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book20 The key rules    
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Chapter III: Cylinders’ Medical Characteristics                                       



The “Egyptian” positions for work with The Pharaoh’s Cylinders are not all the possible ways to arrange them to the human body; harmonizing the whole state of health, they often work selectively, being guided by the person and his needs. Being used as a combination with different breathing and physical exercises, done at a definite time, The Pharaoh’s Cylinders effect much better. The human’s emotional and psychological state is also very important during the work with The Pharaoh’s Cylinders. All the patients using The Pharaoh’s Cylinders can be divided into two groups. They are: “idlers”, lazy persons who wish to sit or lie with The Cylinders in their hands and who hope that all the healing work will be done by the ancient rarities. And people who want to work with The Pharaoh’s Cylinders, who understand that The Cylinders will not replace physical exercises, fresh air, correct nutrition, moral principles, but combining with them can effect greatly. 
The Pharaoh’s Cylinders intensify the current in the energetic channels-meridians, helping to clear them and restoring normal energy balance between organs. Sometimes there occur different sensations of pricking, pulsating in palms and feet, light torpor in the fingertips. Sometimes there appears light giddiness, a feeling of pressing from inside in some parts of body. Sometimes it is possible to feel bearable pain but it is slipping away quickly. During the work with The Cylinders energy balance in the organism is restored and the described above events disappear. It can be understood as “the end of The Cylinders effect”.
So you are going to take The Pharaoh’s Cylinders in your hands. It is not desirable to do it in a noisy place with a lot of people present. But if there is no other place then try to look aside and concentrate on yourself and your sensations. It is better to start with 3 or 4 seances per week.

Work, using the polarity method

Blocked areas (“stoppers” on life energy channel) cause disbalance in the field of natural body energy or vital energy. The suggested polarity method directs the vital energy on its natural ways, clearing the blocked areas, caused either by a disease or by an emotional stress. The polarity seance results to a deep healing relaxation at all levels.
As far as the polarity method works at deep physiological and psycho-emotional level, during the seance with The Pharaoh’s Cylinders different reactions can be caused.

General positions


This position influences the entire organism: relaxation, getting vital energy, elimination of blocking.
a).Put the Sun (copper) cylinder under the left heel; take the Lunar (Zinc) cylinder in right hand.
b).Put the Lunar cylinder under the right heel, take the Sun cylinder in the left hand.
Stay in every position from 2 to 10 minutes. The second hand is palm upwards, legs are slightly moved apart. If you do the exercise in a sitting position, then the cylinder under the foot is put along the foot and put the foot on it.

2. Blocking elimination

The exercise is done laying. Put the Sun cylinder across under the middle of buttocks in coccyx area. Hold the Lunar cylinder in the right hand, put it athwart for 2-10 minutes in the following order:
-on the share bone;
-two fingers higher than navel;
-on a sternum bone between mammillas
-in a pit between collarbones;
-on a forehead, between eyebrows;
The other hand is palm upwards. If the exercise is done in a sitting position, then you should sit on the Sun cylinder by coccyx, putting it between the buttocks in the pit.

3. Coccyx – occipital bones

Lie position. Put the Sun cylinder across under the middle of buttocks in coccyx area. Put the Lunar under occipital bones, keep hands with palms upwards.
Sitting position. Put the Sun cylinder between the buttocks in the pit to touch the coccyx, put the Lunar under occipital bones. Having settled back, you shoul press and hold the Lunar cylinder. Put the hands along the body with palms upwards.

4. Hip – Shoulder

a).Put the Sun cylinder on the left hip, put the Lunar on the right shoulder in the area of collarbone.
b).Put the Sun cylinder on the left shoulder in the area of collarbone, put the Lunar cylinder on the right hip.

5. Foot – Hip

Lie position.
a).Put the Sun Cylinder under the left heel, and the Lunar is on the right hip.
b).Put the Sun cylinder on the left hip, and the Lunar is under the right heel.
If you sit then put the cylinder along the foot and put foot on it.

6. Foot – Shoulder

Lie position.
a).Put the Sun Cylinder under the left heel, put the Lunar on the right shoulder in the area of collarbone.
b).Put the Sun cylinder on the left shoulder in the area of collarbone, put the Lunar cylinder on the right hip. If you sit then put the cylinder along the foot and put foot on it.

7. Hand – Shoulder

a).Take the Sun cylinder in the left hand, put the Lunar on the right shoulder in the area of collarbone.
b). Take the Sun cylinder in the right hand, , put the Lunar on the left shoulder in the area of collarbone.

Dynamic centres

There are certain centres of a body, that are especially sensitive to vital energy flow. They are coccyx, navel, the base of occipital bone.
Coccyx (the end of the caudal bone) is the most negatively charged part of our body. Putting the Sun cylinder on coccyx you can put the Lunar cylinder on any sick place that is higher that coccyx (back, chest, stomach).
Navel centre. Has a charge that is equal to zero. You should put the cylinder on a navel athwart the body. If you put the Sun Cylinder on the navel, the Moon one can be placed on any ill or problematic spot above it ( chest, back, arms, neck, head).
If the Moon Cylinder is on the navel, the Sun one can be put to any aching place or the problem place but it must be lower than the navel. If the work for the lower part of the body is required in general, then the Sun Cylinder should be placed crosswise under the toes.
If the work with one side of body is needed or with a leg then you put the cylinder along the foot and put your foot on it.
When you are laying it is more convenient to bend the leg in the knee.
The basis of the occipital bone is located in the upper part of the spinal cord and it has a positive charge. Place the Moon Cylinder crosswise the basis of the occipital bone and the Sun one on any problem or aching part below( back, chest, arms, legs).
What variants of the cylinder contacting influence can one use for this or that illness?
1. For cleaning, supplying and harmonizing the whole organism and its systems use the following positions:
-Block removing
-Coccyx-occipital bones
-Block removing;
-coccyx-occipital bones
( use in the suggested order)
2. Problems with spinal cord:
- Block removing
- Navel-coccyx;
- Navel-occipital bones
- Coccyx-occipital bones
- Hand-foot.

3. Problems with legs:
-Block removing
-navel –foot( first healthy leg, then aching one ,then both of them)

4. Problems with hands:
-block removing
-coccyx-occipital bones
-hand –shoulder

5. Blood pressure ( raised or low ):
-Block removing
-coccyx-occipital bones

6. Problems with bowels:
-Block removing;
-coccyx-occipital bones;
-navel-both feet

7. Headaches:
-Block removing;
-Coccyx-occipital bones

8.Working with organs:
-navel-aching place
-coccyx-aching place
-occipital bones-aching place

-hand-foot Or:
-Block removing
-navel-aching place
-coccyx-aching place
-occipital bones-aching place

8. Pharaoh’s pose ( it is executed at the end of the session)

-Standing : Sun Cylinder is in the right hand. Moon Cylinder is in the left hand. Left leg is a bit forward and rest is on it.
Concentrate on the thought that aid is coming to you. You feel pouring power, health, cheerfulness, energy,peace, balance and harmony.

Work with children under 7 years old.
1.The work of parents:
a). Father uses hand-foot position.
b). Mother uses hand-foot position.-_
c). The father is holding the( Moon) Luner Cylinder in his left hand and mother is holding the( Sun) Solar Cylinder in her right hand, their free hands are joined together.
d) The father is holding the Sun Cylinder in his right hand and the mother is holding the Moon Cylinder in her left hand, their free hands are joined together.
e) Their free hands are holding their child’s hands or hug his shoulders.

2. If the family is not full:
a) The parent is using his hand to touch the child’s leg.
b) The position of Pharaon.
c) If the child is on his parent lap or he hugs the parent the position: hand-leg is used or the position of Pharaon.

Remember working with Pharaon Cylinders use the methods of polarity and follow the rules below:
-Use the Cylinders individually or only with your close relatives.
-It is necessary to carry out a series of sessions of polarity. One procedure is not effective.
-You shouldn’t place cylinders on parietal part of a head.
-It is desirable to carry out sessions of polarity on an empty stomach or not earlier, than in one
hour after meal.
-If to put the cylinder perpendicular to a body it will give the most powerful stream of energy. Use it only for the people with strong health.
- If the cylinder put across the trunk it gives softer stream of energy. This position is desirable for
- Applying to people of advanced age and children from 7 till 14 years old.
- An optimum operating time with cylinders in each position 2-10 minutes.
- For work with the particular organs having significant functional changes, it is better to use time of their maximal power activity (lungs-from 3 a.m. till 5a.m., thick intestines- from 5a.m. till 7a.m., a ventricle -from 7a.m.till 9a.m., spleen, pancreas, from 9a.m.till 11a.m.,thin intestines –from 1p.m. till 3p.m.,a bladder –from 3p.m. till 5 p.m., kidneys-from 5p.m. till 7 p.m., a pericardium-from 7 p.m. till 9 p.m., the power channel of three parts of the body –from 9p.m. till 11p.m., a gall bladder-from 11p.m. till 1a.m., liver-from 1a.m. till 3a.m.)
-At the end of each session “The Pose of the Pharaon” during 2 minutes is recommended.

-After each session it is necessary to clean Cylinders, holding them under the running water from 3 up to 15 minutes, without contacts of each other.
-Do not keep Cylinders near the TV, a refrigerator, and with other working household devices. Keep them in the harmonious and quiet place in your house.
-If you don’t have enough time, it is possible to use one of the listed positions.