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Chapter I. The attraction of true    



Azerbaijan. The fifth form of Lencoran High School. The History Lesson.
I am sitting at the first desk with my friend Adolyat Agayev and have fun.
- “The following lesson is Zoology… “- Adolyat informs me bending to me. - “Do you know what does the infusorian shoe eat?”
- “Well?” – I ask him, anticipating pleasure.
- “The infusorian shoe eats heel-strap sandals,” – Adolyans informs me solemnly and we both fall on the desk, choking with laughter. Charming Lydiya Ilyinichna, the History teacher, turns to us. Adolyat’s face instantly becomes serious like a professional actor and it reflects the long-term history employment.I am rolling on my school desk weakened with laughter.
- “So…” Lydiya Ilyinichna looks at me with condolence. – “Kovtoun! Stand up and leave the class.”
- “I shan’t,” – I whisper in an uncertain voice.
- “You will, you will,” - Lydiya Ilyinichna encourages me.
- “Kovtoun! Stand up and leave the class.”
I become ashamed, my face reflects the wish to be attentive and the teacher gives me a sigh to sit down with an easy hand’s movement.
I start listening to lesson and gradually I’m getting fond of it.
It’s very interesting really: pyramids, pharaohs, and mummies. It is not known when the Sphinx appeared. And Kheops, Nephertitty... My heart is lightly troubled at the touch of ancient culture and induces me to examine pyramids and sculptures on the photos in the textbook.
However the bell rings. Pharaohs and priests fly away off my head at once and we run out into the schoolyard to shout, to laugh and run.
“...It’s not the time yet...”
Many years passed. I finished school, graduated the university, worked in the scientific research institute, defended my thesis, worked harder and harder and once found out the desire to teach others.
And I’m standing before an audience consisting of young men and girls and speaking about Newton’s laws.
- “Kapustin! Stand up and leave the class” – I tell him in an iron voice.
- “I shan’t any more,” – Kapustin answers confidently, looking at me with his dark brown eyes, absolutely like Adolyat’s eyes.
- “You will, you will,” – I say not less confidently, recollecting Lydiya Ilyinichna.
- “Would you tell us something interesting…” – Kapustin asks suddenly, leaving the slippery disciplinary theme.
Aren’t Newton’s laws interesting? Nevertheless, it’s already late and the guys are really tired. I fall to thinking.
- “Do you want anything interesting?”
- “Yes!,” – the audience answers amicably.
What should I tell them...? Black holes, Emerald table of Germs... They have already learnt much and can estimate.
And I didn’t tell them about it yet. I put Kapustin at his place and ask: - “Have you ever been in the Egyptian hall at the Hermitage?”