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book28 Facts and phenomena that occure while working with the Pharaoh's Cylinders    
en  :  book28 Facts and phenomena that occure while working with the Pharaoh's Cylinders

Chapter III: Cylinders’ Medical Characteristics                                       



As it was said above, active movement of “Tsi” along the energetic channels can cause the sensations of pricking, flushness, twitching of muscles, down to locally painful but quickly going conditions. Some parts of the body can become hot or cold. These facts are affects of the energetically attack of the Cylinders to the unhealthy centers. While getting better these sensations quickly (or gradually) pass. 
Quite often after working with the Cylinders sharp prints of the fingers are left on them. As a rule, this effect characterizes an excited, unharmonious state of the organism. This effect can be seen very vividly on those who smoke. Their vessels are narrowed, energetic is lowered, the practicability of the channels (energetic) is bad, and taken Cylinders in such conditions in most cases prick the palms. A partly falling dumb or, on the contrary, an itch of a skin in different parts of a body also take place, it tells us about the intensive movement and redistribution of energy.
As the experience shows the described above effectscan point to the number of diseases or an opportunity of their appearance, so the consultation with a doctor may be very useful.
You shouldn’t also overestimate the opportunities of the Pharaoh’s Cylinders and ignore the recommendations of the doctor or the course he advised. Nobody prevent us from combining it with the work with the Cylinders. As the experience shows one needs less medicines and they acquired better by the organism. So, for example, diabetics reduce (and in some cases twice) the quantity of the usual doze of insulin.
During the studies with the Pharaoh’s Cylinders the susceptibility becomes aggravated. You can in your fantasies see, hear, perceive something new – a show of fine landscapes, music, distant voices… Or in your memory a long time ago forgotten episodes from your life will become alive. Such facts are not very often and appropriate only for the very sensitive people. They are effects of the process of harmonization of your organism; these affects are similar to the process of adjustment of the radio receiver: the turning of the regulator of frequency removes noise and handicaps.
Negative (according to their psychic perception) visions happen very rare, but can take a place. They are connected to the processes of transformation of painful energy in your organism or with your situation in biopathogenic zone. You shouldn’t be frightened when such facts appear. Try to change the place of your studies.
You shouldn’t try specially for hallucinations to appear: the Pharaoh’s Cylinders are not a cinema and are intended for a serious work on self-improvement, and not for entertainment. In connection with the aforesaid it is necessary to note that the patients with schizophrenia shouldn’t use the Pharaoh’s Cylinders because they have in their fabrics the increased maintenance of 5-oksitreptamid (serotonin). With the agitating its maintenance increases. So the work with the Pharaoh’s Cylinders may lead to the aggravation of illness. Joy, grief, smile, easy sorrow for a long ago times are quite normal phenomena in the work with the Pharaoh’s Cylinders.
CONTRA-INDICATIONS: the Pharaoh’s Cylinders are contraindicated at schizophrenia, pregnancy, epileptic and to children up to seven.