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book10 Secrets of Ancient Tombs    
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Chapter II. Doubts                                                                                


Chapter II. DOUBTS



The next morning, as it often happens, my thoughts have accepted a more realistic character and caused the squall of doubts.
What do we have? The mysterious manuscript of the unfamiliar to us person having come nowhere from: I did not find the mentions about cylinders anywhere in the literature. Archeologists did not find them apparently. On the other hand, what do the Egyptian sculptures hold in their hands? May be the cylinders were the property of a very narrow circle of people and it was not accepted to put them into a sarcophagus together with a mummy of the owner. And those few, which were at temples, either were gone or melted, especially if they were made of precious metals.
My attitude to Cylinders was dual: on the one hand, I recklessly believed and, mainly felt that it was That, that Cylinders were the messengers of the Great Egypt, its Favour. On the other hand, like the person who has been brought up on volumes of the rate of "Theoretical physics" by Landau, I considered my guess with deep distrust as a devout Marxist looking at gypsy who offered him to predict his future.
Later, at the institute, leaving for a break, I faced the employee of the Physics Institute Vova Paverman who smiled to me widely and friendly, I stopped and warned: "Stop! Do not come nearer. Talk from where you stand."
I had some bases to be afraid of Paverman. A week ago I met our common familiar who has warned me to avoid Paverman as that dear gentleman thirsted my blood. He did not tell me what had happened to friendly Vova but I decided to get ready for everything and informed surprised Paverman about it.
- A - a, this is… - said Paverman. - Yes, he is right. You really deserve execution.
After these words he told me the following story: once, as it happens to all mortal, Vova has felt the impossibility to stay further in vertical position. Having changed the position to ninety degrees and having appreciated the situation as radiculit, Vova has reflected in the searches of the output. As a retentive person, he recollected me and my delights concerning miraculousness of the east medicine. In particular, metaltherapeutics. In half an hour Vova's wife pasted well polished copper coins with an adhesive plaster on his waist. Provident and accurate Vova considered everything, except one important circumstance. In three days when straightened Vova decided to leave the copper ornaments, it was practically impossible. Poor Paverman was generously decorated with vegetation and the first attempt to unstuck one of the coins has transferred him in the rank of great martyrs. Vova howled with different voices, but all his diligence to tear off an adhesive plaster with the strong hair was unsuccessful. Having despaired to see Vova in a protogenic kind, his wife took her manicure scissors and at last Vova got rid of the coins together with his essential part of the vegetation.
- But did it help you all the same? - I asked him with a fawning voice.
- Only this rescues you from death, - answered Paverman and we parted like friends.
Happily having avoided the death from Paverman's hand, I went along the street and reflected. The mechanism of Cylinders? Influence on the person's organism can be: a) chemical, due to the influence of oxides of metals, but in more Semolina variant; b) physical, due to a natural contact of the potential difference between two diverse metals. It's not clear what role fillings play. It will be necessary to hold Cylinders on the contrary, how it is forbidden.
The next days we were busy with Cylinders together with Ruslan, offering them to the relatives, friends and familiars.
When some time passed, the following picture began to appear: Cylinders calmed excited people and stimulated those running into depression. Almost in hundreds percent of cases they removed a headache. They promoted the removal of sleeplessness. Practically everybody joined to the Cylinders wished to have them in their property. In this case a goodhearted Ruslan made everybody a pair and then he was asked mercy.
As an experiment I have been holding Cylinders for an hour in the forbidden position, but did not feel anything new except the internal sensation of some inconvenience for myself. As it was found out later, I strongly risked my health. The matter is that one of my relatives, a middle-aged woman, the teacher, apprehended the Cylinders very sensitively. They helped her to relax and restore the nervous energy. At school during the break, her colleagues come into her study to hold the Cylinders for one or two minutes. So, after several years of contact with Cylinders she mixed Cylinders in the darkness and took them in the incorrect order. She kept them about thirty minutes. As a result of a random error was that she lost consciousness and disturbed the brain blood circulation. The subsequent restoration of health, fortunately, occurred to application of the same Cylinders.
There were also some amusing cases. A strongly drunken friend came to me some evening. We sat at the table with him. Friendly talking, we had some cups of tea. Then I gave him Cylinders to hold. After 10 or 15 minutes he appreciably sobered up and then offended: "I felt so nicely. But what have you done? You changed my feelings."
As a whole suck homebrew statistics proved positive influence of Cylinders on the person's organism. As for me, I used them regularly and felt excellently. But the pupil of "the Theoretical Minimum", living in me, demanded scientific investigations of Cylinders' phenomenon. And undoubtedly, he was completely right. Alas, it was still very far to serious researches.
Approximately at the same time, I was promoted in my work and worked hard. Ruslan and Avtandil had also some problems and we temporarily left our Cylinders. Nevertheless, Egypt did not leave me at the institute. Spending much time with the books and formulas, sooner or later I should not give up the feeling of astonishment, which, probably, every physicist has at comprehension of amazing similarity of the most natural phenomena. Knowledge of modern physics reflects this extraordinary side of life very brightly. Soberly conceiving researcher's used this mysterious property and came to significant and interesting results. I met some physicists, who left the feeling at measure and started with the thesis: if it is similar, so everything is equal to each other. Obvious nonsense of their results did not confuse them.
"It is correct, true without lie and it is truly undoubtedly: something that is down and outside, it is like something that is in the depth and above, is similar to that is below and outside, everything is for the performance of a miracle of unity.

And just as the Uniform revived everything, being applied so as all things in the world have arisen from one inert environment by means of its application: its Father is the Sun, the Moon's is its Mother, the wind bore it in its belly, the Earth has reared the flesh and gave the flesh to it. The father to everything, that you see here, the Great Figure, the intermediary of Force is, and its power is full and great, when its force, penetrating fills the ground. Try to separate internal from external, thin from rough with discretion of calmness, with the care of understanding, boldness of knowledge...
So you take the glory of the victory over the universe and that is why gloom and darkness will leave you...
So the world is created. Wonderful secrets and great forces can be gathered from here, the way of that is also made here.
That is why I am named Germes Trismeghist, having three parts of the Universal philosophy. The thing is true, that is completed and perfect, which I have uttered about Solar Act. (Germes Trismeghist)
What great talent should one have to be able to formulate such deep principle of those times! As a matter of fact, the surprising similarity of Newton's and Kulon's laws has resulted Einstein to the idea about the uniform theory of a field.
I have been searching for the analogies in physics for some time and have opened a lot of new things for myself.
I began to feel the greater respect to Egypt. Ghermes and the Emerald Table have even more convinced me that the level of knowledge in ancient Egypt was much deeper, than it is accepted for counting. I've got the x-copy of the book by E. Shjure "The Great Devoted" occasionally from which I have found out about Taro system.
The System of Great Taro's Lassos, apparently, is one of the most mysterious creations of the human reason. Being philosophical in its essence, probably, it was the original super mathematics simultaneously, allowing predicting the behavior of more complex objects than those were which are the subject of modern science.
The more I penetrated into the Egyptian history, culture and scraps of ancient knowledge, miraculously kept, the more understood that I have business with a chasm where it is incredibly difficult to penetrate even having got special preparation in Egyptology. Nevertheless, I aspired to Egypt at every opportunity. I could explain some miracles of the antiquity and it seemed to me I could understand and explain something. For example, the phenomenon with the lamps burning hundreds of years in hermetically sealed tombs.
Information about them is too numerous and events are happening at different times that it was possible to count their invention. In Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome they left burning lamps in tombs while sealing them up like a present to the God of Death.
In 1401 a burning lamp was found in the tomb of Pollant near Rome. The lamp had been burning for more than 2000 years. In 1550 the lamp was burning in just opened marble tomb. (the island Nesiada). Burning lamps were found in Ancient Egypt, in India, China, and South America.
The attempt of this explanation (A. Kirher) of this phenomenon due to connection of lamps with an asbestine match with secret channels to the big tanks of petroleum seems to be insolvent. First, because in a hermetically sealed tomb without oxygen the lamp will not burn, second, at presence of an air flow a one watt candle will burn about one and a half tons of petroleum for 2000 years, as it may one count. It is not necessary to speak about tens kilograms of soot which is not found in tombs.
As a counter hypothesis it is possible to assume, that lamps flashed after opening of a tomb with inflow of countering air, creating the illusion of burning during of all time of burial's existence. The similar effect could be carried out if contemporaries of a burying person knew white phosphorus distinguished by high chemical activity, for example. White phosphorus is ignited at temperature + 400 C, and in the crushed condition 4p + 5O 2 → 2Р2О5.
Pay attention to that fact, which burning lamps were found out in places with a hot climate.
Preparation of the "external" lamp could be like this. The slice of white phosphorus covered with a thin layer of any substance, for example, wax which was discomposed during some time and it was attached at a match of an unlitted lamp. The second burning lamp or candle was put in the tomb, after that the entrance in the tomb was hermetically closed. Having spent the cash oxygen, the burning lamp died out. Oxygen ignited phosphorus after having got in the tomb in many years and it lit the "eternal" lamp also.
The receiving of phosphorus from phosphorites and apatites is a simple process and ancient people could know it as well.
One of my friends stated an interesting idea. Ancient inhabitants of Egypt and other countries, where great civilizations of the Past have blossomed, invented very little in their stories because of their religious-pathetic attitude to the world. It was not necessary for them. I myself met the similar phenomenon with deeply religious people. Apparently, this is the consequence of presence of some intuitive knowledge of the True. What is it for to invent something, if everything is clear enough? In this connection ancient source, legends, books get the status of Special importance and reliability that actually Shliman has shown having opened Troya and "Iliada" by Gomer.
The Ancient East as the guiding star attracts searches artists, poets. I know some people who are capable to revive pictures of bygone times with the force of their talent. On cloths of surprising Petersburg artists Mark and Sergey Pavlov, who are brothers, is unwrapped the wide panorama of Ancient East in the mirage of sparkling paints. The mausoleums of great conquerors, shipped in grey haze, the populous areas of Samarkand and Bukhara, the caravans leaving heated ripples of deserts are clearly seen in their pictures. I peer in deep emotional cloths and it seems to me that I hear pressing sounds of east melodies and rustle of the ancient manuscripts concealing eternal secrets of Life and Death...