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book26 Stop the oldness    
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Chapter III: Cylinders’ Medical Characteristics                                       



According to one of the modern points of view aging is mostly a problem of regulation of the organism. The right regulation, rhythm, way of life, feed - live in your (and others) pleasure. If you don’t keep these rules - you are welcome to the edge of the soon oldness.
Tens thousand books are written about the healthy way of life, and there is much use in each of them. In this part we’ll stop on one but very important aspect of the aging problem.
Unfortunately many of you, may be unconsciously, but themselves choose the edge of their beginning of aging by pronouncing fatal words: «I am not so young already...» or even worser: «I am already old...». V.M.Dilman in his book «Large Biological Clock. Introduction To The Integrated Medicine» (M. 1986) writes that while doing it the person doesn’t even suspect what a destroying power this pronounced statement has, for each statement about yourself has a hypnosis power. While pronouncing the unhappy formula «I am already old» you instantly make active all the collected information about old age and all its manifestations - sluggish gait, a round-shouldered back, slackness of movements, loss of interest to life, and at once put it in your psychic and a manner of behavior. Then everything grows as a snow ball - diseases, limitation of the movement activity, and after it a real old age. And what is happening inside our organism as an affect of not carefully pronounced statement about yourself: «...the word, connected with a negative psychic emotion, through the ear is perceived by a bark of brain, then the information of it goes as signals to the underlying parts of it - limbic system and hypothalamus. The activity of hypothalamus grows and the exchange of substances changes in the organism, in particular in blood the concentration of cholesterol rises. Thus both endocrinic system and fabrics of a body, for example, liver, where cholesterol is synthesized, one by one get involved in the process began by the word. Surplus of cholesterol, circulating in blood, comes to membranes of cells, that is the parameters of inner environment brakes, about its constancy as a condition of life spoke Klod Bernar».
So, let us forget about negative statements and emotions. We’ll take advantage that the Pharaoh’s Cylinders have an ability to increase process in organism by receiving positive emotions.
1. Take one of the classical poses of the Ancient Egypt.
2. Relax for some minutes, then concentrate.
3. Your pose and look should demonstrate self-confidence and unshakable will.
4. Mentally, but better aloud pronounce the following formulas: a) I am firm! b) I am strong! c) I am young! (not «I am still young!», but «I am young!») d) I am in the prime of my spiritual and physical strength! e) It is interesting to live! f) I love all the beings on Earth! g) I can do a lot, and shall do it! h) I shall live a long life!
You should pronounce the last statement for three times. You can choose the right suitable statements for you yourself, depending on that a woman your are or a man and on what you want to achieve using your vital forces. The technique above is an autohenic training, supported by the Pharaoh’s Cylinders - powerful transformer of your wishes-orders into a general program of the organism’s work.
You should be a realist and understand that the absolute health is impossible. A sport will appear somewhere at least. Both sport masters and world champions get ill. Life is a constant struggle for the health. But one spend it at the hospitals and eating a lot of medicines, while others - on the sports grounds, in the mountains, hiking and in the well organized way of life.
Our purpose is to make the plank of this struggle as high as possible. As, for example, did the champion among the veterans Vladimir Stepanovich Takuev, the colonel of the medical service in the resignation, the deserved doctor of the republic. He has received the title of the champion in 65 years (1987, the openness superiority of sport gymnastics among sportsmen-veterans, Moscow). And it was a sports gymnastics! One of the most difficult kinds of sports.
Typical and surprising peculiarity of many adherents of health and sports way of life is that the healthy way of life is not the aim, but a principle that helps to reach higher goals. And it contains one of the main secrets of long life.
Note: some people during the process of communication with the Pharaoh’s Cylinders told us about the following phenomena: the person who has been working with the Pharaoh’s Cylinders for a long time and in details, can cause all the feelings that appear during the work with the Cylinders without them.
Willed management of the number of processes proceeding in the organism of a person, is well-known to experts of Yoga, Tsigun and other energetic practices. Apparently the Pharaoh’s Cylinders in some way stimulate possibilities of such regulation. Taking into consideration peculiarities of our life and the fact that the Cylinders can’t always appear at our hand, the developing of such abilities is very appreciated.
So, if you are skilled enough in using the Pharaoh’s Cylinders and can easily recall in your memory the sensations that are usual for you after working with them, do the following:
1. Mentally take the Pharaoh’s Cylinders in the place where you usually keep them.
2. Take one of the classical Egyptian poses, having checked whether correctly you have taken the Moon and the Solar Cylinders.
3. Recall in your memory all your peculiar sensations of the Cylinders and pass through them step by step.
4. Mentally put the Cylinders on the place.