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Chapter IV: One more riddle                                                                 



Almost thirty years passed since the moment strange Cylinders in the hands of ancient Greek statues drew my attention. Here am I, again in Pavlovsk, in the Palace-Museum, I stand in front of well-known sculptures. There are a lot of people in the hall. 
- ... They say that these short sticks, you can see in the Pharaoh’s hands, help to cure a lot of illnesses. Doctors examined them and found it is true... I heard the words of a woman-guide. Yes, these years weren’t spent for nothing.
At home I open the big file with letters of people, whom the incredible invention of ancient scientists helped to restore their health or to make progress in going to the aim in life. How much valuable information I got from them.

“One of my friends offered me to take The Pharaoh’s Cylinders. At that moment I felt the energy, that flowed from palms and fire like after the injection of calcium chloride. From the first seconds I was lost in emotional experience and energy generated by the Pharaoh’s Cylinders. That was not only discovery, but also the break in the region that is beyond the bounds... I had such feeling, as if I enter The Other World...” S. Vasiliev, Moscow.

“For the whole month my wife (Specialist in psychophysiology) and I have been using The Cylinders as for us personally and for work. We watch the influence of the Cylinders, and see results and by subjective estimation and by the computer express-diagnostics “Diacoms”. The results of the influence are positive and very interesting. The Cylinders increase the speed of psychological correction, make easier to find reasons of different psychosomatic problems” V. Gerfanov. Vladivostok.

“We are very thankful for the Pharaoh’s Cylinders. They helped us and help not to use medicines and pills. So blood pressure of my wife became stable, and using the Cylinders for a year she didn’t take any pills. My arrhythmia and heart attacks disappeared. And I do not go to doctors or use pills for a year. And also the whole vitality of my organism improved” S. Zhdanov. St-Petersburg.

“I am 63, I have high blood-pressure disease of the second stage for more than 20 years, bronchial asthma for 1 years, I use inhalers for 5 years. I had tried all known alternative medicine methods of treatment, but attack continued, especially at night from 3 to 5, sometimes till 7 o’clock and longer. Before buying the Pharaoh’s Cylinders I didn’t sleep at night well for about a month and a half.
I bought the Pharaoh’s Cylinders about a month ago. I train every day. At the first training I felt indescribable joy and relief. I had such feeling that energy comes like a powerful stream, as if it is pumped. Physiotherapy exercises I did listening to the choir records of Brothers of Savior-Transfiguration Valaam Monastery.
At the end of the training there appeared tears of repentance, pardon gratitude and joy. I had a feeling of happiness and cheerful mood. The weather was awful, sleety, melting snow that day. We walked for more than two hours in the park that day and weather seemed fine. Now I walk for 2 or 3 hours every day, but I didn’t want even to listen about walks in autumn or winter.
I trained for more than a month. I became just another person. Now I have energy, power. Now I always feel joy and glorious.
After the second training my husband’s eyesight improved. I also began to see more distinctly the colours: bright green, blue, pink, violet, red, and crimson... It is like a holiday! Now I am sure that my health is fine.
Thanks to God, for the Cylinders didn’t pass by me. I want them to be in every family. I wish people would be happier and healthy! I wish all people health, love, harmony, strength and security".

There are a lot of letters like that all over Russia and from other countries. There is a great deal of personal observations, wishes, and advice that we take into consideration working at Pharaoh's Cylinders.
It would be interesting to point to powerful prophylactic role of the Cylinders: among the people who used them for a long time (more than 20 years) there are no oncological cases. Moreover, the constant and deep process of rejuvenation is going on. I'm sometimes told: "You speak about those people whom the Cylinders helped get rid of their illnesses. But there must be people the Cylinders didn't help at all". The work of Cylinders themselves gives the answer to this question: according to the readings of medical appliances during 5 - 6 minutes contact with the Cylinders all the systems of organism starts working considerably better. Heart, urine-genital system, stomach, intestines, immunity1 and cell immunity work in average 2 - 2.5 times better2. The rhythm of work of all main organs becomes harmonious simultaneously. Besides, the specialists, who deal with biological energy3 think that the basic energetic canals clear themselves and all the energetic centres are supplied with extra energy. Our organism doesn't remain indifferent to such beneficial complex influence. Step by step our organism is brought into a healthy state. It goes without saying that this process is individual. It is quicker or slower by different people. But there is no person, who isn't helped with the Cylinders in this or that way.
The information that we got, trying the Cylinders is priceless. But still they keep surprising us by new opportunities. To my mind, there are lots of things about them that are undiscovered and incomprehensible.
Time scattered my friends but gathered and put into shape my thoughts, feelings and knowledge. Far away there lives Ruslan Dobrovolsky. He came to me recently and we were discussing our impressions of the contacts with invaluable present of antiquity for a long time.
Very interesting people appeared in my life thanks to Pharaoh's Cylinders. I made friends with many of them.
Not a few charlatans, outrageous villains tried to join us on the way to solving the mystery of the Cylinders. But the creations of people with pure souls don't believe in evil forces. All the dark and the immoral were left outside.
Studying the Cylinders, my Deltanschanung underwent great changes.
If there were no scientific work in my life, I, probably, would be a very mystic - humoured man. The results of medical and physical researches were curious themselves and brought about a lot of questions. But I felt intuitively, that there was something more to it. Inside of me there was an active struggle between the physicist and the mystic. The former demanded explanation to each hypothesis, laughing at all the intuitive conjectures and brain waves. As a rule the mystic submitted to the physicist. The struggle however resulted in serious contradictions. The question appeared that I couldn't answer. Sometimes I felt that someone beyond me supervised my work. I understood that ancient thinkers were better than I was, the man living in the XX - XXI century. Maybe, they had no these contradictions, this struggle between the Rational and the Mystical?
The Egyptians find and desire to understand the mystery of our stay on the Earth induced me to look through hundreds of books. Their authors are the historians, ancient and modern philosophers, Christian and orient mystics, scientists and poets. It became necessary for work to myths, legends, and traditions so old, that fairy tales by A. S. Pushkin seemed to me more real than those whispers of far millenniums. In my search of the Truth I wanted to penetrate as deep as the base of the foundations, where the dubious philosophical conceptions of all the epochs end and objective reality starts.
I understood that the fascination of Science is the fascination of mystery. But how can one understand the formidable warning by Ecclesiast: "...there is much sorrow in much wisdom, those who increases knowledge, increases grief?" I desired to realize what technical civilization gave us. The atomic bomb, LSD? The opportunity to "spy and overhear?" What is the difference between us and the people who lived in Ancient Egypt? Is it that we can fly on "iron birds?" Has it brought happiness to our souls? What for is the power of knowledge?
I found answers only several years later. The denial of two ways to comprehend the Truth - the positive and mystical - during the history of mankind gave rise to quarrels between Religion and Science. Due to, what we call, technical progress, the simplified images of God, gods and spirits, who lived, for example on Olympus were destroyed and disappeared from the heads of skeptics, taking with them the idea of God away.
Small, separate, disconnected knowledge brought us to the desert of atheism and spiritual poverty.
“ Ideals disappeared because even the possibility of existence of something superior, greater than life ,was rejected.” V. Shmakov.
But the accumulated by the rational science knowledge started turning into the new quality. From the separate disconnected facts amazingly accurate and harmonic world picture began growing. The definition of symmetry and the Beauty reflected in it were penetrating deeper and deeper into the system of rational knowledge. The words” beautiful equation”, « beautiful regularity” sounded as often as “ integral” or “ derivative”. And the genuine amazement from the greatness and the beauty of the opening tremendous world picture naturally was transformed to the eternal question by many researchers: whether there is some rational and spiritual beginning in the base of the life?
Wasn’t that the way of Newton’s reasoning, when he said:” Only small knowledge brings us away from God and big one brings us back to it”, one never knows. But now more people starts comprehending with surprise that the abyss between science and religion is the naked king’s clothes.
“ What end of this ladder is closer to God, if I am allowed a religious metaphor. Beauty and hope or basic laws? .. Neither understanding the nature of evil , good and hope, nor understanding the basic laws individually can provide deep comprehension of the world. So it is unreasonable when these who study the world on the first end of the hierarchical ladder show no proper respect in the attitude to those who is busy doing that on the other end ( in fact it doesn’t exist, but people assure us that the situation is of this kind). Richard Feinman.
When you begin understanding that the World is united and Science and religion are the two main hypostatics of its beautiful face the comprehending of your place in the world comes.
One of the most important tasks of the man is to learn how to hear to own soul, own heart. In their voices there is the very sense of our existence on the Earth .One needs to sing own Song of Love to the World, in own language, by own voice. One is to work hard for it, to love selflessly and devotionally, never be afraid of anything and never step back meeting any difficulties. And to believe that you can do this.

For a very long time I had thought that I was an isolated and self-sufficient researcher of Pharaoh’s Cylinders. But now I see that I am only a regular executor of the difficult multi-century chain of actions, which had been thought over and now is inevitably realized by minds and souls, which stand on the incomparably higher stage of development than I do. But understanding of it at the same time made me freer. Now I understand what I am doing and where I need to go.