus”. Unhealthy disturbances in the body can influence the polarity and result in partial or full blocking of energy flow in this or that part of a body.
Using the mentioned charge positions of hands, Doctor Stone worked out a logical system of healer hands contact with certain parts of a patient’s body. Such healing by the hands also practiced and earlier, but the achievement of new methodology authors is that they could prove it from the scientific point, prove by the numerous experiments, measurements by precision instruments.
“The series of polarity can make wonders three-four times a week”, writes R. Gordon. But the success of such treatment depends on bioenergetic potentialities of the healer, his intuition and how well he realises his doings. The pointed imperfection of the method was taken into consideration by russian therapeutist T. A. Meshkova, who also works very active in the field of bioenergy, she suggested to use The Pharaoh’s Cylinders as “healing hands” (Russian Medicine Journal “Aqua Vitae” # 4 2000.)
Stable electro magnetic properties of The Pharaoh’s Cylinders (contact potential difference, weak currents that flow from metal to skin, weak magnet field) allow to regulate energy flows and to eliminate their blocking. So polarity methods became finished. It is accessible to use the polarity method with The Pharaoh’s Cylinders for every doctor and patient even not having bioenergetic potentialities. It reduces risk being decieved by falce-psychic or charlatan-healer. For real healers and psychics The Pharaoh’s Cylinders will become great allies for curing the patient.
For today T.A. Meshkova as a practitioner has great statistics that let her tell about the good effectivity of the new methods. For the reader to have a clear idea of the new methods we will describe the main principles of work with the permission of the author. The main work principles and practice use of the methods for selftreatment are given here.