en  :  book27 The conditions that are necessary for effective work with the pharaoh’s cylinders

Chapter III: Cylinders’ Medical Characteristics                                       



As the experience of explorations shows, the Pharaoh’s Cylinders are able to immediately improve the state of feeling of a person and the condition of his health by doing a number of conditions concerning the way of life and moral self-education. Besides such a complex approach to the work with the Pharaoh’s Cylinders, discovers, as it was said above, the way for development of the number of unique abilities. And this way, in turn, demands significant efforts. 
Yes, the Pharaoh’s Cylinders help even if you just hold them in your hands. But the effect of this help depends on the staying on the following conditions:
1. A regularity of the studies.
2. Observance of a diet.
The diet should meet to the recommendation of the doctor. If these recommendations suppose periodic daily starvation or days of limited intake of food, use such an opportunity. During these days you’ll be especially sensitive to the Cylinders’ influence.
3. The necessity of moral self-improvement.
Everything is said about it in the great books of mankind. Nevertheless, the given point in the connection with the work which base are the Pharaoh’s Cylinders, needs explanations.
According to more and more affirming in the minds of the modern scientists point of view, moral principles reflect the real picture of the world’s structure, and, in particular, one of its basic fundamental principles - the principle of harmony. Breaking of the moral principal is the breaking of harmony, misbalance of the connections between a person and Universe on a very high level.
The Pharaoh’s Cylinders are a material object aspiring to harmonize the work of a material part of our «self». If the same work is consciously made on the supreme plans of our «self», the efforts unite and lead to the powerful positive change. If you don’t work with yourself on the highest spiritual and moral plans, you leave the work of any medicines without support. They, including the Pharaoh’s Cylinders, do what they can do - not more. In the case when a person chooses the way of Evil, continuing working with the Cylinders, his organism becomes under the simultaneous influence of the two polar forces of «plus» and «minus», and finally the moment comes when the organism starts to give «failures», not standing the overloads.
4. Normalization and limitation of the sexual life.
According to the Eastern medicine, the sexual energy can be transformed both in vital and to spiritual energy. During the healing process it’s better to support organism not spending the sexual energy. After having healed the sexual life should be normalized, and if you are interested in further self-development then limit it.
5. The necessity of the connection with the nature.
The influence of the Pharaoh’s Cylinders amplifies if you work with them on a bosom of a nature - in a park, in a wood, by a pool. If the season, weather conditions and your hardness allows you then work with bare feet. In the windy weather the work with Cylinders is not recommended.
Russian bogatyrs gathered forces by having dropped to the Mother Earth. The son of the Earth was a giant Antei, and she gave him a new force each time when he touched her. Only having turned off Antei from the ground it was possible for Heracles to conquer him.
Use the energy of the earth, water and air. Go and run with bare feet, dousing with cold water, take a contrast douche, drink melt and clean spring water. Be engaged in beautiful, silent places. Observe flowers, trees, bird’s behavior, animals. You can learn a lot from them. Try, holding the Pharaoh’s Cylinders in your hands, to feel the energetic of plants, including your domestic flowers. The purpose is to exchange by energetic information. Trees take sick energy and can give good one.
Here’s the one of the recommended concrete ways of such exchange. Choose a healthy large tree - a poplar, a birch or an oak. Come to it with a friendly mode. You should be undressed down to the belt zone. Lean your back to the trunk of the tree. Put your left hand on its trunk and your right hand on your solar plexus. Concentrate your attention on the tree and ask it to share its force. Through the left hand in the right and then to the solar plexus an energy will be transferred. Thank the tree. Communicate with a pine, a poplar, a cypress, a willow a plane tree, a ficus. Not recommended to communicate with a fir-tree, an aspen, a chestnut and a black date.
Surprising and diverse is the work on the seaside. Come to the shore in any kind of weather (except for a very windy). Imagine that the sea is a large living being (and it is so), spread our hands towards it holding the Pharaoh’s Cylinders, feel the touch of its mystical inner life, listen to the thousands shades of voices, which it is speaking with, admire infinite, changeable game of its colors... feedback will not keep you waiting.
It’s very important to make your studies regular. To breath correctly and to learn a relaxation technique. By this you’ll magnificently increase the effect of the healing influence of the Pharaoh’s Cylinders. Certainly it is possible just to sit in an arm-chair with the Cylinders in your hands and get from them what they can give you - sometimes more, sometimes less - it depends on a person; but if you happened to communicate with these messengers of the Ancient World - why not to use all its wonderful qualities?