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book35 Gratitudes    
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Publication of this book, which had been written by 1994 generally, became possible only due to the help of my numerous friends. Mostly it happened due to the help of L.A.Filimonova (Belorussia). 
I would also like to show my deepest respect for the help and support to the navy seamen, first rank captains Y.S.Savchenko, N.P.Luzic, G.D.Ozerov, second rank captains I.V.Starkin and A.T. Levochkin.
I am grateful to my friends, Ph.D., M.D. M.A.Nikulin and M.A. Blank for the medical research of Pharaoh’s Cylinders which was carried out by them.
The tremendous work was done by T.A. Meshkova and V.V.Meshkov to create special curative method of operating with Pharaoh’s Cylinders. They also provided me with support at every uneasy minute of my life.
A.Lebedkin( Belorussia) has been devoted to me for many years and helps to work out the subject of Pharaoh’s Cylinders.
I am also very grateful to Dr. Vladimir R. Russev - President of World Security Organization for the help and support, Patricia Baker and her spouse Alexander for the greatest job of popularizing of Pharaoh’s Cylinders in the U.S.A.
The precious help was given to me by P.Yeremeyev, E. Volkov, L.I. Smagina, V.Solovyov, K. Tuvardjiev, A.Prugalov, healer L. Cherny and the chief editor of the magazine ” Znahar” T.I. Kondratyeva.
A lot was done for restoring of Pharaoh’s Cylinders by N.K. Kirillova, N.N. Koryakin, O.V. Koryakina.
I am also very grateful to my wife and my son for their constant help and attention.