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book25 Constructing of the worlds, or the work in the mode of search    
en  :  book25 Constructing of the worlds, or the work in the mode of search

Chapter III: Cylinders’ Medical Characteristics                                       



"For many years attentive people were listening to the Voice of Silence. This way they learned many space secrets. One wrote them down in sacred books, others told orally from one to one as a Revelation".
N.Rerih "Space Legends Of The East"

Work in the mode of search is recommended to creative people - artists, musicians, actors, scientists and just dreamers.
Take the Cylinders in your hands and think of what you would like to know, to understand , to draw, to see or to hear. Keep this wish in the depth of your soul and try to imagine how what you wanted to see so much constructs part by party - a picture, a formula, a book. Imagine that they already exist somewhere and you just should attentively look at them. The more often you’ll work in this mode, the better will be the result. Having finished your session, critically observe the collection of your constructions. Keep the valuable and throw out all casual and incorrect (what exactly - your professional sense will decide). You shouldn’t fondly think that all you saw with your inner look is revelation. As it was said, the Pharaoh’s Cylinders can’t replace the work of your soul and body. They are just assistants. A staff on a difficult way...