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book14 I won’t put a spell upon a human. Magic with people is forbidden    
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Chapter III: Cylinders’ Medical Characteristics                                       





The books and the articles about engineering and crafts of Ancient Egypt let us suggest that the materials from which the Cylinders were made most likely were gold, silver, copper and zinc. There was plenty of gold in Egypt. Tushrattah, the tsar of Mittan, who kept in awe all Two Rivers wrote to Amenkhotep III not without reason: “ Let my brother send gold in the greatest amount, as much as possible, and let him send more gold to me, than to my father, for gold is nothing but dust in my brother’s country.” Mostly the extraction took place in the Eastern desert between the Nile and the Red Sea. Gold products were found in the burial places of the pre-dynastical times, i.e. at about 5000 years ago. That gold was extracted probably simply by washing sand and gravel in water. Later the deposits of gold were found in quartz rocks. And here the extraction of gold turned out to be of hard, practically of titanic character. The burning sun , heated sand, and the desert rocks, absence of water , which had to be brought from afar… To crown all this as Agatakhrid told the rock was heated first to make it crack. Then the gold-bearing ore was crumbled and lifted up in baskets from the shaft, the depth of which was up to 90 meters. On reducing the bits in size of powder, it was washed with water in the sloping trenches . The light rocks were brought away with water and the hidden bits of metal shone dimly in the trench. Sometimes Egyptians cut out the wells not far from them, making their way through the rocks. But if they didn’t succeed in doing them to get to water they carried the ore to the Nile’s bank to wash, where the special pools were arranged. How many lives were cut short there in those terrific mines?
The relief from Mererukh’s tomb displays the scene of gold melting. Six robust fellows fanned the flames of the furnace with the help of reed tubes with clay mouthpieces. Bellows were invented later, at the times of the New Empire.
There is a wide-known story that Robert wood-an American physicist , unfolded the secret of the purple gold from Tutankhamen’s tomb . The decorations, suspension decorations, smart clothes of the young pharaoh were covered with little, at about 2 cm in diameter disks or the decorations in the shape of a flower. Their colour varied from pink to red and violet. Moreover the decorations were arranged according to the colour gradation, that made unreal some scientists’ hypothesis about natural oxidation of admixtures, which gold could probably contain. Chemists, jewellers, Egyptologists were lost in conjecture, trying to explain strange colour play of gold, which earlier had not been seen anywhere in the world.
Wood who was travelling with his wife in Egypt persuaded the curator of the museum in Cairo whose surname was Engelbakh and the main chemist of the Antiquity department , Lukas, to give him some samples of the mysterious decorations right from the display of the museum. The precious decorations were given secretly from the discoverer of Tutankhamen’s sepulcher, Carter , an archeologist, who was very jealous towards his godsend.
Lukas held a number of experiments at his laboratory and proved convincingly that the unordinary colour of gold was not casual or the result of age, but the result of technology , which had been used by the ancient craftsmen. Wood was able not only to unfold the secret but fully succeeded in reproducing the technological process and got all the shades of Tutankhamen’s purple gold .
There were no deposits of the pure silver in Egypt, so it had to brought from afar, more likely from Asia. Going through dozens or even hundreds hands, the precious metals, which had been extracted with many pains, found their jewelers and they turned them into crowns, wreaths (headbands), hand and foot bracelets, diadems, rings, ear-rings , amulets. Decorated with precious stones they amaze with sophisticated work and the perfect artistic style.
They often say that Pharaoh’s Cylinders could not be made in Ancient Egypt. However the technology is not more difficult than the process of getting purple gold. The casting of two hollow cylinders from gold and silver and filling them with well-known substances, with a number of simple operations, could not have been a very complicated business for the skillful Egyptian masters.
But it is a bit more difficult with zinc and copper cylinders. Copper had been known in Egypt from time immemorial. The most ancient copper mines are situated near Egypt, on Sinai and in the Eastern desert. The diggers had suffered all the difficulties of heat, with an exception that the ore was deposited rather shallow and was extracted by an open way. Copper extracted on Sinai was very soft due to the admixtures of manganese and arsenic, but the smiths could change its crystal condition making it more solid with the help of cold forging. Later at the time of Middle Empire in Egypt bronze , a fusion of copper and tin, appeared.
Zinc was not known by Egyptians, modern scientists say.
I have flipped through a lot of literature and got convinced that there is no information concerning zinc in Egypt, though there are some deposits of it in Northern Africa. Nonetheless zinc was somehow used in Egypt. For example at the times of Tutankhamen they could colour glass, putting in admixtures of various minerals. The colour of amethyst resulted from manganese, blue or green from copper, white from zinc oxide. Zinc oxide…The problem is in it. The matter is that there is no zinc in free condition in nature. It exists only in connections. The main from those are ZnS( zinc sham) and ZnCO3( zinc spath). In the process of zinc ore roasting zinc oxide appears, which results in zinc vapor on heating it with coal at the temperature of 1000-11000 C. Igniting in the air it turns back to zinc oxide. So there is a vicious circle. One should make the process of zinc restoration without air. There is information that the craftsmen of ancient India and China could do that. But there is no such information on Egypt…
It was interesting to make experiments with Cylinders, with their recipe, to vary the contents of their fusion, to change the size of the cylinders. Several kits were made of different materials and even those with correct materials but with wrong proportion. Medical equipment immediately showed that the influence of such objects on human turned out to be of chaotic character. This fact confirms the idea that the knowledge of our ancestors was deeply realized.
In their physical aspect Pharaoh’s Cylinders represent an original aerial. And really a man with cylinders in his hands makes that is to say an oscillatory contour where the cylinders themselves serve as the condenser’s plates, and the man is the induction coil. The contour “man-Pharaoh’s cylinders’ is able to react at the electromagnetic oscillations of low-frequency, which are usual for many natural processes of the world surrounding us. It is possible that ancient priests “listened” to the voices of nature this way.
The attitude of ancient wisemen towards knowledge was very caring . The deepest respect to the person formed that attitude, firstly. Ancient Egypt was especially sensitive to the displays of spirituality. In one of the Egyptian tales a great magician Jeddy appeared at the pharaoh Cheops’ sight after he had called for him.
-Is it true that you can turn back the beheaded’s head?-he asked the magician.
-Yes, your majesty! May you always be alive, healthy and mighty!-answered Jeddy respectfully.
- Bring a criminal sentenced to death penalty here,-the emperor of Upper and Lower Egypt ordered.
- No!- Jeddy stopped him.-May you always be alive, healthy and mighty! I won’t put a spell upon a person, even if you sentence me to death. It is forbidden with people. Order to bring a bird or a domestic animal here.( Fairy-tales and myths of Ancient Egypt)
What an amazing answer for that severe time! As for Alexander Makedonsky he couldn’t resist the temptation to try the effect of burning oil on one of his slaves.
I hope that the world of our children will be the world of Light, Kindness and Reasonable Knowledge. And at the entrance to this world the greatest Secrets return to us from the depth of millennia. For the time has come and our children can solve them. Egypt had been silent for more than two thousand years, keeping the secret of its history. But after the Rosetta stone was found (see Commentaries ) and decoding the hieroglyphs by Champolion ,Egypt began to talk opening a stunning culture to the world.
It may happen so that the manuscripts of Alexandrian Library or the silent giants of Easter Island will take off the seal of silence. Hermes’s greatest books will take their place in the libraries of our great-grandsons. Hey are here right beside us. One should simply understand that nothing happens casually and that every fruit is good in its season .
Pharaoh’s cylinders… I dream to unfold your secret! Lunar and Solar… May be you are the eyes of Gor, the God of Skies and Light who made his wonderful out-of-time flight through the space . With his clear eyes he could see everything. For his right eye was the Sun and his left eye was the Moon.