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book23 The work with stars    
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Chapter III: Cylinders’ Medical Characteristics                                       



When we start to look attentively to internal boundlessness and incomprehensible beauty of the brilliant worlds, with which as with jewels the arch of night heavens is decorated, that, undoubtedly we should admit that supervision of radiant heavens with myriads of stars and star systems, represents high scientific pleasure for the intelligence directed to astronomy. But he who studies shining areas of Uranus, brilliant constellations with their cabalistic names and with their fair stories, magnificent suns of distant solar systems and planets which belong to our solar system, for him all these have much deeper interest.” 
T.R.Burgon “The Light of Egypt”

For thousand years many civilizations and peoples of the Earth connect their destinies with stars, with a surprising sparkling tent above our head. With not less surprising constancy article of serious scientists are published, they try to prove that astrology as a science has no any base under it. It’s funny that some of them (I know it for sure) with a great interest secretly consult with their horoscopes, that, in my opinion, tells us much.
The most acceptable for me is a point of view of the soberminded scientists believing that the real science of astrology will be born in synthesis of ancient knowledge with modern. Anyway nowadays the fact of unity of the world and the following connection between everything causes no doubts. It also includes me, you and the stars. It usually contests not the fact of such connection but the degree of its force.
Stars in Ancient Egypt played a special role, we are just coming to understanding of it. In 13 parts of papyrus Carlsberg N1 it is told about stars–children of goddess Nut, the rise and set of the Sun, about western entrance to the underground world, about Moon, about Hebe, demanding Nut to return her eaten children-stars.
As a matter of fact, papyrus Carlsberg N1 is the fundamental work reflecting the basic representations of the ancient Egyptians about a structure of the Universe. Great Pyramid of Heops has four strange narrow mines, which for a long time were considered to be ventilating holes. Their measures were about 23 x 22 centimeters. As a result of exact measurement and numerous calculations of positions of the stars concerning to 2600 BC it was established that one of the mine was almost exactly focused on the Alpha of the Dragon and another pointed the three stars of the Zone of Orion. And, at last, engineer-builder Robert Bjuvel about 15 years ago stated a seriously proved hypothesis about conformity of the three pyramids in Giza to the three stars in the Zone of Orion: “May be it was Milky Way that gave ancient people an idea that there was a space Egypt among the stars, a monastery of souls after their life on earth” (R.Bjuvel, A.Dzhilbert “Secrets of Pyramids”). (Note: Adrian Dzhilbert – Egyptologist).
So, the stars… The horoscope of each of us is connected to the certain constellation. Learn to find your constellation among myriad of sparkling stars. Choose the time and the hour when it can be seen good (it should be a summer night for northerners), choose the comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed (it also could be a balcony of your apartment), take the Cylinders of the Pharaoh in your hands and stay alone with the greatness of the star sky that overwhelms your soul. The best if you do it in the mountains where the air is clear and transparent and each star burns as a little bright Sun.
1. After a short stage of relaxation enter a condition of concentration.
2. Reach out your hands with the Cylinders for your constellation.
3. Make a mental connection with it.
4. Feel the elastic, vivifying stream of energy easily washing from within all your body.
5. Finish the session of connection by feeling of gratitude for the gift received from the star sky.
The dynamic and spontaneous work with the stars is possible but the movements should be smooth, constrained and never sharp.
The work with the stars is so complex and diverse that expects to write a separate book. Therefor only some general provisions and recommendations will be given below.
1. Work with the stars where the Cylinders are used as an instrument of connection, they help along to develop intuition, a gift of “inner vision”, to develop openness of the “third eye” and other abilities of the person of the Future.
2. The work with the Sun, the Moon and the planets is a separate part in the work with the stars. Thus the purpose of our work besides the general Space Mood can be correction of any quite concrete defects of soul of a body.
For example if you want to develop your intuition - work with the Moon, if you are shy and want to become more brave – work with Mars. Thus it is necessary to know that the Sun is the center of force of all things. It operates love at women and vital forces at men. It’s better to work with the Sun on rising and set, that what actually ancient Egyptian priests did.
The Moon operates men’s love and vital forces of women. It is responsible for the development of intuition.
Mercury operates mental abilities, language and nervous system.
Venus operates ovaries and system of veins. Its sphere is art, music and matrimonial love.
Mars is the god of war, operates physical passions, genitals and sinews.
Jove operates functions of legality and discipline. It is a symbol of authority and nobleness. Operates arterial system.
Saturn operates cerebration. It influence on bones, liver and a spleen.
Uranus operates occult abilities and aura of organism.
Neptune operates supreme platonic love.
Pluto is the lord of the underground world and Erebus, the kingdom of the dead.
Besides there are seven ages of the person that are under control of planets: the Moon – infancy, Mercury – childhood, Venus – adolescence, the Sun – maturity, Mars – middle age, Jove – advanced age, Saturn – decrepitude. It is necessary to note that you can’t see Uranus, Neptune and Pluto without a telescope. But you can define the directions in which they are and contact them mentally. It’s better not to work with Pluto. If it is necessary for you to feel spiritual unity with the for a long time gone people it’s better to go to the church or to the cemetery. You must not wish appearance of the soul of the dead, its ghost or shadow. Calling of the soul of the dead is forbidden both by Christian religion and Islam. You must not work with the Pharaoh’s Cylinders on the cemetery.
It is forbidden, dangerous and has no sense to use Pharaoh’s Cylinders with the harmful purposes. With the attempt to do it the Pharaoh’s Cylinders will actively start to destroy the psychic and organism of the person working with them.
The function of the Cylinders is harmonizing and any attempt to use the in harmful purposes will lead to severe punishment of loosing the health of that who does so. Mention that it is not an abstract assumption but a real fact.
For the Reader who consider himself to be a convinced materialist I note that all the recommendations and statements of this chapter has quite concrete materialistic base. So, for example, the Reader who denies the astrology as a science can consider work with the stars as the original psychological auto-training that among other things gives an occasion to admire by beauty of the star sky.