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Functioning of Cylinders of the Pharaoh    
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Functioning of Cylinders of the Pharaoh


According to the view of a variety of physicians Cylinders of the Pharaoh are a unique physiotherapeutic far-reaching appliance, created by a genius of ancient Egyptian scientists.

Doctor of medical sciences, senior scientific researcher of I.I. Djanelidze Institute of First aid M.A.Niculin during medical researches of Cylinders' influence to the organism, gave the following interpretation: "In case of having some pathologies on the human's body thermoasymmetry of ill and healthy sites is observed. Cylinders, taken in hands, level pathological thermoasymmetry, And this means that they do have medical influence".

Results of preliminary experiments, conducted in Oncological Centre in Pesotchnoe by the doctor of medical sciences, the leading specialist of Institute of rentgenology and radiology M.A.Blank are interesting. Doctor Blank comments this as follows: "There is parameter, characterising cells' function - respiratory waves of cells. Oncological disease in organism suppresses these respiratory waves, and Cylinders of the Pharaoh, on the contrary, improve this parameter . But cancer is a very serious barrier. Cylinders may help prophylactically. But it is clear: where a cancer makes bad, Cylinders try to make better".


Presence of a contact difference of potentials between Cylinders transforms organism into other, "higher" energetic state, at which recovering processes are more active, that promotes harmonisation of the whole organism. This effect is reached by a combination of halvanotherapy and presence of physical fields created by Cylinders' fillings, which render curative influence to the organism through bioactive points of palms.


The points of view of many extrasenses are following: the Cylinders in hands of a person form two power poles, through which the energy comes from Space, circulating then in organism, clearing it and forming a protective energetic field around the body, impenetrable for extrasensorial influence.

The president of Association of applied parapsychology, known extrasense V.B. Poljakov, taking in hands CYLINDERS for the first time, said the following: I work with metals and minerals for a long time but it is probably the best of all I've ever held in hands ".

(Film " Egypt. Test by a mystery ".
Dir. Plugatireva, RTR)

According to the conclusion of the known polish psychologist-researcher Т. Senkovskaja the Lunar Cylinder has warme, treating aura, and Solar - an aura of snow-white colour, opened to the highest plans of Being.

Opinion of a number of Russian and foreign extrasenses Cylinders of the Pharaoh create around the body of the person dense energetic cocoon, impenetrable for "informational" and "energetic" ghouls , protecting from wicked influence.

VIEWS OF SPECIALISTS OF TSIGUN, YOGA and other energetic practices are almost identical.

The influence of Cylinders strengthens the movement of energy "tsi" or Prana" in energetic canals-meridians. Due to this movement of "tsi", canals pathologically littered, are actively cleaned, therefore healthy power balance between organs is restored. The increased movement of "tsi " causes sensations of pricking or becoming numb in fingertips of hands, pulsation in centres of palms and feet. And the process of punching the canals can cause a rather wide spectrum of sensations. The most usual among them are - vibration, pressure or increasing in certain sites of a body up to tolerant and soon finishing pain, ringing in ears, slight dizziness. After restoration of energetic balance these sensations disappear.

Regular use of Cylinders of the Pharaoh under observance of certain rules in daily life strengthens and increases energetic potential and helps developing superabilities of healthy and morally clean person.