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book34 The conclusion    
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The work in the field of studies of Cylinder use possibilities goes on in this country and abroad. It is important that people should get medically competent information about the Cylinders. When writing a book I tried to fulfill the task. 
The organization of experimental Cylinder production was a difficult task. After several unsuccessful contacts I found the people who held the same views, who understood at once the importance of the Egyptian find and did their bit organizing technology. It took much time to get what we really wanted. All the results are confirmed by special equipment, research work, tests were carried out under doctors’ supervision. After several years of work I got an exquisite velvet bag with two sections, the Cylinders produced in St. Petersburg were lying there. The Cylinders were shining with bright sunny beams and at the same time reflecting mild moonlight. For a moment it seemed to me that I saw the shadows of Hermes and Asclepius- two greatest doctors of antiquity. I felt that the Cylinders started living their own life, independent of mine. Doctors, physicists specialists of oriental energetic practices, experts at martial arts, sportsmen, parapsychologists, musicians had to do with the Cylinders. But the information they provided needed detailed research and extra consultations with specialists.
Like any other interesting discovery Pharaoh’s Cylinders brought about a lot of imitations. After the numerous publications and the film “Trial by mystery. Pharaoh’s Cylinders”(1996,Russia) appeared such samples as “Power Batons” ,“ Isis’ Batons”, “Osiers’ Batons ”, “ Gore’s Batons”,” Crystal Batons”, “Quartz Batons”, “Cont Batons”, “Source Batons, ” etc. they resembled Pharaoh’s Cylinders and were filled with various substances. Other kinds of Cylinders emerged. It was a natural desire to develop Egyptian theme. As far as I know there are more than 10kinds of cylinders today. I don’t know and can’t judge the character of their influence on a human organism. Some of them are filled with a random set of minerals and are made of alloys containing lead. The authors inform the readers about it themselves. One can imagine the aftermath of a long skin contact with harmful lead. I will remind the reader that in the Middle Ages because of the water pipes the whole settlements died out; the lead poisoning is as harmful as X-ray irradiation. Other cylinders are filled with the sand quartz that can actively absorb information. The information may be both positive and negative, the inventors don’t think about the consequences; if you take these batons after a sick person you will become an energetic handicap.
It didn’t go without moral dishonesty: everything was done to delay the publishing of the book that you are reading now. The authors of the “batons” attribute without hesitation all the results of research work carried out with Pharaoh’s Cylinders to their creations. Sometimes the results appeared from nowhere, sometimes they alleged “ the results of medical experiments were given by V.P.Kovtun”. In this connection I inform the reader that I gave no results of the experiments with the Cylinders. I have nothing to do with the firm under the Latin name “Kovtun” that produces some other “batons” . The fact that many cylinders appeared in a short period of time made me protect each set of Pharaoh’s Cylinders produced under my supervision with the certificate and my signature on it. Besides, the name “Pharaoh’s Cylinders” is patented in 21 countries in Russian and English. The right to use the cylinders as “the Stimulators of organism” is confirmed with patents of the Russian Federation № 1626 of the 5th of January 1994 and №2160582 of the 21st of March 2000.
The medical treatment methods by Stoun-Gordon-Meshkova work only on the basis of the Cylinders, they are based on their specific physical and bioenergetic characteristics. Fortunately, we have more honest people than villains and earnest scientists in different countries go on discussing Pharaoh’s Cylinders.
What is important for me when I was studying the Cylinders- the wonderful feeling that I experienced while solving the Mystery, the difficulties of the experiments or numerous meeting with scientists? –it is difficult to say. Most likely it was the possibility to help people and fascinating penetration into the enigmatic past. What seemed vague and abstract became clear and comprehensible. The ancient philosophy of Hermes reflected all the information accumulated by modern science in my mind. I tried to tell the readers about the link between Emerald Tablet by Hermes and specific fields of knowledge at the end of the second millennium in my previous book ”The entertaining world of physics. The great mystery of Hermes .” ( St.Petersburg, “Delta”,1997).
The manuscript” The mysteries of Life and Death” and notes by K.Valevsky once more prove the suggestion that the Caucasus, probably , was one of those places where the devoted into knowledge tried to preserve it for the posterity. Together with the Polish friends we make an effort to recreate Kont Valevsky’s biography. Now we are looking for the materials about his life , which was , undoubtedly, bright and full of interesting facts.
Further and further the country of the Great Pharaohs moves away. Millions of bodies of the Egyptian people turned into ashes, their thoughts, feelings, love and hate are scattered in the void of the space. Memnon’s colossi fell silent and only the gigantic Sphinx with distorted face still peers at the Eternity at the feet of the great Pyramids. Hieroglyphs are read and the dates of Pharaohs ruling during 26 dynasties are known exactly, the way of life of the people and their rites are described, museum exhibits are lying on their shelves. But there is something important that wasn’t said. We all feel it. The Hope to reveal the high knowledge doesn’t leave us. This knowledge makes itself felt in the art of striking strength, on the pages of “The Book of the Dead” . this knowledge will come to us again and again, like the Cylinders have come up today. I have no proofs that the Cylinders, the messengers of ancient Egypt, have come to us leaving behind Ramzes II, Kolhida and Abkhasia. It will need extra cross-analysis of facts and circumstances for complete proof of identity of our mysterious Cylinders with the things that the stone images of the pharaohs hold in their hands. Such is the way of science. Nowadays you can take in your hands the wonderful present of antiquity-Cylinders of the Pharaohs and feel their healing power and beneficial influence. Nobody knows, whether they were the lost rods of thirteen gods of Atlantida.

Pushkin-Tsarskoye Selo ( 1990-2001)