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Chapter IV: One more riddle                                                                 



Some time ago one of my friends Irina Grigorievna (name is changed) called me. She has been using the cylinders for a number of years already. As soon as we greeted each other she, as usually came to the subject.
- Vladimir Pavlovich, would you make Golden and Silver Pharaoh’s Cylinders for me?
I was not ready for th at question.
- Well, actually it’s only my hypothesis. I do not know whether such Cylinders will work. Some time ago we, being interested in it tried to make the Cylinders from other materials. They either didn't work or showed a wide range of their influence on medical equipment. There is no warranty that the Cylinders from gold and silver will not conduct that way? And also imagine what their price should be...
- I will risk. - Irina Grigorievna interrupted me. I order them. Make the Cylinders.
Having finished the conversation I began to think the sentence over. I should order the cylinders themselves to jewelers. The filling I should prepare myself. May be something I'll know beforehand, - contact difference of potentials of gold and silver, to calculate the thickness of cylinders' walls, to look for materials according to their medical properties.
And also I have a unique opportunity to study Pharaoh's Cylinders properties made from gold and silver.
About two months I was looking for jewelers, who could make cylinders of a necessary dimension. It appeared to be very difficult. I didn't want to meet gangs again. In unclear time of "postperestroyka" different gangs were feeling more than nice. At last I met serious and business people. Recommendations proved my first impressions.
One more month I spent on discussions and preliminary steps. Two attempts failed but at the third time we worked out the technology. One more week, and, at last it happened! 25 years later after Ruslan Dobrovolsky and I made the first Pharaoh's Cylinders, I was holding them made of gold and silver.
The first - impression is a quick flight to unknown. Thoughts are clear, impressive feelings. There is no headache. Then the flight becomes faster, the altitude is increasing again, then again... I come to some new world, there I am able to do anything I wish. My inner sense changes at a quality level. I can see landscapes in a finished and perfect form. I try to keep them inside my soul, to depict them later on canvas.
And at the same time I feel if I'm mistaken in my thoughts - the flight will stop and I fall down from the great height...
There is nothing similar to usual Pharaoh's Cylinders. In case with them you feel calm, harmony, exact and sensible tuning of physical and mental processes. But here you meet a stream of unknown energy, like quick stream of river high in the mountains.
All the week after 10-minute using of Pharaoh's Cylinders I felt powerful energy, the inexplicable wish to paint. Paints squeezed out of tubes on palette, seemed to me placers of precious stone. They attracted me to be painted on canvas.
It turned out very quickly that impressions of all people from using Cylinders-X are rather different. My son felt serious headache, and the same "steps of flight", following one another. Someone felt warm in palms, soft pricking or powerful rise of potentiality - the feelings almost the same usual Cylinders initiate. Some of percipients felt nothing at all. So - the next riddle.
I had certain time for studying these unique objects and I tried not to waste it.
Before going to professionals I respect, whose opinion is proved by the tables, diagrams and exact results of medical equipment I looked in the book "Mystical properties of Stones" This is what was said about properties of gold.
"Gold is the property of the Sun. Then it has the same characters The Sun does. The basic properties of The Sun are powerful creativity, solemnity, festivity, pompous, but also formed self-consciousness, the aim selection, and not just creativity, but very active creativity. It is Festivity but not idleness. Exactly these qualities gold have. Gold is not kind and not evil. Gold can carry and good and evil inside if it gets it from a person. For example having appeared in hands of a black magician it can embody evil. But helping the black magician to do shady dealings, it will revenge and the magician also. This metal can’t endure inactive people, idlers who live at the expense of another...it patronizes us if we know what we want from life. If you are not formed as a personality, do not wear golden jewelry, or it will punish you by different accidents and illnesses... Inherited gold is the kindest one. When buying one should know that bought thing will not serve you at once. The gold will watch you for a long time, try you. And only being sure that you are honest and pure it will begin to help you, rewarding you with lucidity of mind, helping to understand the essence of happening to appreciate people around you to prevent you from mistakes, deception, betrayal, it will give you a large reserve of life power. It will give you all that but you should be a worthy man...
The silver is the metal of moon and has properties of this woman planet... magic metal, metal-converter rendering and telling any states of its host. Silver frameworks for icons, church implements are made of silver because it keeps thin astral ectoplasm. It is possible to contact astral power exactly through silver. It is very mysterious inmost metal. It symbolizes purity, virginity, it’s symbol of soul state... Silver helps to awake imagination...It generously and actively influences the emotional human’s nature, his subconsciousness making us deeper and more narrowly look inside “the ego”, in the very heart... Silver is good for people with delicate, emotional soul and a very kind heart.
...Silver can’t stand rough and emotionally poor masters...”
“Mystic properties of stones” Composed by G. M. Novoselova. Bibliopolis. 1995.

I wonder...Why the idea to have such Cylinders came to Irina Grigorievna? What do I know about her? She is a clever, business woman, thorough, emotional nature, and beautiful, dark-haired woman... Looks like... but it is obviously mystics! May be short haircut made her resembling Egyptian? It cannot be! A Pharaoh woman lives in Russia! Enough, all that thoughts! No fantasies! You should follow all the diagrams, formulas and the strict result of the equipment.
I put the book “Mystic properties of stones” aside and sink into studying of thick volume “physical quantities”. Though I didn’t get much from the long list of numbers. I should wait for experiments. I waited for them with trepidation and feeling some anxiety. And there were reasons for that. Not long before the Cylinders were made, I impatiently asked the doctor V. I. Ryasantsev to conduct experiments with any, taken in corresponding hands golden and silver items (for example a golden ring and a silver spoon). There was no result at all.

1. So, here we are the four of us to test. We are waiting for our turn to measure characteristics of our internal organs.
We are observed. We hold Cylinders for 5-7 minutes. And sit again under observation of measuring devices.
The doctor V. I. Ryasantsev, working with us, knows Pharaoh’s Cylinders well and can’t deny himself being the fifth in our company.
There are the first experimental results got by Foll’s method: Cylinders-X do all the same their Zinc-Copper brothers do; but, notices the doctor – it’s like a jet-plane. Everything happens very quickly.
We spent some time for discussion.
So, five persons took part in the experiment (including the doctor-researcher). Age from 22 to 53.
Results: in case of reduced (or increased) activity of some systems in the organism the influence of the Precious Cylinders resulted in equalization of the corresponding parameters at the upper bound of the norm. The positive influence of Cylinders is registered in all five cases.

One professional specialist has his own opinion it is certainly good. Let’s try however checking it again.
Some time later, enough, as I think to level the influence of Cylinders-X, we have resettability of result: we sit in another place, at the other specialist, with another equipment.

2. Results of testing at the computer diagnostics system “Amsat” (physician is Ponomarev A. P.)
Five persons participated in the experiment (including the doctor-researcher). Age from 23 to 53.
Results: it is noted that secondary signs of an illness disappeared and primary signs appeared properly (diagnostic effect), that shows active influence of Cylinders upon problems of an organism. At the doctor-researcher conclusion “Cylinders suppress or regulate weak pathology, and actively influence strong pathology improving it.”

Comment: both doctors-researchers know the influence of standard Pharaoh’s Cylinders very well. As one of them said: “Golden and Silver Pharaoh’s Cylinders with regard to standard Cylinders is the same that jet plane to propeller plane.”
Recommendations of doctors-researchers:
Use precious Cylinders very attentively and carefully only after a certain experience of using usual Cylinders watching own state of health thoroughly.
Now let’s consult bioenergetic specialists. The best candidature is undoubtedly Tatiana Andreevna Meshkova, physician and bioenergetic with a long seniority and long practice. She knows Cylinders and their opportunities like the back of her hand. She found special medicinal methods for them. She was the first to denote the opportunity of protecting from computer radiation by the Cylinders. I neglected the statement for a long time, thinking that Cylinders can’t do anything like that. But experiments conducted in town Pelym (see chapter “Practice work with the Cylinders”), proved the truth of her words. Similar situation took place with charging of water by the Cylinders.
Opinion of physician and bioenergetic Tatiana Andreevna Meshkova after a series of bioenergetic experiments with “Cylinders-X”:
1. Precious Pharaoh’s Cylinders are intended to working at the astral level, that can be realized by very spiritual, creative people.
2. In case of Zinc-Copper Cylinders reception of energy by the person during the work with them begins at the first energetic centre and finishes at the seventh. During the work with “Cylinders-X” the energy reception goes in the reverse order: begins at the seventh energetic centre, connected, as bioenergetic specialists suppose, directly with Space.
3. Energy reception happens several times that is, being finished it begins again.
Comment: The fact, evidently, can be proven by our with my son feelings of “gain height”.
4. ”Cylinders-X” bring out energy centres to saturation “at a speed of a rocket”. Practically at the same time going out of a person to astral plans of being occurs, only people with a large experience of spiritual self-perfection can realize that.
5. If a person working with the ”Cylinders-X” has no exactly set and realized creative aim, the ability to control own thoughts and feelings, then this work is useless or even dangerous.
Example: during the work with ”Cylinders-X” probationer N. T. A. Meshkova suddenly found the change of the direction of energy reception to the reverse. Having reconstructed own thoughts N. remembered that at that moment an extraneous thought cane to him.
6. T. A. Meshkova asserts that ”Cylinders-X” do not charge water and do not protect from computer radiation.
Comment: it would be interesting to check the statement by the experiment.

Resume: Precious Pharaoh’s Cylinders are intended for highly developed people, with a large experience of spiritual self-perfection, for wise men, for Esoteric.

It is appropriate mention here the opinion of Irina Bergo living in Italy, who is called “Italian Vanga”
(She “looked at” the ”Cylinders-X” at distance):
“This union Golden and Silver, as it seems to me, has a large “nominal energetic mobility” (power-consuming), in other words their opportunities to “supply” (human organisms, and in whole energetic structures) are bigger, than Zinc-Copper Cylinders have. But the point is that practically nobody from normal users of “traditional Pharaoh’s Cylinders” would approach the point that would allow saying that their real potential to supply is exhausted. That’s why there is no sense for these normal or average users to change the set, which has bigger potential and higher level of energetic consciousness.
I don’t think that those who will possess that even more power-capacious and very conscious instrument, risks to incur any bad consequences because of the disparity between that that is evenly can be given and that is really taken. But nevertheless the harmony level however will be less than when interacting with “normal” set of Cylinders.
So we are in front of the holy of holies of another ancient Greek mystery – The Mystery of Esoteric. No science problem is solved either by experiment or by opinion of even very respected specialists only. The question about the constancy of gravitational acceleration for different bodies was checking for centuries after experiments of Galilee. The riddle of “Cylinders-X” can be solved only by the experimental way. And I don’t think it will happen very soon.