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Chapter IV: One more riddle                                                                 



Enquiry note: Apope is a giant snake, representing evil power in ancient Egypt. 
I have submitted the idea of Apopes’ existence for several times by now .
Numerous publications about Pharaoh’s Cylinders research works resulted in a great number of meetings with interesting people enchanted with their businesses.
Unfortunately, life is made so, that along with them people of the opposite sort come in very often..
First people after the publication about the Cylinders in the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” were A. Romanenko and A.Sham ( Lebedev).
Rubbing his chubby hands and cleaning the misted over spectacles, a man, not very tall one, introduced himself to me as a director of the Moscow fund named “ Spiritual Unity”. He informed me about the tremendous experience he had had in bringing the new inventions to life, in opening the off-shore firms abroad and popularizing an impressive number of useful and necessary goods and things for the human beings. “Cylinders are wonderful!” he was exclaiming-“ Understand me correctly, I want to help you. You needn’t do anything. We will do everything by ourselves. Only sometimes you will need to perform in front of the audience.”
The perspective of doing nothing was not the one to be appreciated by me, but as for the people, able to represent new objects and organize systematic supply of the goods to the customers, they were important. That was my weakest point, the thing I couldn’t do. Moreover I was pressed by the companions. So, I signed a three year contract with “Spiritual Unity “ headed by mister Romanenko and began waiting very naive for the opening of numerous off-shore firms and cozy offices in Russia and abroad.
Some of my performances were really organized by Romanenko. There was also a kind of office, which I saw later and was astonished with it because all hell was let loose there due to the non-stop smoking , drinking alcohol and empty talks. Along with Romanenko, A. Sham , a dark-complexioned, lean man, who called himself an acmeologist, was engaged in grand conquering game. He was rather a smart one, erudite and as it seemed to me very modest, for he looked into my eyes not very often and usually managed to do it aslant.
Time went on going , I seldom had meetings concerning the Cylinders. My new companions with invariable cigarettes went on telling anecdotes and accelerating activities.
“Understand me properly”, once the apologist of the spiritual unity declared to me. “ What investigation on Earth you are having! Few people, few famous names. We need more papers, additional medical conclusions.”
“Serious scientists were carrying out the investigations, the number of them is not so important.” I contradicted. “As for the things I would like to research , they are very costly.”
“Let us deal without money” Romanenko brushed aside, having probably his impressive medical connections in his mind.
The connections were very impressive indeed, because two days later he showed me a concluding certificate, which stated that per pro “Spiritual Unity Fund” a medical organization during a year had been investigating the material of 380 ill men and women, who regularly had curative treatment of Pharaoh’s Cylinders. After the above mentioned year 63% of the men and women had full remission, and the rest 37% felt so fine that it gave the right to that medical organization to recommend Pharaoh’s Cylinders to every suffering person. The document was provided with some signatures and seals.
The documents, the seals , the signatures were fake of course, as well as the described investigations.
“You shouldn’t let anyone see it.” I said indignantly looking through the sham.
“ We know those whom to show and those whom not to.” The author of the sham stated imperturbably.
Getting acquainted to the suggested “document “ I understood that I had a deal with ordinary smooth operators. In the light of the contract signed with them future seemed to be rather somber.
The events however went their own way.
“” Understand me correctly” with voice full of heart Romanenko started soon after the tiresome work with 380 virtual patients. “ You have such a difficult object. We don’t get the expected income. We have more interesting offers. Let us divorce nicely.
The offer of “ Spiritual Unity” chief to separate nicely made me happy and soon, being busy, I completely forgot about Ostap Bender’s descendants. But I had underestimated the power of their inexhaustible talent for falsifications.
Half a year later after the above mentioned events the world got a possibility to see a book of “ scientists from St. Petersburg” A. Sham and A. Romanenko in which they informed that a special devoted person arrived from Caucasus to open the real secret of Pharaoh’s Cylinders which they called “Power Batons”. After reading the book I found out with great surprise that one should fill the batons with a big amount of various stones and so-called “ electrites” ( the correct spelling is “electreth” , but probably it was unknown by authors). The batons were to be manufactured from mixing zinc, tin and lead. The book praised the merits of fillings and the processes which do not exist were described. Thinking it over I understood where the dangerous for human’s health lead came from . I have no doubts that Pharaoh’s cylinders were opened and thoroughly investigated by both “scientists”. There are also no doubts that they had made chemical analysis of the alloy. But pity for them, knowing of alloy’s contents without the preparation technology is nothing. Fragile alloy will scatter. That means that you need to increase the viscosity of zinc. How? One of the ways is to add tin or lead, and that was the thing they did. I will remind the Reader that in middle ages due to the lead water pipe line usage whole settlements died, and lead poisoning is not less dangerous than X-ray irradiation.
And of course the book of both “adherents” described the investigation, which earlier had been carried out with Pharaoh’s Cylinders, moreover the results of them were accurately applied to “ Power Batons”. They also were provided with “ methods” of usage. According to them lead and zinc inventions were recommended to” wear below your waist”. It seemed to me it was to be done to increase potentiality.
As I found out later these devices were represented and praised for rather prosperous and credulous ( what is a rare combination) people. I do not know whether they finally understood that they had been cheated . ( If they did then poor things those “adherents” are), but the commercials of “Batons” was seen for some time on metro stations and on TV.
“The adherents” themselves as it is stated in natural laws had a quarrel and later I came across the paper article in which only one name was mentioned , of “scientist” A.Romanenko.
Occasionally I met A. Sham at an exhibition and came up to him with the words “ Here is the one whose eyes I longed to see…You see I respected you . How could you?” He started some kind of abracadabra and I understood that the talk was useless.
However “batonmaking” was still alive and well. Someone who introduced himself as “UFOlogist” and a director of international UFO center, V.Uvarov by name phoned me . He informed me that Egyptians at the initial stage of their working over the Cylinders filled them with common sand. I knew nothing of that kind so I couldn’t say anything about it.
We met each other and I had to stand an avalanche of new information.
“Do you know that Great Pyramid in Giza has a hidden “energetic source “, the chamber which is stuffed with zinc cylinders? And that chamber is located in the frequency which coincides “ la” note? And that all the infants cry “la”? That frequency is vibration speed , i.e. hypotenuse, and Gor symbolizes hypotenuse, i.e. frequency? And man’s ear is also tuned to “la”? And that prana cocoon created by Cylinders is dissolved in 24 hours? And in general if a man died, that means that he is dead, and if he is alive that means he will live forever!
Stuck by this nonsense I tried to contradict, but that was not the case when logic is a working instrument of the opponent.
“And why are you so sure in your correctness? Where did you take it from?” I asked the orator finally.
“Well, I am a “ contact maker”. And this information goes to me from on high.
“ I s-e-e” I told in a prolonged manner “ In that case everything is clear”
I had somewhere met the similar way of getting answers to all the questions…aha, here it is: the old man named Edelweiss from a book by Strugatski brothers “ A fairy tale about troika”.
“ The greatest invention of neutron megaloplasma! –he declared. The rotor of the field, similar to the process of divergention, graduates itself along the spindle and there inside it , turns the matter of a question to the spiritual electric whirlwinds, which give birth to the answering synecdoche…”
I lost my interest to Uvarov’s “answering synecdoche” and asked no questions.
“Excuse me what education do you have?-my wife enquired on hearing that “ frequency is the vibration speed” ( any eight-grader knows that “ frequency “ and “the speed of vibration spreading” are two different terms.)
“ Well, three years of polytechnic University. Doesn’t that mean something to you ? –the visitor answered proudly.
“I understand. No more questions.”
“ By the way, could you please show me the manuscript “ Mystery of Life and Death”- the guest asked.
What a familiar question… Sham and Romanenko were also very interested in it.
“ Read Valevsky. He has everything.”-I answered evasively.
“Well, then let me read the manuscript of your book”
I gave it to him. Uvarov went away.

“This “scientist “ was forced out after the third course in polytechnic.- my wife suggested. And how did you like the phrase about the chamber ”stuffed with zinc cylinders!” To my opinion cylinders are contra-indicated to him…

After Uvarov’s leave I asked my wife who graduated from Academy of Music , violin class, and who had an occasion to get to maternity home ;” Is that really so that all the newborns cry ”la”? “
“ What a nonsense!-she replied.- Of course not. When the newborns are being carried for feeding, it is such a variety of voices, a real orchestra.
Later Uvarov suggested co-operation with the right to sell cylinders invented by him, the cylinders filled with sand. He also suggested to name “sand boxes” Pharaoh’s Cylinders.
“ Demonstrate the medical conclusion about your objects, and after that we’ll discuss your offer.”-I answered.
“ Everything has been investigated. The results are wonderful!-Uvarov declared proudly.
I had no chance to see the results of those investigations, which he probably got from “ inside” from the same “answering synecdoche”.
Later I got to my hands his work titled ” Gor’s Batons” . I took them to my hands and tried to switch over to the familiar feelings. But I had non of them at all. Then I passed the next “batons” to Tatiana Meshkova, the doctor, and asked her to look upon them. The conclusion was dreadful: they are merely harmful ! Quarts sand , with which the author filled the cylinders possessed the possibility to soak the information ( later Uvarov wrote about it), including the negative one, and after it quarts cylinders can not be recharged. Take these “batons” after the ill person and you can become energetic invalid.
Well, later I practically had no surprise on seeing Uvarov’s book” Gor’s Batons”, which consisted of that pseudoscientific nonsense I had already heard about. Going that very way made by Sham and Romanenko, Uvarov rewrites my book “Pharaoh’s Cylinders” ( not even knowing, that each page of the manuscript had already been registered at Copyright Committee long before the moment he knew about Cylinders’ existence) and all the results of the investigations arranged by me, he attached to his “ Gor’s Batons”.
I had a chance to see Uvarov again. During our meeting with the help of threats and blackmailing he tried to force me selling 50 empty copper and zinc glasses to fill them with sand.
“ Nothing is yours!” –he repeated in a spell putting manner, staring at me with his empty glass eyes.-“ Everything belongs to me!”
On hearing those words my son, who also was at the meeting , and I were thinking that he was not in his right mind.
“ You were late with the payment for your patent!” – he yelled, stretching me a piece of paper.
I looked into the paper ( it is in my chest of drawers now ). What a surprise! He found the dates of payments for the patent. I looked at my son, I believe 52 years of my life did not give me a possibility to see such a small-minded person…What a ufologist! He wasted time sniffing out secretly when, what, and how much I paid for sustaining the patent which was not his one! It was also so stupid of him for not knowing the right that delay of payment is possible, though it causes growing of the sum .
I didn’t want to stay alone with that one. We stood up and left.
Later Uvarov appeared on TV, where he talked almost incomprehensible nonsense in show-programs about ET, flying sources and folding of “ space –time”. My friends brought me a video-cassette with recordings of his narrations about ”Gor’s Batons”. The cassette represented the perfect example of swindler’s behavior and can be used as a textbook in psychology. The swindler often mixed “batons” with “cylinders”, and when he was asked about Pharaoh’s Cylinders , he immediately started wiping away his sweaty physiognomy.
Meanwhile “Apopes” went on propagating themselves with the speed directly proportional to their dirty nature.

The next was Sergey Gorbunov, the man appeared from his wife’s back, who in1996,learning about Pharaoh’s Cylinders decided to help me in manufacture organizing.
In some time she left for maternity home and the husband made up his mind to continue his wife’s business.
That uneducated man, but rather an active one ,had a knack for flairing good gain in future.” I am greedy” he used to tell about himself and it turned out to be true. Later when I started buying materials for Cylinders’ manufacturing , it turned out that the prices stated to me by Gorbunov, were twice as big. “ Teeth, claws, elbows and omnipresent “I””, a friend of mine gave exact characteristics to him.
After Gorbunov’s appearing, a lot of people, who knew me very well, addressed me a lot of surprised questions:” Where did you take this Mafioso from? Nobody would like to have business with you!”
“ Well, chaps, you shouldn’t judge by appearances.”- I protected myself. He is a nice man, cheerful and witty.
My friends nodded their heads being doubted. And the “nice man” meanwhile succeeded in insulting Mikalai Tyerry , a professor from Poland and spoiled my connections with several good people. What way? It was his mere boorishness. I was indignant, demanded excuses, tried to prove and said that the business of this kind can be done only by cultured people and etc.
The word ”cultured” caused allergy and anger from Gorbunov’s side .” I do not understand what “cultured “ mean”, he said staring his eyes at me ( by the way, Romanenko and Sham had also been brought by Gorbunov).
For the time being, he followed me to the lectures about the Cylinders, brought and carried away the materials to the plant but did not get into my work and thus made me no worries. Here I must admit that that the contract with his wife and him concerned only the manufacturing side and there were special NB that they wouldn’t prevent me from research.
So they didn’t up to their meeting with Uvarov.
Science-like nonsense of the ufologist impressed Gorbunov and his wife greatly. Why? I couldn’t understand.
“ Why don’t you understand? “ Only the things of the same kind can comprehend each other ” –laughingly my wife quoted Hermes.
Actually Gorbunov was not very much overloaded with knowledge, and his wife who had told me she was a “physicist” avoided speaking to me on the subject.

“ Leave them, leave without regrets!” one of my good friends told me about the Gorbunovs.” Or you will regret. I tell you as an experienced psychologist. They have information about themselves imprinted on their faces.”
“ First of all the period of contract ‘s validity has not finished yet. Secondly the relations even if they are not friendly but they are present. Well, you see, I do not betray people.”
My friend was absolutely right. The image of “cheerful man” disappeared very quickly and from behind his back , a severe and thrifty bandit stepped out.
Gorbunov mixed with the peevish family of “ baton makers” with a sound speed. Along with Uvarov they started convulsively manufacturing “sand” cylinders and what was worse started selling them naming “ Pharaoh’s Cylinders”. And that was the moment of actual discrediting of the great and necessary to all people business.
Finally I understood what that was and decided to put a stop to it.
After the first words, with wolf-like clutch the Gorbunov’s showed their real essence.
“O’K”-Mr.Gorbunov declared “ Go anywhere you like and make your business with sticks but only after giving the right to use the name of ”Pharaoh’s Cylinders” to my wife!
“Never!” I replied.
“ Well, then we will MEET you again”
On that day Gorbunov misappropriated all the sets of Pharaoh’s Cylinders ready for selling and my wife was verbally insulted by phone.

By that time I had already been informed about Gorbunov’s criminal relations and understood that nothing could stop him .
For the first time for many years I decided to address my high-ranking friends, who up to the moment had been benevolently following my investigations without interfering into the process.
A polite and not very loquacious man listened to me attentively without interruptions.
“ Please give me the phone number of your offender. If it is necessary we will send him back to the village he came from. And please make your business, don’t be afraid. Nobody will touch you since today.” He told me at the end of the conversation.
Really Gorbunov immediately and cowardly shut up, but started active “baton- making”. Together with the “scientist –ufologist” Uvarov they invented “ Gor’s Batons”, “ Source Batons ”, “Crystal Batons ”, “ Cont Batons”, “Quarts Batons” and a lot of this kind. I do not know what they put inside their batons, I am not interested in it .But I can clearly imagine what a dark, devastating energy is imprinted in their children. I guess, they feel “invalidness ” of them and that is why they try to make additional influence, such as keeping the batons in pyramidal structures, upon them. The history of Gorbunov’s and Uvarov’s co-operation was a mirror-reflection of Sham and Romanenko relations: the baton –makers exchanged blows and now they hate each other. Each of the sides accuses the opponent in stealing of logotype “ Gor’s Batons” And only in one moment the apopes were united: they made everything to discredit Pharaoh’s Cylinders and made everything depending on them to prevent the book which you see from being published.

Thinking over the experience I had had with “ baton-makers” I tried to understand why it was necessary to crown this matter with avalanche of fakes and plagiarism. For it causes harm not only for business itself, but even it brings harm to themselves. Coming across Pharaoh’s Cylinders and then a number of “variations” ( or in the transverse order) they are get surprised. After reading about one and the same result of the research works they start doubting and then feeling that something is wrong loose interest to the subject. It is natural when the person on seeing that something unusual is created wants to reproduce it. The same situation is with child, when he tries to copy the picture he liked. For a clever person repeating becomes a school, graduating from which he becomes able to open something by himself . The fool makes this process aping. The more ways he uses to substitute the copy for the original, the funnier he feels. However I wouldn’t like to make an impression that only “apopes” work with “cylinders” In St.Petersburg there is a man who knows and loves his profession, a geologist Y.O.Lipovsky. After the messages in press about restoring of the Pharaoh’s Cylinders, he connected with me and asked: “Will you be against if I start dwelling on the subject along with you? I think it will be interesting to investigate the Cylinders made of the solid stone.”
“ There can’t be any contradictions, Yuri Olegovich, you are welcome. If it is possible inform me about the results”, I replied.
Y. Lipovsky spent a lot of time working over his solid stone cylinders. Later he published the information about his investigations, where he honestly and impartially described his results as well as the history of restoring of Pharaoh’s Cylinders. One can only respect the people of this kind, because they are real professionals.
Doctor Meshkova T.A. takes an active part in Pharaoh’s Cylinders investigating. Recently her article ”Pharaoh’s Cylinders- the new method in physiotherapy” has been published in Russian medical magazine “ Aqua Vitae”( № 4, 2000)
Professional medical workers in Russia, Poland, CIS go on examining Cylinders. We constantly exchange new information and keep contacting with these people.