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book21 Respiratory exercises    
en  :  book21 Respiratory exercises

Chapter III: Cylinders’ Medical Characteristics                                       



It is important to do full breath or training of muscles of the respiratory device.
Some times per day at any convenient time do a number of deep inhalations.
1.Rise or sit steal. Take Solar Cylinder in your right hand and Lunar Cylinder in your left hand. Slowly you should inhale through a nose, filling the bottom part of the lungs that is reached by the action of diaphragm, which falls and presses peritoneum softly. Force your wall of stomach to move forward, fill your middle part of lungs with air and move your ribs apart. Then fill your top part of lungs with air and move your ribs apart. At the end move the bottom part of your stomach inside, it will give the support for lungs and let you fill your upper part of lungs by air.
2.Stop breathing for some minutes.
3.Exhale slowly, holding a breast straightened and omitting a stomach gradually. Relax your stomach and breast after exhaling completely.

Cleaning breath airs and cleans lungs, raises cells of lungs and strengthens an organism.
1.To inhale “Full breath” (see above, item 1)
2.To keep breathing for some seconds.
3.To compress lips, as though for whistling without inflating a cheek. Exhale a little air with great strength. Stop for a second keeping exhaled air. Exhale with force a little more and so on while air will not be exhaled completely.
Finish all respiratory trainings by this exercise.

Recovering breath. It raises the activity of the nervous system and develops nervous force, gives the energy and develops vitality.
1.Stand straight, turn your face to the sun, take the solar cylinder in your right hand and lunar cylinder in your left hand.
2.Inhale full breath and detain it.
3.Extend your hands forward and relax the muscles as much as possible.
4.Slowly move the hands to the sides and compress muscles gradually. When the hands will be absolutely moved apart, cylinders should be compressed strongly. You had to feel shivering in your muscles.
5.Hold your arm muscles intense, don’t compress cylinders for a little and compress it again. Repeat it some times.
6.Ehhale through the mouth strongly.
7.Do “cleaning breath.”

Holding the breath. The purpose of the exercise is to strengthen and develop muscles used for breathing and lungs. Holding the breath cleans the air, which remained in the lungs. It makes better absorption of oxygen by the blood, collects bad substances and during the strong exhalation takes them out of body.
This exercise is recommended for cleaning the lungs, for treatment of various stomach problems and liver diseases, for treatment of blood diseases
1.Stand straight, turn your face to the sun. You should take the solar cylinder in your right hand and lunar cylinder in your left hand.
2. Take “ full breath”.
3.Hold your breath as long as possible.
4.Exhale the air through the open mouth.
5.Do” cleaning breath”.
The exercise is for excitation of the blood circulation.
1.Stand straight with your face turned to the sun, take the solar cylinder in the right hand, the lunar is in the left one.
2.Take “full breath” and hold it.
3.Slightly bend forward and compress the cylinders gradually put all of your force in it.
4.Let off the compression and slowly exhale the air staying straight.
5.Repeat it several times.
6.At last take “cleaning breath”.

Morning exercises with the help of Pharaoh’s Cylinders.
These exercises are the short course of Physical culture or Development of the lungs. Better to do these exercises on the open fresh air or in a well- aired room.

Exercises 1.
a) Stay straight having raised a chest cage, make your stomach inside and remove shoulders back. Cylinders must be compressed in the hands.
b) Slowly stay on your toes and take” full breath”.
c) Hold your breath for some seconds remaining in the same position.
d) Slowly return to the initial position and exhale air through the nose.
e) Do “cleaning breath”.
f) Repeat this exercises several times rising on the right or left foot in turn.

Exercises 2
a) Stay straight, hold your hands along the body.
b) Do “full breath”
c) Slowly raise your hands above the head
d) Hold your breath as long as possible holding hands above the head.
e) Slowly put your hands down and slowly exhale the air.
f) Do “cleaning breath”.

Exercises 3
a) Stay straight holding hands straight ahead.
b) Breath in” full breath” and hold it.
c) Move your hands with cylinders back really fast as far as possible.
d) Return hands to the initial position and repeat this exercises several times quickly moving hands with the compressed muscles and keeping breath.
e) Exhale air through a mouth with force
f) Do “cleaning breath”

Exercise 4
a) Stay straight holding hands straight ahead
b) Inhale “full breath” and hold it.
c) Several times make a circle with both of your hands in one direction and then in the other holding your breath. You may also make circles by one hand into one direction and by the other one into the other direction.
d) Exhale through your mouth with force
e) Do “cleaning breath”.

Exercise 5
a) Stay straight holding your hands with cylinders along your body
b) Breath in “full breath” and hold it
c) You need to brace your legs, bend downwards slowly exhaling air.
d) Return to the former position and do “full breath”
e) Sag back slowly exhaling air
f) Return to the first position and do “full breath”
g) Bend to the right then to the left side exhaling air slowly
h) Do “cleaning breath”

Exercise 6
a) Stay or sit with your back straight
b) Breath in ”full breath” doing breaks in it as you smell any aromatic substance
c) Hold the air for some minutes
d) Exhale the air to the very end
e) Do “cleaning breath”

The basic exercise of the rhythmic breath.
It increases the energy of the mental and magnetic treatment. The heart beat is the basis of a rhythm. Making this exercise does your blood circulation more intensive in any part of your body and direct the strengthened nervous activity to any organ in your body. Practice it until you feel a true rhythm of your body.
1) Sit straight in the comfortable position but keep your breast, back and head the same line. Place the shoulders slightly back, put your hands on the knee. Solar cylinder should be in your right hand and lunar is in the left one. It is impossible to make correct rhythmic breathing with your breast being drawn and stomach being jut out.
2) Breath in ”full breath” and count 6 beatings of your pulse.
3) Hold your breath and count 3 beatings of the pulse.
4) Exhale slowly through a nose and count 6 beatings of the pulse
5) Hold your breath and count 3 beatings of the pulse
6) Repeat this exercise several times. Stop it as soon as you get tired.
7) Do “cleaning breath” to calm nerves and clean your lungs.
Suppression of a pain
1) Lie or sit straight, hold solar cylinder in your right hand and lunar one in the left
2) While breathing rhythmically, imagine you breath in a vital energy, which will destroy a pain and improve the condition of the painful organ.
3) Exhale with the idea that your breathing helps to drive the pain out. Alternate these mental orders.
4) Do this cycle 7 times and finish with “cleaning breath”
5) Give your body a small rest
Repeat this cycle till the pain will be gone.
If to put cylinders to dynamic centers you will get better results. If a pain is located below belly button you should put lunar cylinder on the belly button and solar cylinder on the painful place. If a pain is located higher then a belly button put the solar cylinder on the belly button and lunar cylinder on the painful place.

The circulation of a blood.
These exercises are effective when the parts of body are frozen, cold or they have a pain because your blood is not reaching these places.
1) Lay or sit straight, take the solar cylinder in your right hand and lunar one in your left hand
2) Breathe rhythmically and during the exhalation direct mentally a stream of blood to that part of body, which suffered from lack of inflow.

Control of emotions. It helps you to neutralize, reduce or completely remove such negative emotions as fear, alarm, sadness, hatred, anger, jealousy, envy, excitation, depression, etc.
1) Stay in a pose of Pharaon or sit still. Hold the solar cylinder in your right hand the lunar cylinder in the left one.
2) Breathe rhythmically and think that during your breath a vital energy, calmness, and confidence are coming inside you. Send the orders very firmly.
3) At an exhalation it is necessary to draw mentally, that you expel all the negative, undesirable emotions out of yourself together with the air.
4) Repeat this cycle 7 times and finish with “cleaning breath” Send all the orders to your body confidently and seriously, because uncertainty, fluctuations and doubts will bring no results of your work.

Excitation of a brain activity helps you from overwork and refresh your mind.
1) Sit still. Put the solar cylinder under your breeches. Put your hands on the knee and look forward. 2) Breathe rhythmically, clamp your left nostril with a big or index finger of the left hand and inhale through your right nostril.
3) Close your right nostril with a finger of your right hand and exhale through the left one
4) Without changing fingers breath in through your left nostril after that change the fingers and exhale through the right nostril.
5) Then inhale through right and exhale through your left nostril and so on.
The note: Now T.A.Menshikova has developed a special methods how to stop an alcoholic and narcotic addiction with the help of Cylinders.(Before we have received a lot of responses from the users of cylinders that the regular work with them decreases the willing to have an alcohol ).It is established also, that cylinders can help unhealthy pets and plants.