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book22 Protection against the computer and television radiation    
en  :  book22 Protection against the computer and television radiation

Chapter III: Cylinders’ Medical Characteristics                                       



As some specialists think the Cylinders of the Pharaoh placed on each side of the equipment are capable to protect us from the television or computer microwave radiation. 
For a long time I didn’t share such an opinion, but recently I have got a conformation as a result of some experiments, which had been carried out in the special technical center “Ugorskgasavtomatika” in Pelym city (the report is N 01/76). All the papers about the experiment were given by Chernychov A. Measurements of the electromagnetic radiation on a workplaces have shown, that when the computer was protected by Cylinders,one of the component of a field of radiation has decreased in 13,5 times! This decreasing is in the range of frequency from 5 to 5000 Hertz .It’s important, that 7Hertz which is harmful for the men’s health is decreasing also.
Some very interesting experiments were carried out for cleaning the room from the undesirable information. These experiments as well as statements about protection against radiation have caused a lot of disputes and discussions concerning the mechanism of such effects. As these information is in the process of studying right now I’ll state only preliminary reasons about these mechanisms.
First of all, contact with the cooper itself, regardless to Cylinders, reduces effects of radiation after the treatment the cancer patients (Minedzhan G.Z. Digest of national medicine and no conventional ways of treatment. Moscow.”Bukvitca”1993)
Secondly, when we put Cylinders on the sides of the equipment for example computer,
Cylinders might cooperate not with the equipment, but with the person, who is sitting nearby as resonators on the certain frequency of an electromagnetic wave. Thus, the protective abilities of the organism are increasing.
Buhalov, who is an engineer-expert has another point of view. According to his idea computer, air around the computer with the high concentration of ions and Cylinders make one highly cooperative system, where Cylinders as objects with high conductivity, change a distribution of charges in space. The distribution of electromagnetic waves in such system is changing also, it’s increasing in one direction and decreasing in the other. Cylinders kind of draw the radiation to themselves.
As to cleaning the room from undesirable information for those who have seen the film about
Pharaoh’s Cylinders which was produced by Russian television company, I’d like to remind about the experiment which was shown in that film by the doctor of medical science M.A.Nikulin.
The person, who is going to be tested put his hand with the palm downwards on the white bed sheet and after some time remove the hand. Then special equipment “thermovisin” fixes a trace of a hand on a bed sheet in infra red beams. Such traces carry the information about physical and emotional health or an illness of the tested person , they can be kept rather long. For example, the thermal trace of the ship is kept on a surface of the see for some days. In old times there was an advice not to sit on the place instead of ill person.
You might understand how polluted are the rooms or other official places, because of different visitors. Pharaoh’s Cylinders located on the diagonal in the corners inside the room clean it as an elastic band from the negative information traces with the help of physical fields.
Remember ,please, that all these information is in the stage of studying and each person, who is Working with the Cylinders can bring his contribution in the process of understanding of these mysterious effects, which are connected with the ancient country of Pyramids.